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Asphalt Mixing Plant Processing Raw Material Proportion

From the road situation, the use of LB2000 Asphalt Mixing Plant made in china is the most, which is also one of the reasons for the rapid development of asphalt mixing station. Under the situation of rapid economic development, the quality problems on the surface of asphalt pavement increase gradually, which puts forward higher and higher requirements for the use quality of asphalt. It is understood that the primary factor affecting the use of asphalt quality is the ratio of raw materials, which is also involved in the introduction of asphalt mixing station, we can discuss together.

In order to obtain high-quality asphalt products, in addition to high quality LB1500 Asphalt Mixing Plant to meet the requirements, the selection of the appropriate asphalt mixture grading type is also the most important. According to the current regulations of China, the maximum particle size of asphalt mixture in the highway upper layer should not exceed half of the thickness of the layer. The maximum aggregate particle size of the middle layer asphalt mixture should not exceed two-thirds of the thickness of the layer. And the aggregate maximum nominal size of asphalt pavement structure layer mixture should not exceed one third of the thickness of the layer.

Based on this analysis, if the asphalt surface layer with a certain thickness is selected according to the above specifications, the particle size of asphalt mixture aggregate is generally larger, which is bound to bring difficulties to the construction of low price LB1000 Asphalt Mixing Plant price. Through investigation, experiment, analysis and comparison, it is known that the selection of the lower layer is wide, so the ag-201 class can be used; It is difficult to choose the mixture type of the upper layer. In order to realize the reasonable selection of the mixture ratio, on the one hand, it is necessary to investigate the aggregate resources as much as possible, and on the other hand, it is necessary to consider the model of stirring equipment.

In order to guarantee the project quality, must strict selection and inspection of engineering materials, so choose, to determine the raw materials should be used according to the pavement structure and the requirement of quality, and conjunctively material supply situation, in accordance with the requirements of the relevant test procedures for inspection, and then optimize the material selection, make each technical indexes are in conformity with the provisions of the materials technical requirements.

Difference Between Engineering and Commercial Concrete Plant

What is the difference between commercial hzs50 stationary concrete batching plant made in China and engineering concrete mixing plant.

First, different uses
From the names of the engineering concrete mixing plant and the commercial concrete mixing plant, it can be seen that the two are very different. Their differences in terms of use and other aspects are as follows: Generally, the engineering concrete mixing stations mentioned are built in Next to the construction site, it is mainly used for a certain project and has a single configuration that can only meet the concrete required for the production of this project. It is mainly used to produce the main concrete of its own project.

For the purchasers of commercial concrete, they are investors who invest in buying and selling concrete and operate concrete buying and selling businesses. According to different business needs and different customer requirements, they produce concrete for the corresponding customer needs for sale. The configuration of the commercial hzs60 stationary concrete batching plant for sale is very complete, to meet the needs of many customers to a greater extent, and expand the business.

Second, different production
The engineering concrete mixing plant and the commercial concrete mixing plant are still very different in terms of manufacturing concrete:
1. The types of admixtures, the number of cement and the size of the cement bin are different. The number of engineering admixtures and cement is small, and the number of admixtures and cement silos is small.
2. Engineering concrete does not require external sealing, and the structure is simple; commercial concrete is used for external sealing, pursuing beauty and environmental protection, and large structure.
3. The price of commercial hzs90 stationary concrete batching plant made in China is relatively high.

Concrete Mixing Plant Prices Determinants

Many people ask, how much is hzs25 stationary concrete batching plant price, no one can answer immediately, because there are many factors that determine the price, so, the price of concrete mixing stations mainly by what?

We all know that concrete mixing station is mainly composed of material weighing system, material conveying system, mixing system, powder material storage system and control system and other ancillary facilities, each system adopted by the different technology, production costs are different, the price will be different.

Let’s take a look at the main factors that influence prices:

  1. The quality of the mixing system directly affects the quality of the mixing station, which is also an important factor determining hzs60 stationary concrete batching plant price. At present in the mixing station is often used is the double horizontal shaft strong mixer, the double horizontal shaft strong mixer technical requirements are higher, the quality of the mixer price will be more expensive, of course mixing effect is better, longer service life, this is a factor that determines the price.
  2. The accuracy of the material weighing system is also an important factor affecting the price of concrete mixing stations. The material weighing system is divided into three parts: aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing. Under normal circumstances, the station below 20 cubic meters per hour adopts the superposition weighing method, while the station above 50 cubic meters per hour mostly adopts the weighing method of each material. Whether the weighing method adopts electronic scale and microcomputer control also has a greater impact on the price.
  3. The transport mode of materials also has a great impact on the price. Different types of concrete mixing stations adopt different feeding methods, there are generally hopper feeding and belt feeding two ways, belt feeding cost is higher, higher production efficiency, so the price is also relatively expensive, hopper feeding is relatively cheaper.

In addition, there are many factors influencing the hzs90 stationary concrete batching plant price, for example, different manufacturers, different areas, equipment using the raw materials of different price also is bigger, so when choosing a concrete mixing plant, must not because of low prices will ignore the quality of equipment, equipment use fixed number of year and price what does light or heavy, believe that the customer more clearly than us.

Engineering application of steel plastic geogrid

steel plastic geogrid
1. The strength of high quality steel plastic geogrid is large, adapt to various environmental soils, and can fully meet the use of high retaining walls in high-grade highways.
2. The steel-plastic geogrid can effectively improve the interlocking and biting of the reinforced bearing surface, greatly enhance the bearing capacity of the foundation, effectively restrain the lateral displacement of the soil, and enhance the stability of the foundation.
3. Compared with traditional geogrid, steel-plastic geogrid has the characteristics of high strength, strong bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, large friction coefficient, uniform hole, convenient construction, and long service life.
4. The steel-plastic geogrid is more suitable for deep sea operation and embankment reinforcement, which fundamentally solves the technical problems of low strength, poor corrosion resistance and short service life caused by other materials used for stone cage erosion due to long-term seawater erosion.
5. The steel-plastic geogrid can effectively avoid the construction damage caused by the crushing and destruction of the machine during the construction process.
Steel-plastic geogrid can be used for roads, railways, embankments, abutments, construction access roads, wharfs, revetments, flood dykes, dams, tidal flats, freight yards, slag yards, airports, sports fields, environmentally friendly buildings, soft soil foundation reinforcement, retaining walls Civil engineering such as slope protection and road surface resistance.

How to judge the quality of color steel sheet

First, observe the thickness of the substrate and the thickness of the peritoneum The high quality color corrugated steel sheet is composed of a substrate and a colored peritoneal or sheet layer. We must first consider the thickness of the substrate and peritoneal coating. The better color steel sheet substrate is 0.02~0.05mm, and the thickness of the lamination or coating is often only 0.15mm. The thickness of the substrate is important because it affects the use of time of the color steel sheet. Some manufacturers of color steel sheets often do the hands and feet on the substrate and color steel coating or lamination. They reduce the thickness of the substrate but increase the thickness of the peritoneum to reduce the production cost of the color steel sheet, which greatly reduces the use of color steel sheets. Lifespan Second, observe the outer leakage edge of the color steel sheet When I get a piece of color steel sheet, I first observe whether the exposed steel sheet such as the cross section of the color steel sheet is finely crystallized, whether it is gray, dark and impurities. If the cut surface is crystalline and fine, the quality is superior. Third, look at the price Anything is a penny. When we compare the quality of color steel sheets, high quality color-coated corrugated roofing sheet price is one side, but don’t pay too much attention to the price. If the price of a color steel sheet is much lower than the others, then we have to pay attention to. Fourth, check the quality certificate of color steel sheet Is there a test standard for the relevant department? If possible, try to go to the manufacturer of the color steel sheet for field visits. Look at the environment of the company, whether it is formal. Inquire about the reputation of this company in the market. Fifth, listen to the sound If you use a finger or a hard object to strike the color steel sheet, if the material of the color steel sheet is poor, the sound emitted is boring, the metal sound is not obvious, and the metal color sound of the better color steel sheet is louder and crisper.

Rust resistance of galvalumed steel coils

GI steel coil with spangles made in China is a semi-finished material. It is widely used in many industries. The reason why it is galvalume is to give the material excellent rust and corrosion resistance to improve the finished product. The comprehensive performance and long service life can adapt to use in many different environments.

GI steel coils are also classified as cold-rolled or hot-rolled in the same way as other steels. In terms of price, the cost of cold-rolling is lower and the price is also lower, but the rust-resistance is poor if the performance is high. The hot-rolled material is selected. Although the price is relatively high, the performance is good and the quality is stable. It is used for production and production, and the quality of the finished galvalume steel coil is also reliable and has a long service life. This is because the hot-dip plating method is complicated, there are physical changes and chemical changes in the engineering, the coating texture is uniform and stable, so the adhesion is also strong, and it is easy to fall off without cold rolling, and the material itself also obtains high toughness and strength. It is not easy to break during processing, reducing the loss of materials.

If you don’t know how to choose GI steel coil products, then you can choose to buy well-known companies with a good reputation and a good reputation. You can tell your needs, they can provide professional advice and suggestions, so as not to buy them. Or materials that do not meet your needs, resulting in waste. Generally, the materials commonly used in the market are classified according to the amount of galvanizing, and the corresponding materials should be selected according to actual conditions.

Installation precautions for galvalumed coils

The fine surface of the hot sale aluminum zinc steel coil and excellent quality have become the first choice for users. Because of the different applications, the needs of the application should be paid attention to. So, should the aluminum-zinc-rolled coils be used in the application? Let us come together take a look.

First, the installation requirements

1. The laying of Galvalume Corrugated Roofing Sheet should pay attention to the wind direction all the year round, and the rib lap joint needs to be connected with the wind.
2. The connection between the high quality Galvalume Corrugated Roofing Sheet is only one rib, and the female ribs must be on the male ribs.
3. The gutter and the lower end are bent about 10 degrees to form a drip line.
4. The fixing screws should be perpendicular to the aluminum plate seat code and the rafter and align with the center of the rafter. Before the nailing, the thread should be hung to make the nail line straight.
5. For each 5-6 color steel plates installed, check the flatness of the two ends of the version. If there is any error, adjust it in time. If the aluminum plate is slightly skewed, the alignment position of the galvalume sheet can be finely adjusted. Such as when locking the mount. Move the galvalume sheet to the left or right by 2mm.

Second, the matters needing attention
1. Before the installation, check-in time to ensure that the material of the roof is not worn, to ensure that it can be used normally, and to ensure the life of the application under normal conditions.
2. When processing aluminum zinc steel coils, adjust the gap of the processing roller system according to the thickness of the color-coated aluminum coil, and remove the foreign matter on the roller surface and the pallet; at the same time, check whether the double-coated aluminum-zinc coil is stripping paint, such as off Paint, the cause should be identified and the measures must be taken before processing can continue.

The important role of steel-plastic geogrid

Geogrid is a geosynthetic material that has developed rapidly in recent years. The plastic geogrid is a kind of geogrid. As the name suggests, it is made of high-strength steel wire (or other fiber), specially treated with polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP), and added with other additives, through extrusion to make it a composite high-strength tensile strip, and If the surface has rough embossing, it is a high-strength reinforced geotechnical belt. The single belt is formed by arranging or arranging at a certain distance through longitudinal and transverse directions, and is welded by a fusion welding technique (ultrasonic welding technique) of special strengthening bonding to form a reinforced geogrid.

Compared with the traditional grille, the steel-plastic geogrid has the characteristics of high strength, strong bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, large friction coefficient, uniform hole, convenient construction and long service life. It can also effectively avoid construction damage caused by crushing and damage of the machine during construction.

Let’s talk about its features in detail:
1. The tensile force of the low price steel plastic compound geogrid is borne by the high-strength steel wire woven by warp and weft. It produces a very high tensile modulus under low strain capacity, and the vertical and horizontal ribs work synergistically to fully exert the interlocking effect of the geogrid on the soil.
2. The longitudinal and transverse ribs of the steel-plastic composite grille are woven into the net by warp and weft, and the outer wrap layer is formed once. The steel wire and the outer wrap layer can coordinate and the elongation at break is very low (not more than 3%). The main force-receiving unit of the steel-plastic composite geogrid is steel wire, and the creep variable is extremely low.
3. Through the treatment of the plastic surface in the production process, the rough pattern is pressed to enhance the roughness of the surface of the grid, and the friction coefficient between the steel-plastic composite geogrid and the soil is improved.
4. The width of the steel-plastic composite grille can reach 6m, achieving efficient and economical reinforcement.
5. The high-density polyethylene used in the steel-plastic composite geogrid can ensure that it will not be attacked by acid and alkali and salt solution or oil at normal temperature; it will not be affected by water dissolution or microorganisms. At the same time, the polymer properties of polyethylene are also sufficient to resist the aging caused by ultraviolet radiation. After the geogrid is stressed, the longitudinal and transverse ribs cooperate to prevent cracking or breakage of the joint. In actual engineering, after the compaction of the filler, it is not exposed to ultraviolet light and oxygen, so it can fully meet the requirements of permanent engineering construction.

Geotextiles and silk weaving

High quality textured hdpe geomembrane: high-toughness industrial fabrics, polypropylene, polyester, nylon and other synthetic fibers are used as raw materials, with high original toughness. After weaving, it becomes a regular interweaving structure, and the comprehensive bearing ability is further improved.

An industrial product line of geotechnical materials that conforms to the various characteristics and requirements of geotechnical engineering. Generally, it should be clothed in geotechnical engineerings such as rivers, coasts, harbors, highways, railways, docks, tunnels, and bridges. Can meet a variety of different fabric routes. It should be industrialized and low cost of fabric synthetic fiber; high toughness, low elongation, durability, corrosion resistance; woven fabric structure stability, high engineering parameters compliance rate, to meet the different purposes of various geotechnical projects Filtration, isolation, reinforcement, protection, and other fabrics are pleading. It is a kind of high-value product in geotechnical engineering.

Geomembrane should be protected from damage before installation. Geomembrane rolls should be stacked in a center that is flat and not water-filled. The stack height does not exceed the height of four rolls, and the identification sheet of the roll can be seen.

The dam liner/fishing farm/shrimp liner Hdpe geomembrane must be covered with opaque material to prevent UV aging. In the process of storage, it is necessary to adhere to the integrity of the label and the integrity of the information. Geomembrane rolls must be protected from damage during transportation. Geomembrane volumes that are physically damaged must be repaired. Geomembranes that are severely worn cannot transport fabric. Any geomembrane that is exposed to chemical reagents is not allowed to transport the fabric in this project.

During the construction, the geomembrane on the geomembrane is naturally lapped, and the geomembrane upper geomembrane is seamed or hot-air welded. Hot air welding is the first method of joining the filament geomembrane, that is, the cloth hot air gun instantaneously heats the two pieces of cloth to make it partially reach the molten state and immediately transports a certain external force of the cloth to firmly bond it. together. In the case of wet (rainy and snowy weather), weather cannot stop the hot-adhesive connection, the geomembrane should adopt another method, a stitching connection method, that is, the cloth-specific cloth sewing machine suspends the double-thread stitching connection, and the fabric is protected against chemical ultraviolet rays.

Geomembrane is a new type of building material. The original material is the synthetic fiber of high molecular polymers such as polyester, acrylic, and nylon. According to the manufacturing method, there are two types: a woven geomembrane and a non-woven geomembrane. Ordinary engineering is mainly a non-woven geomembrane for transporting fabrics. Geomembrane has various work fabrics such as anti-seepage, anti-filtration, drainage, isolation, reinforcement, protection, sealing, etc. It is compared with the conventional anti-seepage effect of masonry and concrete materials. The utility model has the advantages of low investment, simple construction process, short construction period, good anti-seepage effect, high channel effect coefficient, and the like. For example, in the construction of the Weihe River dike project in Xianyang City, the geotextiles of the two sections of the river embankment are separately selected. Traditional method construction.

Influence of surface contamination of rolled coil

Effect of surface contamination of the rolled sheet: The less oil composition remains on the cold rolled steel coil after rolling, the less the organic matter is formed during annealing. However, the reduction of the oil composition should be limited because the lower the concentration of the oil composition in the emulsion, the increased amount of wear products due to the increase in the friction coefficient, and the wear product is a catalyst for the carbonation process.

The wetting layer is applied to the blank before the cold rolling on the continuous pickling line, and the low concentration (90%, which is equivalent to 12 mg/m2 in 80% of cases. The amount of reduction in the „smoke black“ defect on the surface of the finished coil is also reduced.