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Fabric Laser Cutting Machine in the Textile Industry

As time goes on, people become more and more dissatisfied with the blandness of clothing, there is no characteristic, began to search for a kind of clothing produced by the creative machine, such a machine produced clothing must have a certain personality , which requires the help of laser equipment!

The continuous development of the times, blue laser technology is increasingly being used in all walks of life, clothing as a traditional labor-intensive industries are also accelerating the pace of technological innovation to adapt to the increasingly fierce international competition. Today, garment CAD technology is gradually being adopted by more and more enterprises, and achieved good results. Fabric laser cutting machine has also begun to gradually optimistic about the strength of the major companies. Its traditional equipment has incomparable advantages, specifically in the following two aspects.

First, cloth laser cutting machine can completely avoid the mistakes caused by manual cutting, improve accuracy. The traditional method to cut the film, if the cloth is thin, the amount of film can be implemented less, but if you encounter large quantities of clothing pieces of the task, this method is very easy to cause the upper and lower parts of the size of the error. Workers are most likely to encounter rework and patching problems during the first phase of cropping.

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As the error caused by the cutting will lead directly to the artificial wear and tear of the test piece and the repair piece, the delay of the time period, and even affect the process of sewing, quarantine, packing and so on, which are delayed, these invisible losses can not be calculated by concrete figures , The direct consequence of this is to extend the order manufacturing cycle. Fabric laser cutting machine can also avoid the manual operation of the cut pieces may cause damage, pollution and irregular edges of the pieces of small problems. For the management of the company, cloth high powered laser cutting machine equipment can use data to help control the work of the various sections of the enterprise.

Second, the fabric laser cutting machine is not only improved on the processing technology of cut pieces, but also can manage the initial discharge. Intuitive figures tell users that computerized discharges are bound to save more material than the discharge of the most experienced crews. These are laser cutting directly to help businesses maximize the use of the fabric, to avoid unnecessary waste.

In addition, because the use of automatic laser cutting system to manage the plate, the data stored by the computer to automatically arrange. We no longer have to spend time looking through the original nesting orders, just click on the computer keys to find the raw data you need, you can call or make changes directly.

Cloth green laser cutting machine applications so that companies no longer have a calculator to calculate how much fabric waste, or because of the delay in the project, how much more cost increase, the surface can be happily accounting save a few percent of the fabric, save the percentage A few of the manual consumption. At the same time, due to the completion of the project ahead of schedule, the production line can easily face another batch of orders, thereby enhancing the competitive edge.

Therefore, in the next few years, cloth laser cutting machine will be the same as garment CAD technology, become a new round of garment manufacturing technology innovation tool.

Large Pulsed Energy Fiber Lasers

Laser surface treatment technology refers to the interaction between the laser and the material to make the material surface of the desired physical and chemical changes, so as to achieve the improvement of its surface properties of a technology. It is the use of blue laser pointer beam fast and local heating materials to achieve local acute heat, melting or ablation, and can be handled in a variety of environments; by changing the laser source or laser parameters, can solve the different materials surface treatment process problem.
In recent years, with the continuous development of machinery manufacturing industry and industrial 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing proposed, with the corresponding laser surface treatment research and application also showed a rapid development trend, its processing object, process methods, application areas Also continue to expand into. Depending on the purpose of surface treatment, laser surface treatment is usually divided into: surface modification treatment (such as laser glaze, laser remelting, etc.) and removal processing (such as laser cleaning, etc).

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Laser cleaning as a laser surface treatment technology in recent years has also become increasingly widespread concern and rapid development. Laser cleaning mainly through the low power, high energy density pulsed red laser beam acting on the surface of the workpiece, so that the surface of the dirt, oxide, coating or coating heat generated instantaneous melting, ablation, evaporation or stripping, so as to achieve the workpiece Surface clean process. Laser cleaning is a dry cleaning, compared with the traditional mechanical and chemical cleaning methods, with a good cleaning effect, high control accuracy, no pollution to the environment, the basic damage to the matrix, are non-contact cleaning, etc., we can see, The cleaning process is a “green” cleaning process.

Compared with solid-state lasers and CO2 lasers, fiber lasers have the advantages of high electro-optical conversion efficiency, compact structure, stable performance, maintenance-free and easy integration. With the continuous breakthrough of fiber laser technology at home and abroad, the use of fiber laser laser cleaning equipment in the field of laser cleaning is gradually showing a good performance advantages and broad application prospects. The entire cleaning system consists of Feibo laser large pulse energy fiber laser, galvanometer scanning system, control system, workbench and related auxiliary equipment. The working method is: the astronomy laser pointerbeam emitted by the scanning mirror and field mirror after the role of the workpiece surface, while adjusting the relevant process parameters so that the workpiece surface to achieve or achieve the desired process results.

Laser cleaning is a complex process, including combustion gasification, thermal shock and thermal vibration, acoustic shattering and a series of complex chemical and physical effects, in which combustion gasification is the main factor. But in addition to the three main mechanisms, the process may also include photon pressure, laser soft ablation, plasma explosion and other mechanisms. Laser cleaning process is mainly affected by the laser type, laser power, cleaning speed, filling density and the number of cleaning and other factors, and these factors are mutual influence and interaction. The actual cleaning process according to the removal of layer material properties (such as rust degree, coating thickness) and other specific circumstances to meet the process requirements in line with the process parameters. The matching principle should be: fast and efficient, excellent cleaning effect.

The range of laser dehumidification is very extensive. Such as bridges, television towers, high-voltage transmission lines such as iron frame surface of the elevated building corrosion, galvanized sheet surface red rust, copper surface oxide layer. If the use of traditional methods of rust removal, the project is large and complex, and rust powder is not only harmful to the health of workers, but also seriously pollute the environment. The laser pen in this area but show their talents, you can quickly and easily remove the metal surface or corner of the corrosion, and also to prevent further oxidation. Laser rust as a new cleaning process, in the field of rust on the surface of carbon steel has a huge development prospects.

Laser deinterleaving as an efficient and efficient cleaning method, usually used in the field of macro industries. In the laser de-lacquer process, the laser acts on the paint coating, the paint coating in the pulse time to absorb the laser energy and convert it into heat so that the temperature of the paint in a very short period of time to achieve its gasification temperature in order to achieve the paint Effect. The use of laser to remove the surface of the object surface paint is an advanced paint removal process, compared with the traditional solvent system and sandblasting method, the laser paint does not cause environmental pollution, and the laser beam is easy to control, can get rid of the irregular surface Paint layer.

Laser large pulse energy fiber laser pointer can clean and treat the surface of a variety of materials, and show excellent and efficient process results; and compared to the current market for laser cleaning solid-state lasers with high efficiency of electro-optical conversion, compact structure, stable performance, maintenance-free, low cost advantages.

Analysis on Investment Strategy of Laser Processing

Laser processing advantages and alternative trends are obvious, the emerging application needs to support high performance growth.

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The new three-board laser business as a whole net profit nearly three years year-on-year growth of more than 40% in the new three board involved in the field of laser companies were sorted out, we found that the new three board red laser pointer business as a whole operating income and net profit to maintain high growth, Net profit since 2014 have maintained a growth rate of more than 40% in 2015 and even up to 91%, far more than the new three board mechanical plate overall growth rate. The two core drivers of future laser processing equipment are driven by the replacement of traditional processes and the emerging demand for downstream applications.

Laser processing market space is broad, the proportion of emerging applications accounted for significantly improved laser cutting equipment sales in 2015 about 6.6 billion, sales growth mainly from OLED panel cutting, 3D glass cutting and sapphire cutting and other fields; laser welding equipment sales The amount of about 2.27 billion yuan, metal frame welding, power battery welding and automotive lightweight areas such as pulling the equipment demand is a strong increase; laser marking and other laser equipment sales of about 11.9 billion yuan, the current downstream main The driving force is 3C equipment marking, OLED panel production annealing and 3D printing and other fields to stimulate the emerging application of green laser pointer equipment needs.

Laser Surface Amorphization

In this study, a cadmium sulfide (CdS) line with a diameter of 204 nm and a length of 15 μm was used as the core design of the optical cavity (Fig. 1). The high refractive index of the nanowires causes the incident light to have a high reflectivity factor at the end face and be guided by the nanowires. This arrangement forms the Fabry-Burrow cavity, which, when activated by an external light source, forms a laser. The laser wavelength thus formed depends on the refractive index around it. By measuring the wavelength of the most powerful laser output, the refractive index of the liquid immersed in the nanowires can be determined.

There are a variety of methods for surface nanocrystallization of materials. There are a large number of surface nanocrystallization technologies. It is a surface layer which can realize the nano-characteristics by means of laser surface treatment technology and nanometer technology. It can be collectively referred to as laser surface nanocrystallization technology; More generally referred to as laser nano-surface engineering technology, is directly or mainly the use of laser this specific technical means to directly change or add material to change the surface of the solid material is treated, the composition or structure, so that the formation of nano-crystal Grain or a certain nanoparticle composition of the surface layer. Or the use of laser etching, laser embossing, laser hair, laser micro-nano modeling and other means to achieve nano-structure on the surface of the material.

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In the 1970s, after the successful development of high-power lasers, blue laser pointer surface treatment technology into the practical application, and then the rapid development, there have been laser quenching (laser phase hardening surface modification technology), laser remelting, laser surface alloying, Laser cladding, laser surface amorphization and laser shock enhancement. These laser surface treatment technology through the surface of the material to form a certain thickness of the treatment layer to improve the mechanical properties of the material surface, metallurgical properties, physical properties, thereby enhancing the parts, the workpiece wear, corrosion resistance, fatigue and other properties. Laser due to high power density, good direction, energy transfer convenience, can be transmitted in a variety of transparent media and other characteristics.

Generally refers to the use of laser remelting, high-energy 300mw laser pointer surface melting and not add any other ingredients to the substrate surface rapid melting and solidification grain refinement, eliminate defects, reach the aim of improving the surface structure. Laser remelting as a kind of surface engineering technology, a large number of researchers have done related research work, pointed out that the research can significantly improve the surface hardness and corrosion resistance of the material and wear properties by laser remelting, but as the surface of nanometer technology is not clearly separate.

Steel Rust and Mold Decontamination

Shorter: laser output wavelengths cover shorter wavelengths, and short wavelength lasers have been widely used. Many advanced manufacturing processes require cold processing. For example, in smart phones, many times they need to be treated with short wavelengths and short pulses of ultraviolet yellow laser pointer. Short wavelength lasers have been widely used in surface labeling, semiconductor wafer fabrication, drilling and cutting. Faster and faster: pulse laser faster, ultrafast laser has achieved rapid development, already with a simpler structure, more convenient operation, lower cost and more stable performance, walked out of the laboratory and into industrial applications.

Laser welding: laser welding will be the first in the automotive manufacturing, high-speed trains and aircraft manufacturing, agricultural machinery and shipbuilding and other areas of the spread, it will be a future growth point. The development of lasers is moving in the direction of high intelligence, high power, high beam quality, high reliability, low cost and all solid state. Laser precision machining and microfabrication technology will be the focus of development, and its promotion and use in electronics, semiconductor, communications, optical storage, micromachine manufacturing, biology, environment and other industries will create unprecedented possibilities for traditional processing methods. Here, ultrafast lasers will grow rapidly as the precision machining and microfabrication markets expand.

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Laser cleaning: With the enhancement of environmental awareness, a variety of environmental cleaning technology came into being, high power laser cleaning technology is one of them. Laser cleaning using high-energy laser beam and the workpiece surface to remove the material interaction, the occurrence of instantaneous evaporation or stripping, without a variety of chemical cleaning agents, green pollution. Can be used to remove paint, oil, oxide, cleaning screw, rust, cleaning weld. Laser cleaning in the microelectronics, construction, nuclear power plants, automobile manufacturing, medical care, cultural relics protection, steel rust and mold decontamination, automobile manufacturing, construction and other fields have a huge market space.

The last two years, laser cutting complete sets of equipment in the Chinese market sales doubled. The application of fiber lasers in laser cutting systems has been increasing over the past two years, especially in medium power cutting systems. In the welding system, 60% of the laser welding equipment has been using fiber lasers, 65% of the equipment used in automobile manufacturing. The power of more than 3kW high-power system is also a steady increase in the number of red laser pointer cutting welding system is also toward the development of high power.

With the development of Chinese integrated circuits, the number of UV lasers used in printed circuit boards and microelectronics systems for consumer electronics products has increased significantly. At the same time, the application of biotechnology and medical equipment also provides a broad space for UV lasers. In 2016, UV lasers in the Chinese market to achieve explosive growth, sales over the previous year doubled to 7800 units.

Analysis of China ‘s Laser Industry

In fact, blue laser pointer processing equipment in addition to the ever-increasing demand for power, has been committed to the quality of equipment assurance and technology development. The cost-effective ratio of laser processing equipment refers to the continuous reduction of product prices relative to performance guarantees, so that customers really use “cheap” products, rather than to sacrifice product performance, reduce equipment configuration to reduce the price, nor is it simple The pursuit of processing efficiency at the expense of processing stability. Laser processing equipment stability and efficiency is a contradiction, the product in the industry and the application market has been widely recognized, the formation of the brand, because the equipment has been cutting the stability of the first place, and the stability of the main indicators are Equipment failure rate.

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In recent years, domestic and international laser industry mergers and acquisitions frequently, because the laser industry low level of repeated investment seriously lead to overcapacity and industrial transformation and upgrading of the demand coexist. Before 2010, high-power green laser pointer equipment industry also belongs to high-profit high-return industry. However, due to investment and technical threshold is not high, a lot of money into the market quickly showed a vicious competition situation. However, many companies have overlooked that the industry in fact the process threshold is high. Do not attach importance to process development, in the homogeneous competition environment, in order to pursue a lower price advantage, reduce equipment configuration and thus reduce the performance of equipment becomes inevitable, which led directly to a group of enterprises died, a number of enterprises overcapacity. While the excess capacity to make the advantages of mergers and acquisitions to reduce the cost of mergers and acquisitions began to prevail this stage. On the other hand, with the transformation and upgrading of the Chinese market continues to deepen, as the transformation and upgrading tool industry, the laser industry into a period of rapid development.

Power laser welding machine, host, power supply, table, refrigeration unit split design; the machine into my company’s new condenser cavity, the photoelectric conversion efficiency, excellent beam quality, reflective surface and cooling medium without contact, cavity Long life, easy to replace xenon lamp and no need to adjust the optical path. PLC control and computer control in two ways to choose, the machine output power is stable, reliable performance, compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy to operate, with coaxial, paraxial gas protection device to improve the welding quality; and optional high power laser cutting Head, for cutting to expand the processing range.

Since the second quarter of this year, the market demand for equipment, the rapid increase in power, and soon from 4KW, 6KW to 8KW. Has been the customer’s demand to upgrade to more than million watts, mainly due to customer processing capacity of laser processing equipment and processing efficiency requirements. On the one hand is the original customer with the same material with the thickness of the material cutting efficiency requirements, on the other hand is constantly emerging new areas of laser technology processing needs, especially for ultra-thick processing of materials processing requirements to laser processing technology Alternative to other processing technology.

China’s manufacturing industry and intelligent manufacturing is still very far away from the industry 2.0 to industrial 4.0, China still has a long way to go. Germany’s industrial 4.0 has hard power, the US industrial 4.0 has soft power, while China’s industrial 4.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 are simultaneously developed. On the red laser pointer industry, whether it is the market demand or industry requirements, from the equipment automation requirements are still distance, and intelligent requirements, whether technical or market base are far worse. However, in new areas of new markets, the demand for automation equipment has increased significantly, especially in key industries and high-end customers.


The Perfect Combination of Robot and Laser Welding

Laser welding is the fastest growing field in laser processing technology. Laser welding is the high-intensity laser beam radiation to the metal surface, through the interaction of laser and metal, metal absorption blue laser pointer into heat to melt the metal after the crystallization of the formation of welding. Compared with the traditional welding method, the technology will bring many advantages:

Beam spot is small, processing accuracy doubled. Heat affected zone is very small, high weld quality, easy to produce shrinkage, deformation, embrittlement and thermal cracking and other hot side effects, laser welding pool purification effect, to clean the weld metal, weld mechanical performance is equivalent to or better than the base metal The Can achieve the laser focus of the power and size according to the processing requirements of the dynamic adjustment, while the process of real-time monitoring to achieve a variety of applications possible.

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The use of fiber optic transmission of laser, so that the energy source and processing equipment from the space separation can be difficult to achieve. The light energy generated by the laser can be transmitted through a very small diameter fiber to the far distance of the station, through the robot, to achieve the workpiece welding. A green laser pointer welding robot can replace three to four resistance welding robot, if the full use of laser welding technology, processing a body, in the tooling investment, welding parts preparation, material consumption, body seal and other aspects of the cost will be reduced by about 200 US dollars, Steel utilization can be increased by 50%.

The use of laser welding can save a lot of templates and tooling equipment, so that the workshop area by half, saving investment. In the automotive industry, as a vehicle key components of the body, its value accounts for about 20% of the car, the use of laser welding, can reduce the overlap width and some reinforcement components, but also can compress the body structure itself volume, The weight of the body can be reduced by 56kg. Similarly, for a large number of spot welding in the body transfer, if the welding of a welding head on the edge of the workpiece for welding, the flange width of 16mm, and laser pen welding is unilateral welding, only 5mm, the spot welding to laser welding, each car can save steel 40kg. With the traditional spot welding two pieces of 0.8mm steel stamping parts, an average of 20 points / min, welding torch is 25mm, the speed of 0.5m / min, with laser welding speed can reach more than 5m / min.

Power laser welding machine, host, power supply, table, refrigeration unit split design; the machine into my company’s new condenser cavity, the photoelectric conversion efficiency, excellent beam quality, reflective surface and cooling medium without contact, cavity Long life, easy to replace xenon lamp and no need to adjust the optical path. PLC control and computer control in two ways to choose, the machine output power is stable, reliable performance, compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy to operate, with coaxial, paraxial gas protection device to improve the welding quality; and optional laser cutting Head, for cutting to expand the processing range.

Saving space, miniaturization of the design; change the lights for dimming, routine maintenance is more simple; modular design, easy to achieve functional expansion. Can achieve spot welding, butt welding, welding, sealing, etc .; red laser pointer focus / instruction, precise control, focusing light small, high-precision positioning; with long-term stable work capacity, especially for three companies Time operation; self-diagnosis, protection and early warning function; provide a variety of special industry fixture and control methods, the system easy to achieve and automatic production line matching.

The Future Development of CO2 Laser

Power continuous CO2 laser marking machine laser: for the helicopter engine turbine blade with continuous laser cladding cracks and blade deformation problems in the 5kW continuous cross-flow CO2 laser, the use of new power control program, through software and related control, To achieve the pulse blue laser pointer power output to overcome the use of high-power switching power supply costs and stability problems and pulse modulation frequency up to 5Hz, modulation duty cycle can reach 5% to 100% when using 4kW peak power, 4Hz The results show that the heat affected zone is 50% lower than that of the continuous laser, and the hardness is increased by 5% after the cladding. The results show that the heat recovery zone is 50% , The interface with the performance of the base material is equivalent, no melting cracks and leaf deformation.

Compact long-life RF excitation waveguide CO2 laser: In order to make CO2 lasers in industrial processing and military have a wider range of applications, the use of aluminum alloy drawing profiles as a laser shell, plate mounted inductors instead of the traditional wirewound inductance structure and all-metal Sealing technology, etc., developed a compact long-life RF excitation waveguide CO2 laser. Can be continuously output or no higher than 20kHz modulation frequency pulse output, the maximum output power of 30W, the measured working life of more than 1500h, storage life of more than 1.5a The results show that the laser pointer has the characteristics of compact structure, stable output power, long working life, continuous and pulse modulation, and can be applied in military applications in addition to the processing of various materials.

red laser pointer

Acousto-Optic Q2 Laser: In order to meet the requirements of laser ranging, environmental detection, space communication and laser-material interaction mechanism research, developed sound and light modulation QC02 laser. The main technical parameters of the output of the laser are analyzed and calculated by using the Q – ray pulse rate equation of the Q – switched pulsed laser. The method of acoustic and QCO2: laser optimization design is proposed. Conducted a validation experiment.

In addition to the original DC discharge (DC discharge) excitation technology, there are AC discharge (AC discharge), radio frequency discharge (RF discharge), microwave discharge, which are developed this year, a variety of new incentive technology, DC discharge and RF discharge. Different materials, different paths of laser cutting machine, welding, surface treatment, often require the green laser pointer beam to change the way of work at any time, sometimes requiring continuous output, and sometimes require pulse output waveform. In recent years there has been enhanced pulse output, so that processing performance improved significantly.

High current gas discharge in the current, voltage, gas temperature are high, glow discharge positive column area of the thermal instability and arc contraction and so on more serious. How to ensure the uniformity and stability of large volume glow discharge is one of the key technologies of high power carbon dioxide lasers. Our commonly used techniques include: the large volume of discharge divided into many small discharge areas were controlled; gas rapid flow instability of the disturbing factors in time to bring out the discharge area; increase the turbulence to increase the uniformity of discharge; increase pre-ionization or external Ionization source to increase the uniformity of discharge.

The pulse repetition frequency of the laser is lHz ~ 50kHz, the output laser pulse width is 180ns and the peak power is 4062W, which is basically the same as the theoretical calculation. The results show that: through the acousto-optic crystal (AO) optimization and reasonable design of the resonator. Can achieve a small CO2 laser marking machine laser high frequency, narrow pulse width, high peak power output, and through the raster selection line design and TTL signal control to achieve such a red laser pointer wavelength tuning and coding output.

Laser cutting, welding and other applications require excellent beam quality, especially after the focus of the beam as thin as possible. In high power lasers, carbon dioxide lasers are the best of the beam. In the high power state, the thermal distortion and thermal damage of the laser crystal output window and the total reflection mirror are often the key technical problems that limit the improvement of the laser power and the improvement of the beam quality. Substrate selection and cooling, polishing, ultra-fine car and other process problems is also very important.

Carbon dioxide laser electro-optical conversion rate is generally in the range of 10% -20%, which can be considered a high conversion rate. Most of the rest of the discharge power through the electronic and gas particles of the elastic collision of gas heating, temperature rise; for high power lasers, the gas temperature rise faster. When the working pressure temperature reaches 300 ℃, the laser pen light and the lower energy level of the carbon dioxide laser have no laser output because there is no particle inversion. The actual situation is the gas temperature is greater than 150 ℃, the electro-optical conversion efficiency has decreased significantly. For this reason, the device is required to be able to quickly and efficiently take away the heat of the discharge zone gas. There are two commonly used methods: gas convection cooling and diffusion conduction cooling.

Future upgrades include installation of htpow laser

Everyone has heard about the laser missiles, but few people know that there are laser bullets. Army laser pointer , which previously had between 5 to 10 kilowatt strength. It can be made up of batteries, capacitors, or flywheels, and would recharge between laser pulses.

Future upgrades include installation of a wind tunnel to study laser/material interactions of components. This laser will be far more powerful and will be designed to take out objects as large as ballistic missiles mid-flight. Which limits where you can stick a laser.

They often talk about the cost advantages of firing laser pointers to incinerate incoming enemy attacks ( . The current state of the technology and to highlight the limitations of the upgraded laser. The Army hopes that once the laser technology matures.

Be proposed a two-kilowatt laser pointer with a penny-diameter beam designed to burn drones to a crisp.Lasers do not work in blinding rainstorms. If it’s been compromised by a major laser pointer burn through on the nose cone, aerodynamic forces should rapidly disassemble it.

The Army is dialing up its lasers, from 5 to 10 kilowatt weapons that torched quadcopters in successful. Yes it is good enough, and a near optimal solution for laser application on the battlefield.One possible shortcoming with a laser that I can see is that given its relatively low killing power.



The study has engineered a more cost-effective green laser pointer

Because it is laser-guided, it hits exactly where you’re oriented and aimed ( . Summer is not when you should get laser, because when the skin is exposed to the sun. So many spas and other facilities do laser and may not be properly trained, so people are getting laser when they are not the appropriate candidate.

The laser light is as bright as 100 trillion watts of light when at peak power. It will offer free shooting in the laser arcade this weekend. It’s laser equipment has two lasers in one machine, and the laser use is based on the customer’s skin tone or hair color so the company can provide more personalized services.

He saw great potential with lasers in alignment. Knowing an unstable laser mount would yield inaccurate results. But uses for the laser didn’t grow to meet the hype. By firing the most powerful x-ray laser in the world at a vial of water.

This is one of many advancements that have been made recently in the field of green laser pointer technology. The newly-developed laser is tunable, which means that users can choose the colour of the laser themselves, within a broad range.

The study has engineered a more cost-effective green laser pointer design that outputs multi-color lasing and offers a step forward in chip-based lasers and miniaturization. The typical lifetime of the tube in an argon ion laser is roughly 10,000 hours. A ‘sharper’ laser increases the accuracy of whatever system it is put into by making it more precise.