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Smile Stories How Esperanca’s Oral Health Educator Program Helped One Phoenix Family

National Smile Month has been a terrific time to share how Delta Dental of Arizona has been working to make people smile across Arizona. Through its foundation, Delta Dental of Arizona has been making grants to nonprofits that provide preventive oral health services in their community, by donating supplies like toothbrushes, paste and floss to nonprofits teaching good oral health practices to children, or supporting projects like dental clinics and sealant programs in rural communities. As a farewell to Smile Month, we’d like to share the story of Luís, who is certainly smiling brighter.

Luís’ Story
Luís is a 9-year-old boy who attends 4th grade in a downtown Phoenix elementary school micro motor. He and his brothers and sisters have never been to the dentist. In his family, food and shelter are the priority for each and every paycheck.

A woman from Esperanca’s Oral Health Educator program explained to Luís’ class how brushing, flossing and dental visits are important to keep your mouth and body healthy. She gave the students a list of dental resources, including referrals for free or low-cost dental care and a “Smile Bag” with a toothbrush, floss and paste. He was so excited to get his own toothbrush that he didn’t have to share with his brother.

Luís happily took home the information on the dental clinics, which was also in Spanish so his parents could read it. Within a few months of the visit to his classroom, Luís and his siblings had their first dental cleanings and their cavities repaired. Delta Dental of Arizona, through its foundation, is proud to partner with Esperanca to create healthy smiles.

Providing Dental Care to Pinal County’s Children dental curing light

The Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation is committed to oral health education and providing preventive dental care to children. As such, the foundation has invested in Sun Life Family Health Center through the Community Dental Program.

Providing Dental Care to Pinal County’s Children
A smile is worth a thousand words, which is why we want to provide children in Arizona with a healthy one.
With a donation of $18,000, the Community Dental Program will provide oral hygiene instruction, dental screenings and fluoride varnish to children on the Pinal County School System. This grant aims to introduce good oral health habits to children who are largely underserved.


The Community Dental Program makes a difference.

Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases in children, even though it’s nearly 100% preventable. In rural areas like Pinal County, children are less likely to visit the dentist early on—when it matters most. And with a poverty level of 18%, children in Pinal County are at a higher risk for cavities.

Through preventive dental care and oral health education, we hope to set the kids in this community up for success. Ultrasonic Scaler

Mouth Guards Part 2 – It’s Not Just About Dental Injuries!

Recently I wrote a blog on mouth guards as they relate to preventing dental injuries in young athletes, and cheerleaders in particular dental scaling machine. But there is another and possibly more compelling reason to make sure that any athlete is wearing a properly fitted mouth guard.

A study on the role of mouth guards in reducing the incidence of mild traumatic brain injury/concussion injuries (MTBI) in high school football players appeared recently in the Journal of the Academy of General Dentistry. The study involved six high school football teams totaling 412 players over a single season. The players were divided into 2 groups: those that wore over-the-counter (OTC) mouth guards and those that wore custom fabricated pressure laminated (LM) mouth guards. There were 24 mild traumatic brain injuries (concussions) recorded during the season. The conclusion: Wearing a properly fitted custom-made laminated mouth guard was statistically significant in reducing the incidence of MTBI/concussion injuries when compared to OTC mouth guards Dental Chair.

If anyone in your family is involved in contact sports please have them call our office for a custom-made mouth guard. It’s not just about dental injuries! We are so committed to protecting our student athletes that we are offering a program for any high school or college student who participates in organized sports and is a patient with Dr. Larry Stone, having annual cleanings, x-rays and exams, is eligible for a FREE protective mouth guard to protect his or her teeth.

Be sure to ask us at your next visit about this important program for your children dental instruments. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or suggestions you may have or contact Dr. Laurence Stone in Doylestown, PA today to schedule your next appointment and we can talk more about this. See you soon!

Ten Tips To Treat Dry Mouth

roblem faced by many folks which can be difficult to diagnose and treat micro motors australia. The most common cause among adults is various prescription medications. Sometimes our well meaning physicians prescribe medications independently of each other, the result being a multitude of dry mouth causing medications that potentiate each other, making the problem that much worse.

There are over 400 medications that cause dry mouth! Please speak with us as soon as possible if you are experiencing any of these problems. In the meantime, here are some tips to deal with dry mouth dental supplies!

Frequent sips of water will keep the mouth moist.
Sleeping with a humidifier nearby will help moisten nasal passages.
Only use alcohol free mouth rinses. (Alcohol dries out the oral tissues.)
Avoid caffeine, alcohol and carbonated beverages, all of which can cause dry mouth.
Chew Xylitol sweetened gum to stimulate salivary flow.
Use over the counter (OTC) products like Biotene (toothpaste, mouth rinse, gum spray and mouth moisturizer.)
Avoid tobacco in all forms. Tobacco encourages the growth of oral bacteria and irritates the nose and sinuses making them more vulnerable to infection.
Check to make sure any medications you are taking do not cause dry mouth.
Ask your dentist, physician about prescription medications that can increase salivary flow.

Do “Bad Teeth” Run in the Family dental lab equipment?

Now that’s a great question! Patients often tell me that their siblings or parents had bad teeth or lost their teeth and they often feel that they’re doomed to a similar fate. Nothing could be further from the truth! Take me for example.My father lost all of his teeth and his father before him (Do bad teeth run in the familymy grandfather) lost all of his teeth. I have all of my teeth and as a dentist I’m going to make sure I keep them.

Yes, there are some complicated hereditary factors that can contribute to poor dental health, but the fact is that poor dental care habits are more likely to be “inherited” and contribute to the demise of one’s dentition. Unhealthy snacking and inadequate oral hygiene practices are much more likely to cause tooth decay and periodontal disease (the number one cause of tooth loss in adults) dental vibrator.

Huntersville Cosmetic Dentist Shares Difference Between In Office vs Home Teeth Whitening

If you want a bright smile, you are spoiled for options in terms of teeth whitening. The two methods for whitening teeth are in office tooth whitening and home based tooth whitening. Both methods use bleaching agents that contain hydrogen peroxide. While office based systems have 15-43% peroxide, home based systems have 3-20% peroxide tooth scaler australia.

A high concentration of peroxide can increase tooth sensitivity and dehydrate your tooth if left for a long period of time. Therefore, before you use any approach to whiten your teeth, consult a cosmetic dentist.

In Office Tooth Whitening

One of the features of preventative dentistry is whitening teeth. The bleaching agent used by dentists is stronger than home based solutions. Furthermore, your dentist will use either heat or light or even both to intensify and speed up the whitening of your teeth.

During an office tooth whitening procedure, your teeth may achieve 3-8 shades of brightness. The office based whitening treatment can take between 30-60 minutes. Some dentists may use treatments such as the Zoom system that are complete in one 2 hour appointment dental vacuum forming machine.

Home Based Tooth Whitening

The following are some of the home based teeth whitening solutions:

Whitening gels and strips: These tooth bleaching products contain peroxide and are applied to your teeth using a brush or thin strip. You only have to apply whitening gels or strips two times a day for a period of 2 weeks. The results of whitening gels/strips last for a period of 4 months.
Tray Based Bleaching Systems: With this tooth whitening option of preventative dentistry, a mouth guard that resembles a tray is filled with a bleaching paste or gel that contains a certain percentage of peroxide. The tray is placed on your teeth for several hours every day for a period of four weeks. You can either buy a tray based bleaching system at your local pharmacist shop or get one from your cosmetic dentist.

How Do I Validate Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner? for more information.

Whitening Toothpastes: These tooth pastes are mildly abrasive, a feature that enables them get rid of tooth stains. Whitening toothpaste also contains polishing agents that help to remove stains without the need of an agent such as peroxide. However, there are some tooth pastes that contain peroxide but these tooth pastes are not as effective as strips or tray systems because they are not left in your teeth long enough to whiten them. Whitening tooth pastes brighten teeth by up to one shade.
Tooth whitening is one of the most sought out procedures in dental clinics. To give your teeth that sparkling and attractive quality, call our Huntersville cosmetic dentist and book an appointment to discuss your tooth whitening options dental vibrator.

5 Tips to Help You Achieve Teeth Whitening Success

One of the best ways to make a positive impression on someone is with a bright and healthy smile. One of the hardest parts about maintaining your smile though is ensuring that your teeth are as white as possible. It can be a real struggle to keep those pearly whites healthy and shining, but following some of these tips can help dental supplies.

Brush After Every Meal
One of the best things you can do to whiten teeth is to brush your teeth after every single meal. Even if this means you are brushing your teeth three times a day after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it will go a long way to helping keep your teeth nice and white. Using a toothbrush that is soft-bristled will also help as well to not do any damage to your gums.

Another key to teeth whitening is making sure that you floss. When you floss, you are going to help keep those teeth thing and also decrease the risk that you develop cavities and other issues.

Go to a Dentist
Make sure that you are having a regular cleaning with your dentist every 6-months or so dental air compressor. A cosmetic dentist in Huntersville or some other city may also be able to help you in terms of trying to give you a leg up with professional teeth whitening sessions.

Watch the Diet
You would be surprised at just how much the diet that you are on can have an impact on your teeth and just how white that they are. Asking any cosmetic dentist in Huntersville and they will tell you that what you eat can contribute greatly to how white or not so white your teeth actually are.

Make Sure You Do Not Smoke

Whst’s The Instructions About Ultrasonic Cleaner? for more information.

Smoking is one of the worst things that you can do for your teeth and it is going to be nearly impossible to continue smoking and get them as white as you would want them to be. Make sure you do not smoke while you are trying to whiten your teeth.

Taking action and going to see a professional is a good first step on your journey towards whiter teeth. Call our dentist office and contact our dentist today to schedule an appointment and start to work on that smile portable dental unit.

How IntraOral Cameras Can Improve Your Oral Health

Reimels Family and Cosmetic Dentistry like to keep up on the latest technology, such as many of the IntraOral cameras on the market. They know that by using these less invasive dental techniques, patients can experience a better time while at the dentist scian nebulizer. Procedures can be cut in half in time, while also reducing any pain or discomfort that would once come with the procedure. These IntraOral cameras can provide the necessary help when needed.

Using IntraOral Cameras for Dental Health
How IntraOral Cameras Can Improve Your Oral Health
Portrait of male doctor

When there was something that needed to be seen in the past, different measures were taken in order to view them. Whether it was going through surgery or having to open your mouth for extended periods of time. The patient becomes uncomfortable and scared. This is something of the past, though. With the recent advancements in dental technology, the IntraOral camera has been introduced. Not only does this mean less patients in pain or discomfort, but also less time it takes to find the issue implant machine. Once the issue is found, procedures can then begin without having to wait for any results.

The Procedure with the IntraOral Camera
The procedure is one that is not invasive. It takes only a few minutes of time to put the camera into the necessary area. They can then move the camera to where it is needed. This allows them to see the inside of the mouth and throat, without having to have the patient keep still. The procedure is not a painful one. It does not require any surgery or recovery time and there are no special instructions prior to the procedure.

Speak with Reimels Family and Cosmetic Dentistry to find out more about their dental advancements. If you have an issue you want resolved, they can provide you with a consultation to get started dental supplies.

How To Brush Your Child’s Teeth

Regardless of the age of your baby or toddler, practicing good oral hygiene and establishing a thorough dental care routines is essential in preparing your child for a future of great oral health portable dental unit.

At every age, the dental needs of your child will change, and so we’ve created an easy guide which will help ensure that you are taking care of your child’s teeth the best way you can as they grow.

Before their first tooth

Cleaning your child’s mouth before they even have teeth is quite important, and helps to get both you and your child used to the routine of maintaining proper oral health. To clean your baby’s mouth, dampen a soft washcloth with warm water and gently rub the cloth over all of their gums. This helps to remove any bacteria that may stick to the gums or surrounding tissue and cause an issue for baby teeth when they eventually do come in dental vibrator. This cleaning should be done before bedtime every night, and after every meal.

First tooth

Baby’s First TeethWhen your child’s first tooth makes its introductory appearance, you can start using a very soft toothbrush instead of the washcloth. This helps to get rid of bacteria that may be harder to remove and also allows your child to become used to the sensation. Choose a toothbrush that has very soft bristles, a large handle for easy maneuverability, and a small head that will comfortably move around your baby’s mouth.

How Does An Ultrasonic Cleaner Perth Clean? for more information.

When you see the first tooth above the gum line, you may use toothpaste with the moistened toothbrush, but only the amount of a grain of rice. We recommend using children’s toothpaste as the taste is less harsh and may be more pleasant. With this, clean all around your child’s tooth or teeth, making sure to cover every side.

One year old

At the age of one, your child should have an appointment to see your family dentist, even if there isn’t any apparent issue. Your dentist will ensure that their mouth is being properly cleaned and that there are no concerns, structural or otherwise, with their oral health. Your dentist will also be able to give you advice tailored to your child’s specific needs. Dental Chair

Female Dentists Are Providing a Different Experience for Patients

Female Dentists Tend to Work DifferentlyFor centuries, a trip to the dentist has been perceived as something to fear. However, as more women enter the field, that perception is slowly changing, according to McKay and Quiñonez. While most female dentists don’t think their professional experiences are any different from those of their male counterparts, studies show female dentists bring different traits and practices to their clinics.

Female dentists are said to be more empathetic and better able to communicate with their patients mobile dental unit. They seem to be less rushed and willing to discuss their patients’ ailments and concerns in a more caring, humane way than male dentists. Just 8 percent of female dentists expect their patients to experience pain in the chair compared to 46 percent of male dentists. This suggests female dentists will often take greater care to reduce the pain their patients experience than male dentists.

Female Dentists Tend to Work Differently

Once dental practices were male-dominated spaces, but today female representation is at an all time high. In fact, one-third of the dentists at 123 Dentists are women. Female dentists can also bring a different kind of decision-making to any practice, according to self-reported research cited by McKay and Quiñonez. Men replied in a survey that they usually base their decisions on objectivity, logic, and consistency, while the women reported being more motivated by how they feel. Their personal values, sympathies, and desire to maintain harmony and tact are important factors in patient care.

Female Dentists Tend to Work DifferentlyThe personal qualities women typically possess see them spearheading unique dental programs like Ontario’s Project Restoring Smiles. The women behind this initiative provide free dental procedures to survivors of domestic violence who are self-conscious about what their abuse has done to their smiles micro motor. These dentists provides extensive procedures costing thousands, including orthodontics, bleaching, crowns and bridges, root canals, extractions, dental implants, and surgical facial reconstruction free of charge.

“Our vision is to restore confidence in women who have survived domestic violence by addressing the physical effects of abuse,” Dr. Tina Meisami explained in a statement cited by women’s blog SheKnows. “Restoring a woman’s smile has an incredibly powerful impact on her overall physical and mental health.”

Since launching in 2011, Project Restoring Smiles has treated more than 45 patients to more than $200,000 worth of complimentary dental services.

What Are Autoclave Sterilization Parameters? for more information.

The different character traits female dentists exhibit, as seen in the team from Project Restoring Smiles, translate into the different approaches McKay and Quiñonez saw female and male dentists taking in clinical practice. They noted male dentists tend to use gloves, masks, and protective eyewear less frequently than female dentists, who reported being more concerned with infection control. Women also typically favour preventative measures, while male dentists are more likely to advocate significant restoration. The willingness that these women have to head off problems before they arise could have a significant impact on their patients and the entire dental industry, in fact.

Female dentists are also more likely to refer the patients to specialists rather than attempting to resolve patient problems themselves dental curing light. McKay and Quiñonez stated 70.3 percent of female dentists have referred simple and complex surgical cases to specialists compared to just 49.5 percent of male dentists.

The Ultimate Whistler Ski Trip Guide

During winter, the slopes start calling. Whether you’re an avid skier with years of experience under your belt or you’ve never so much as slipped on a pair of skis, Whistler, BC, offers the perfect place to get your fix. Even when you’re not sliding down the slopes, you’ll find plenty of activities to keep you busy in this city.

Buying or Renting Equipment

Several outfitters in the Whistler, BC, area can supply you with skis, masks, gloves, parkas, and anything else you need to enjoy your ski vacation scian nebulizer. Even if you already own skis and other ski equipment, you might want to test new models to see how they perform.

The experts who run outfitter businesses can also help you choose equipment if you’ve never skied before. You’ll want to get the best safety equipment possible as well as skis that suit your experience level. You might even get some free advice about the best trails for different types of experiences.

Hitting the Slopes

The skiing season lasts from November until May, so you can plan your visit anytime in between. Once you arrive, you’ll want to scope out the slopes so you know exactly how you want your itinerary to play out. Beginners should stick to the easiest trails so they don’t accidentally injure themselves, while intermediate and advanced skiers might want to challenge themselves on more aggressive mountains.

Start in Whistler Village, a quaint resort centre that doesn’t allow cars dental instruments. You can stroll through the entire square and get acquainted with everything the resort can offer. Plus, you’ll learn where the best ski heads are located so you can get a good start the next morning.

There are more than 200 marked trails in the Whistler and Blackcomb area. You can buy lift tickets online, so you don’t have to waste time once you arrive, and you can take skiing and snowboarding lessons if you want an introduction to either sport.

Dining in Style

If you’re interested in comfort food after a long day on the slopes, enjoy a meal at 21 Steps Kitchen + Bar. It’s a quiet, reserved eatery that serves everything you could want, from burgers and fries to salads and steaks. While it’s not the cheapest restaurant in Whistler, it won’t hit your wallet as hard as some of the fancier bistros in the area.

For a classier experience on date night, try Araxi Restaurant & Oyster Bar vacuum forming machine dental. It’s a little expensive, but this iconic Whistler restaurant serves delicious cocktails, unparalleled seafood, and decadent Italian dishes in a stylish atmosphere. Save room for dessert, and don’t forget to reserve your table in advance, because this place fills up quickly.

How Does a Person Test for the Allergy

Before taking any steps, you should consult with your dentist. Tell him or her that you are fearful of an allergic reaction mobile dental unit. Your dentist will have had some experience with the problem and can offer guidance on how to proceed. A plastic test would be the first step.

The dentist will ask you to take a small piece of the same material used in Invisalign® and, with a piece of tape, attach the plastic to your skin. Then, you’ll wear it for a few days. If your skin experiences a reaction, you have an allergy to the main substance in Invisalign® so, using the product could cause problems. If your skin doesn’t react to the plastic, you’re among the overwhelming majority of people who have no issues with Invisalign®. You shouldn’t try this test without supervision from your dentist, though.

Your dentist is unlikely to recommend the removal of Invisalign® to test for allergies. The explanation for this is that you’ll reset the effort of straightening your teeth if you don’t wear the product for a few days. A dentist will only suggest this option if he or she is worried about a serious allergy dental vibrator.

How Serious Are the Reactions?

If you are one of the unlucky few to experience an allergic reaction, you’re most likely to notice in small ways. Your mouth will feel more sensitive than normal. Your teeth, gums, and tongue will tingle or itch. You also might suffer twinges of pain. Anyone who suffers from a more extreme reaction should speak with a dentist immediately. Reactions are almost always mild. If you’re suffering more, something else is probably the cause.

In the rarest exceptions where an extreme plastic allergy occurs, tell your dentist immediately. The signs of an extreme allergy include breathing issues, hyperventilation troubles, and chest pain. You’ll need medical attention. Your dentist will also probably suggest that you stop using Invisalign®.

How Can You Stop a Mild Allergic Reaction?

The Autoclave Sterilization Procedure? for more information.

Since you don’t want to remove your straightening unit, dentists suggest an easy way to reduce your allergic reaction. Remember that the problem is a lack of saliva in your mouth. The solution is simple. Drink plenty of fluids to replace the absent saliva. Cold water is best. Try to take several extra cups of water each day, even if you exceed the historically recommended, but not scientifically based, eight 8-ounce glasses of water.

Another step you can take involves more dental visits. A professional teeth cleaning every three months should reduce the irritation tooth scaler australia. The cleaning will also help with the production of saliva. This solution isn’t as effective as drinking cold water, though.

As you can see, fears over Invisalign® allergies are largely overstated. Even in the unlikely event that you do experience a reaction, you’re unlikely to suffer anything other than minor mouth irritation. Nothing about the topic should discourage you from considering Invisalign®.