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Industry Development of Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machine industry has developed quite rapidly in recent years. From the initial YAG equipment and CO2 equipment to the current fiber, from low-power fiber to the current 10,000-watt fiber, which shows that our blue laser pointer technology continues to improve, and now the price of laser cutting equipment compared with previous years To be much cheaper, this is a very delightful thing for friends who want to buy equipment, no matter what the industry can afford the laser, afford to use the laser.

For the majority of customers, the purchase of equipment will shop around, so the competition among peers is bound to be ultimately! Nothing more than the concern of people who buy equipment, in addition to configuration, is the price and after-sales service, which is also the competition of major manufacturers. Price competition, the most common peer competition. When you consult the same piece of power equipment, there may be tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of price difference between the price. When it comes to configuration and technology, many people might say that the lasers are all for others, and for those of you who are just assembling them together, you do not need any technology at all. Yes, in appearance, this is indeed the case. So many people think that the green laser pointer cutting machine industry threshold low, high profits, just a few people can pull a few. However, how much is done and how much is sold.

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Grasp the rules of laser cutting machine processing factors on the processing of surface quality, you can find ways to improve the surface quality of the process measures to improve the quality of the processing surface. When the laser is cutting the sheet at high temperature, the traces of the molten material do not appear in the notch below the vertical laser beam, and instead, it is ejected at the rear of the laser beam. As a result, the curved lines are formed at the cutting edge and the lines closely follow the moving laser beam. In order to correct this problem, the feed rate is reduced at the end of the cutting process and the formation of lines can be substantially eliminated.

The cutting width generally does not affect the quality of the cut. The cutting width has an important influence only when a particularly precise profile is formed inside the part because the cutting width determines the minimum internal dimensions of the profile. As the thickness of the plate increases, the cutting width also varies with Increase. So you want to ensure that the same high precision, regardless of the width of the incision, the workpiece in the high power laser cutting machine processing area should be constant; when the material thickness of more than 18mm, the cutting edge of the verticality is very important; away from the focus, the laser The beam becomes divergent, depending on the position of the focus, the cut becomes wider toward the top or bottom. Cutting edge deviation from the vertical line a few millimeters, the more vertical edge, the higher the cutting quality.

The heat-affected zone refers to the laser cut where the area along the incision is heated. At the same time, the structure of the material itself changes. For example, some materials can harden. Heat affected zone refers to the regional structure of the internal structure changes due to high temperature; and depression and corrosion of the cutting edge of the surface has an adverse effect on the appearance of laser cutting machine. They appear in the general should avoid the cutting error; Finally, if the cutting makes the part heated rapidly, it will be deformed. This is especially important in fine workmanship, where the contours and tabs are usually only a few tenths of a millimeter wide. Controlling laser power and using short 500mw laser pointer pulses can reduce the risk of heat build-up and avoid distortion.

As said above, there are many manufacturers, the equipment sold out is very cheap, of course, with spare parts and machine tools are poor. Such manufacturers generally do not have a long-term strategic plan of sustainable development, there is no core technology. What they do is some low-end things, simple assembly is also OK, if they let them study some high-tech stuff, there is no professional talent, to give him the same configuration of components, they also create good equipment. In addition to a laser device, the machine tool is also important, the same laser, different manufacturers to make the device, and some can use for years without any major problems, but some day-to-day problems.

Laser Cooling Technology

The chemical lattice of graphene is induced to change by short laser pulses. The duration of a single laser pulse lasts only a few seconds and polar molecules in graphene produce a constant oscillation like water waves. The researchers found that during the oscillation, external molecules or desired compounds can be added to the graphene by cutting the graphene lattice. The spot of the green laser pointer light can be concentrated in a square with a side length of 1 μm or in a smaller area so that the entire addition process can be controlled with high precision.

When light is input to the node, the output of the laser working at the node threshold is modulated, and the output of the laser is fed back to the node, creating a feedback circuit with non-linear features. With regard to the extent to which this nonlinear behavior mimics neural behavior, researchers have demonstrated that its output is mathematically equivalent to a “continuous-time recurrent neural network.” Researchers used a network of 49 photon nodes to simulate the neural network and used it to solve the mathematical problems of differential equations. They found that this silicon photon neuromorphic chip can compare the arithmetic speed up 1960 times.

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Future advantages: the glass fiber manufacturing cost is low, the technology is mature and its optical fiber can be made of small and intensive advantages; glass fiber on the incident pump light does not require as strict crystal phase matching, which is due to The non-uniform broadening caused by the Stark splitting of the glass substrate results in a wide band of absorption; the glass material has a very low volumetric area ratio, fast heat dissipation and low loss, so the upconversion efficiency is high and the 500mw laser pointer threshold is low; Because rare earth ions are very rich in energy level and the types of rare earth ions as much.

Check the conductivity of circulating water. The purity of the cooling water laser cooling technology introduction is the key to ensure the laser output efficiency and the life of the laser condenser chamber. The conductivity of the recycled water should be checked weekly to ensure its conductivity. The internal circulation must be changed once a month Deionized water. At any time, observe the color change of the ion exchange column in the cooling system. If it is found that the color of the resin in the column becomes dark brown or even black, replace the resin immediately. Check and adjust the 200mw laser pointer resonator. Equipment operators can often use black like paper to check the laser output flare, once spot uneven or energy reduction and other phenomena, the laser cavity should be promptly adjusted to ensure the quality of the laser beam output.

With the continuous expansion of the automotive industry, many new technologies related to automobile manufacturing have entered the field of vision. Some new terms such as the application of laser tailor welded brackets to the bodywork, aluminum bodywork and continuous welding of bodywork have gradually become familiar to everyone. Tailor-made welding plate is the earliest by the domestic auto industry to introduce new technology, which does not reduce the body under the premise of a substantial reduction in body weight and reduce fuel consumption. However, the stamping process of 50mw laser pointer blanking the process of deep drawing of the cracking process has plagued the OEMs.

Analysis on the way of Adjusting Resistance

Potentiometer is used to adjust resistance: potentiometer is a component that can adjust and change the resistance value arbitrarily, but using potentiometer to adjust resistance is inefficient, the accuracy of resistance control is not easy to control, and the labor cost is large.

Laser trimming resistance substrate by cutting short pulse 10mw laser pointer scanning, the resistor paste layer by laser heating gasification, the formation of a certain depth of the notch, thus changing the conductive cross-sectional area of the resistor body and the conductive length reached to below the target resistance to allow the body repair resistance deviation range, suitable for rapid mass production resistance.

Sandblasting and resistance control: the resistance substrate is polished by spraying sand flow, so that the resistance slurry layer is worn, thus changing the conductive section area and the conductive length of the resistor body, and achieving the required resistance. Sand spray resistance is a conventional resistance adjustment scheme. The equipment price is low, but the precision of resistance adjustment is not easy to control, the speed is slow, and it is not easy to automate and batch production.

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The team uses a beam of laser to capture and move particles, and then controls the laser to create images. They take advantage of a near invisible light field to capture and move small particles and pass them through a space. When particles move, they are irradiated by red, green and blue 500mw laser pointer, and map the surface of the object to make it imaging. When the velocity of the particle moves fast enough, the three-dimensional stereoscopic image will be produced and the color gamut is large and the fineness is high. The speed is a little faster, and the objects in the image look like moving. This image can coexist with the entities in the same physical space and can be seen from any angle, which is not realized by the holographic technology at present.

The research team has developed so far the most delicate mirror — only one atom thick molybdenum selenide (MoSe2) thin section, the miracle of engineering will limit the physical world and a step forward. The researchers said that this thin mirror can be developed for the special sensor is very small, and the use of 50mw laser pointer information transmission computer chip.

Scientists have explained that if electrons collide with a proton or light particle in the atom, electrons will probably move from the low level orbitals to the high level orbitals, so that an electron hole pair will form in the electric field. When exposed to light at certain wavelengths, the electrons around MoSe2 are likely to jump. The electrons are negatively charged, while the protons in the nuclei are positively charged. Therefore, these electron hole pairs will draw positive charges from the proton, making the behavior of holes behave like particles. The electronically negative electrons in the vicinity attract these “false” particles and, in some cases, pair up to form a quantum mechanical object called excitons. These excitons themselves release light, interact with the incident light and send them back in the way they are incident. In this way, these MoSe2 slices can work like a mirror.

According to reports, the ultra-short ultra-short laser in the laboratory to create an unprecedented super-electromagnetic field, ultra-high energy density and ultra-fast time scale comprehensive extreme physical conditions in the desktop accelerator, ultrafast chemistry, attosecond science, materials Science, 200mw laser pointer fusion, nuclear physics and nuclear medicine, laboratory astrophysics and other fields have great application value.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine Detailed

Many people are not very understanding of the laser marking machine, it will not be clearly divided into what industries will be used, it is not clear their own industry will not be used, in fact, laser marking machine is widely used in terms of concept, useful Marking can be used to laser marking machine.

The so-called fiber green laser light marking machine is the type of marking machine using a fiber laser, fiber laser with small size (no water cooling device, the use of air-cooled), good beam quality (basic mode), maintenance-free features, mainly by the laser , Vibration lens, marking card composed of three parts, the use of fiber laser laser marking machine, the beam quality, the output center of 1064nm, the whole life of about 100,000 hours, relative to other types of laser marking life more Long, electro-optical conversion efficiency of 28% or more, relative to other types of laser marking machine 2% -10% conversion efficiency advantages, performance and other aspects of energy saving and environmental protection.

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Equipment Features: Can be a variety of metal, non-metallic materials for processing. Especially for high hardness, high melting point, brittle material marking even more advantages. Belongs to non-contact processing, does not damage the product, no tool wear, marking quality is good. 10mw laser pointer beam fine, processing material consumption is small, processing heat-affected zone small. High processing efficiency, using computer control, easy to automate.

Widely used in IC chips, computer accessories, industrial bearings, watches and clocks, electronic and communications products, aerospace components, all kinds of auto parts, household appliances, hardware tools, molds, wire and cable, food packaging, jewelry, tobacco and military affairs and many other Field graphics and text markup, as well as high volume production line assignments.

Future advantages: the glass fiber manufacturing cost is low, the technology is mature and its optical fiber can be made of small and intensive advantages; glass fiber on the incident pump light does not require as strict crystal phase matching, which is due to The non-uniform broadening caused by the Stark splitting of the glass substrate results in a wide band of absorption; the glass material has a very low volumetric area ratio, fast heat dissipation and low loss, so the upconversion efficiency is high and the 500mw laser pointer threshold is low; Because rare earth ions are very rich in energy level and the types of rare earth ions as much.

Tunability: Due to the wide range of rare earth ions and glass fiber fluorescence spectrum wider. Because there is no optical lens in the cavity of the fiber laser, it has advantages of adjustment-free, maintenance-free and high stability, which is unmatched by traditional lasers. Optical fiber export, making the laser can easily handle a variety of multi-dimensional space for any processing applications, the mechanical system design has become very simple. Competent for poor working conditions, dust, shock, shock, humidity, temperature has a high tolerance. No thermoelectric cooling and water cooling, just a simple air-cooled. High electro-optical efficiency: The comprehensive electro-optical efficiency is as high as 20% or more, which greatly saves power consumption during operation and saves operating costs. High-power, commercial fiber lasers are six kilowatts.

Non-contact welding, and the workpiece to be welded without physical contact, thermoplastic does not occur chemical reaction, can be operated in an industrial environment, suitable for health and safety needs of the medical and food industries. Medical industry is mainly used for injection systems, medical electronic equipment, a variety of artificial implants and stoma products. powerful laser beam shape and size can be controlled, so as to control the size of heat-affected zone and joint area, high flexibility and good flexibility. Not limited to the size and shape of the parts to be welded, to achieve two-dimensional or even three-dimensional welding, to provide a basis for diversified custom parts production.

Key Points of Laser Cutting Machine with Alloy Fiber

Fiber laser: it is the most important part of the optical fiber laser cutting machine, and it is the “power source” for the optical fiber laser cutting machine to realize the cutting operation. Compared with other types of laser pointer, fiber laser has the advantages of higher efficiency, longer service life, less maintenance, lower cost and so on.

Cutting head: the cutting head of a laser cutting machine is a laser output device, which is composed of a nozzle, a focusing lens and a focusing and tracking system. The cutting head of laser cutting machine will walk according to the set cutting path, but the height of laser cutting head needs adjusting control under different material, thickness and cutting mode.

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Servo motor: a servomotor is an engine that controls the operation of mechanical components in a servo system. It is a kind of auxiliary motor indirect transmission. The servo motor can make the control speed, the position precision is very accurate, the voltage signal can be converted to torque and speed to drive the control object. The high quality servo motor can effectively ensure the cutting precision, positioning speed and repeated positioning precision of the laser cutting machine.

Cold water machine: the cold water machine is the cooling device of the 500mw laser pointer cutting machine. It can quickly and efficiently cool the laser, spindle and other devices. The current chiller has the advanced functions of the input and output control equipment switch, the cooling water flow, the high and low temperature alarm, and the performance is more stable.

Gas supply system: the gas supply system of the optical fiber laser cutting machine mainly includes the gas source, the filter device and the pipeline. The gas source has two kinds of bottled gas and compressed air.

Host: the body of the laser cutting machine, the beam, the worktable, the Z axis system and so on are all known as the mainframe. When laser cutting machine cuts, it first puts the workpiece on the lathe bed, then uses the servo motor to drive the crossbeam to control the movement of the Z axis. Users can adjust the parameters according to their own needs.

Control system: mainly control machine tools to realize the movement of X, Y and Z axis, and also control the output power of the laser.

Steady voltage power supply: connected to the 10mw laser pointer, the CNC machine tool and the power supply system. It is mainly to prevent the interference from external power grid.

Fabric Laser Cutting Machine in the Textile Industry

As time goes on, people become more and more dissatisfied with the blandness of clothing, there is no characteristic, began to search for a kind of clothing produced by the creative machine, such a machine produced clothing must have a certain personality , which requires the help of laser equipment!

The continuous development of the times, blue laser technology is increasingly being used in all walks of life, clothing as a traditional labor-intensive industries are also accelerating the pace of technological innovation to adapt to the increasingly fierce international competition. Today, garment CAD technology is gradually being adopted by more and more enterprises, and achieved good results. Fabric laser cutting machine has also begun to gradually optimistic about the strength of the major companies. Its traditional equipment has incomparable advantages, specifically in the following two aspects.

First, cloth laser cutting machine can completely avoid the mistakes caused by manual cutting, improve accuracy. The traditional method to cut the film, if the cloth is thin, the amount of film can be implemented less, but if you encounter large quantities of clothing pieces of the task, this method is very easy to cause the upper and lower parts of the size of the error. Workers are most likely to encounter rework and patching problems during the first phase of cropping.

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As the error caused by the cutting will lead directly to the artificial wear and tear of the test piece and the repair piece, the delay of the time period, and even affect the process of sewing, quarantine, packing and so on, which are delayed, these invisible losses can not be calculated by concrete figures , The direct consequence of this is to extend the order manufacturing cycle. Fabric laser cutting machine can also avoid the manual operation of the cut pieces may cause damage, pollution and irregular edges of the pieces of small problems. For the management of the company, cloth high powered laser cutting machine equipment can use data to help control the work of the various sections of the enterprise.

Second, the fabric laser cutting machine is not only improved on the processing technology of cut pieces, but also can manage the initial discharge. Intuitive figures tell users that computerized discharges are bound to save more material than the discharge of the most experienced crews. These are laser cutting directly to help businesses maximize the use of the fabric, to avoid unnecessary waste.

In addition, because the use of automatic laser cutting system to manage the plate, the data stored by the computer to automatically arrange. We no longer have to spend time looking through the original nesting orders, just click on the computer keys to find the raw data you need, you can call or make changes directly.

Cloth green laser cutting machine applications so that companies no longer have a calculator to calculate how much fabric waste, or because of the delay in the project, how much more cost increase, the surface can be happily accounting save a few percent of the fabric, save the percentage A few of the manual consumption. At the same time, due to the completion of the project ahead of schedule, the production line can easily face another batch of orders, thereby enhancing the competitive edge.

Therefore, in the next few years, cloth laser cutting machine will be the same as garment CAD technology, become a new round of garment manufacturing technology innovation tool.

Large Pulsed Energy Fiber Lasers

Laser surface treatment technology refers to the interaction between the laser and the material to make the material surface of the desired physical and chemical changes, so as to achieve the improvement of its surface properties of a technology. It is the use of blue laser pointer beam fast and local heating materials to achieve local acute heat, melting or ablation, and can be handled in a variety of environments; by changing the laser source or laser parameters, can solve the different materials surface treatment process problem.
In recent years, with the continuous development of machinery manufacturing industry and industrial 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing proposed, with the corresponding laser surface treatment research and application also showed a rapid development trend, its processing object, process methods, application areas Also continue to expand into. Depending on the purpose of surface treatment, laser surface treatment is usually divided into: surface modification treatment (such as laser glaze, laser remelting, etc.) and removal processing (such as laser cleaning, etc).

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Laser cleaning as a laser surface treatment technology in recent years has also become increasingly widespread concern and rapid development. Laser cleaning mainly through the low power, high energy density pulsed red laser beam acting on the surface of the workpiece, so that the surface of the dirt, oxide, coating or coating heat generated instantaneous melting, ablation, evaporation or stripping, so as to achieve the workpiece Surface clean process. Laser cleaning is a dry cleaning, compared with the traditional mechanical and chemical cleaning methods, with a good cleaning effect, high control accuracy, no pollution to the environment, the basic damage to the matrix, are non-contact cleaning, etc., we can see, The cleaning process is a “green” cleaning process.

Compared with solid-state lasers and CO2 lasers, fiber lasers have the advantages of high electro-optical conversion efficiency, compact structure, stable performance, maintenance-free and easy integration. With the continuous breakthrough of fiber laser technology at home and abroad, the use of fiber laser laser cleaning equipment in the field of laser cleaning is gradually showing a good performance advantages and broad application prospects. The entire cleaning system consists of Feibo laser large pulse energy fiber laser, galvanometer scanning system, control system, workbench and related auxiliary equipment. The working method is: the astronomy laser pointerbeam emitted by the scanning mirror and field mirror after the role of the workpiece surface, while adjusting the relevant process parameters so that the workpiece surface to achieve or achieve the desired process results.

Laser cleaning is a complex process, including combustion gasification, thermal shock and thermal vibration, acoustic shattering and a series of complex chemical and physical effects, in which combustion gasification is the main factor. But in addition to the three main mechanisms, the process may also include photon pressure, laser soft ablation, plasma explosion and other mechanisms. Laser cleaning process is mainly affected by the laser type, laser power, cleaning speed, filling density and the number of cleaning and other factors, and these factors are mutual influence and interaction. The actual cleaning process according to the removal of layer material properties (such as rust degree, coating thickness) and other specific circumstances to meet the process requirements in line with the process parameters. The matching principle should be: fast and efficient, excellent cleaning effect.

The range of laser dehumidification is very extensive. Such as bridges, television towers, high-voltage transmission lines such as iron frame surface of the elevated building corrosion, galvanized sheet surface red rust, copper surface oxide layer. If the use of traditional methods of rust removal, the project is large and complex, and rust powder is not only harmful to the health of workers, but also seriously pollute the environment. The laser pen in this area but show their talents, you can quickly and easily remove the metal surface or corner of the corrosion, and also to prevent further oxidation. Laser rust as a new cleaning process, in the field of rust on the surface of carbon steel has a huge development prospects.

Laser deinterleaving as an efficient and efficient cleaning method, usually used in the field of macro industries. In the laser de-lacquer process, the laser acts on the paint coating, the paint coating in the pulse time to absorb the laser energy and convert it into heat so that the temperature of the paint in a very short period of time to achieve its gasification temperature in order to achieve the paint Effect. The use of laser to remove the surface of the object surface paint is an advanced paint removal process, compared with the traditional solvent system and sandblasting method, the laser paint does not cause environmental pollution, and the laser beam is easy to control, can get rid of the irregular surface Paint layer.

Laser large pulse energy fiber laser pointer can clean and treat the surface of a variety of materials, and show excellent and efficient process results; and compared to the current market for laser cleaning solid-state lasers with high efficiency of electro-optical conversion, compact structure, stable performance, maintenance-free, low cost advantages.

Analysis on Investment Strategy of Laser Processing

Laser processing advantages and alternative trends are obvious, the emerging application needs to support high performance growth.

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The new three-board laser business as a whole net profit nearly three years year-on-year growth of more than 40% in the new three board involved in the field of laser companies were sorted out, we found that the new three board red laser pointer business as a whole operating income and net profit to maintain high growth, Net profit since 2014 have maintained a growth rate of more than 40% in 2015 and even up to 91%, far more than the new three board mechanical plate overall growth rate. The two core drivers of future laser processing equipment are driven by the replacement of traditional processes and the emerging demand for downstream applications.

Laser processing market space is broad, the proportion of emerging applications accounted for significantly improved laser cutting equipment sales in 2015 about 6.6 billion, sales growth mainly from OLED panel cutting, 3D glass cutting and sapphire cutting and other fields; laser welding equipment sales The amount of about 2.27 billion yuan, metal frame welding, power battery welding and automotive lightweight areas such as pulling the equipment demand is a strong increase; laser marking and other laser equipment sales of about 11.9 billion yuan, the current downstream main The driving force is 3C equipment marking, OLED panel production annealing and 3D printing and other fields to stimulate the emerging application of green laser pointer equipment needs.

Laser Surface Amorphization

In this study, a cadmium sulfide (CdS) line with a diameter of 204 nm and a length of 15 μm was used as the core design of the optical cavity (Fig. 1). The high refractive index of the nanowires causes the incident light to have a high reflectivity factor at the end face and be guided by the nanowires. This arrangement forms the Fabry-Burrow cavity, which, when activated by an external light source, forms a laser. The laser wavelength thus formed depends on the refractive index around it. By measuring the wavelength of the most powerful laser output, the refractive index of the liquid immersed in the nanowires can be determined.

There are a variety of methods for surface nanocrystallization of materials. There are a large number of surface nanocrystallization technologies. It is a surface layer which can realize the nano-characteristics by means of laser surface treatment technology and nanometer technology. It can be collectively referred to as laser surface nanocrystallization technology; More generally referred to as laser nano-surface engineering technology, is directly or mainly the use of laser this specific technical means to directly change or add material to change the surface of the solid material is treated, the composition or structure, so that the formation of nano-crystal Grain or a certain nanoparticle composition of the surface layer. Or the use of laser etching, laser embossing, laser hair, laser micro-nano modeling and other means to achieve nano-structure on the surface of the material.

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In the 1970s, after the successful development of high-power lasers, blue laser pointer surface treatment technology into the practical application, and then the rapid development, there have been laser quenching (laser phase hardening surface modification technology), laser remelting, laser surface alloying, Laser cladding, laser surface amorphization and laser shock enhancement. These laser surface treatment technology through the surface of the material to form a certain thickness of the treatment layer to improve the mechanical properties of the material surface, metallurgical properties, physical properties, thereby enhancing the parts, the workpiece wear, corrosion resistance, fatigue and other properties. Laser due to high power density, good direction, energy transfer convenience, can be transmitted in a variety of transparent media and other characteristics.

Generally refers to the use of laser remelting, high-energy 300mw laser pointer surface melting and not add any other ingredients to the substrate surface rapid melting and solidification grain refinement, eliminate defects, reach the aim of improving the surface structure. Laser remelting as a kind of surface engineering technology, a large number of researchers have done related research work, pointed out that the research can significantly improve the surface hardness and corrosion resistance of the material and wear properties by laser remelting, but as the surface of nanometer technology is not clearly separate.

Steel Rust and Mold Decontamination

Shorter: laser output wavelengths cover shorter wavelengths, and short wavelength lasers have been widely used. Many advanced manufacturing processes require cold processing. For example, in smart phones, many times they need to be treated with short wavelengths and short pulses of ultraviolet yellow laser pointer. Short wavelength lasers have been widely used in surface labeling, semiconductor wafer fabrication, drilling and cutting. Faster and faster: pulse laser faster, ultrafast laser has achieved rapid development, already with a simpler structure, more convenient operation, lower cost and more stable performance, walked out of the laboratory and into industrial applications.

Laser welding: laser welding will be the first in the automotive manufacturing, high-speed trains and aircraft manufacturing, agricultural machinery and shipbuilding and other areas of the spread, it will be a future growth point. The development of lasers is moving in the direction of high intelligence, high power, high beam quality, high reliability, low cost and all solid state. Laser precision machining and microfabrication technology will be the focus of development, and its promotion and use in electronics, semiconductor, communications, optical storage, micromachine manufacturing, biology, environment and other industries will create unprecedented possibilities for traditional processing methods. Here, ultrafast lasers will grow rapidly as the precision machining and microfabrication markets expand.

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Laser cleaning: With the enhancement of environmental awareness, a variety of environmental cleaning technology came into being, high power laser cleaning technology is one of them. Laser cleaning using high-energy laser beam and the workpiece surface to remove the material interaction, the occurrence of instantaneous evaporation or stripping, without a variety of chemical cleaning agents, green pollution. Can be used to remove paint, oil, oxide, cleaning screw, rust, cleaning weld. Laser cleaning in the microelectronics, construction, nuclear power plants, automobile manufacturing, medical care, cultural relics protection, steel rust and mold decontamination, automobile manufacturing, construction and other fields have a huge market space.

The last two years, laser cutting complete sets of equipment in the Chinese market sales doubled. The application of fiber lasers in laser cutting systems has been increasing over the past two years, especially in medium power cutting systems. In the welding system, 60% of the laser welding equipment has been using fiber lasers, 65% of the equipment used in automobile manufacturing. The power of more than 3kW high-power system is also a steady increase in the number of red laser pointer cutting welding system is also toward the development of high power.

With the development of Chinese integrated circuits, the number of UV lasers used in printed circuit boards and microelectronics systems for consumer electronics products has increased significantly. At the same time, the application of biotechnology and medical equipment also provides a broad space for UV lasers. In 2016, UV lasers in the Chinese market to achieve explosive growth, sales over the previous year doubled to 7800 units.