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How to operate the construction waste crusher correctly?

How to operate the construction waste crusher correctly is the skill that the technical worker must master. First of all, to meet the requirements of the Construction Waste Crusher before the start of all inspections, in line with the following requirements, can start the construction waste crusher.

How to operate the construction waste crusher correctly?
(1) whether the bolts are tightened securely.
(2) the lubrication and cooling system shall comply with the design requirements and the relevant documents, all pipe valves should be flexible and reliable, no leakage phenomenon, the oil lubrication station to reach the required elevation, if in the winter, the lubricating oil is heated to 20 to 25 DEG C, check the flow and pressure of oil, gas and water the;
(3) the safety contact signal and safety protection device should be flexible and reliable, the interlocking is normal, and the instrument is displayed correctly;
(4) check whether the auxiliary equipment is installed, and whether it can work normally, the material should be unblocked after the mill is started;
(5) clean up the site and to exclude the impact of building obstacle garbage treatment equipment operation, open construction waste treatment equipment prohibited to stand on both sides.
(6) check whether the slow drive clutch is flexible and reliable. It should be in the disengaged position when not in use, and it can be reliably fixed;
(7) the motor must be in accordance with the requirements of the drawing (should be checked by motor rotation).

high efficiency and environmental sand making machine

There are a large number of abandoned tailings, slag heap every year in our country. Residues, tailings left in the processing and utilization of mineral resources after, contains two times using business opportunities. While China is a major mining country, a lot of good development and utilization of tailings accumulated over a long period of time, can be turning waste into treasure, and can effectively alleviate the pressure on resources and environment.

The sand making machine, high efficiency and environmental protection play sand machine, sand making machine, the third generation of PCL impact type system sand machine is the present most tailing sand making equipment widely. In the engineering construction field, play sand, new sand making machine is mechanism sand, cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate ideal production equipment. Play sand machine widely used in all kinds of ores, cement, refractories, aluminum every soil clinker, carborundum, glass raw materials, mechanism building sand, stone and various metallurgical slag; for highway, construction and other fields, new sand making machine, crushing machine, using material in high speed motion between mutually by crushing and material friction. Crushing, so suitable for extra hard, medium hard and abrasive material crushing and fine crushing work.

The utilization of tailings production of construction, highway, railway and other projects with aggregate, tailings recycling is one of the best choice. Not only can solve the supply situation the aggregate market, also can make the waste tailings be handled effectively, create new economic growth point. Utilization of tailings sand, sand making machine equipment selection is the key, we offers you the tailings sand making equipment type variety, variety.

New sand making machine has high chromium plate hammer structure unique, the wear resistance of wearing parts of the equipment are greatly improved; the unique counterattack lining board hard rock crusher, inertial impact balance device is unique, unique hydraulic and pneumatic device, so that the sand making machine equipment maintenance more convenient; lubrication oil dilute the maintenance device the sand processing equipment 24 hours error free running advanced, more safety and high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. Widely used in granite, Xuan Wuyan, cement clinker, quartz stone, sand, iron ore, iron ore, bauxite and other raw materials in particular cobble, fine, is currently the most advanced equipment of artificial sand making machine.

What are the factors affecting the production efficiency of ore milling equipment?

Ore milling equipment in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and other fields of mineral products grinding processing has a wide range of applications. According to the fineness of the grinding plastic and the fineness of the discharge material, the ore milling equipment can be divided into many kinds, such as Raymond mill, superfine grinding equipment, trapezoidal grinding, etc.. The production efficiency of ore milling equipment directly affects the profits of the factory, and it must pay more attention to the factors that affect the production efficiency of the ore milling equipment. With you to discuss the factors affecting the production efficiency of ore milling equipment what are the factors?

Material hardness
Material hardness is an important factor affecting the production efficiency of ore milling equipment. The harder the material is, the harder it is to process, and the more severe the equipment wears. When the material hardness is high, the grinding speed of the ore milling equipment is very slow, the grinding capacity is small, and the production efficiency is low. Therefore, in the daily use of equipment, should be strictly in accordance with the use of ore milling equipment instructions, grinding materials suitable for hardness.

Material humidity
Each type of grinding equipment for material moisture requirements are not the same, but no matter what kind of equipment, its production efficiency will be affected by water content to a great extent. When the water content of the material is high, the material is easy to adhere in the ore milling equipment, and it is easy to block in the process of feeding and conveying, resulting in the reduction of milling capacity of ore milling equipment and the reduction of production efficiency. At the same time, it will block the circulating air duct and the discharge port of the analysis machine, so it is necessary to control the moisture content of the material, and the water content of the material can be controlled by drying operation before the production.

silica sand making machine development in the future

New silica sand making machine production design advanced, especially suitable for quartz, quartz stone, quartz sand and glass broken fine sand. At present in glass, ceramics, cement and other industries crushing fine sand preferred. In recent years, with the development of industries such as glass, quartz sand, quartz sand making machine equipment requirements are increasingly high, efficient environmental protection energy-saving multi use of one machine sand making equipment more favored by the market. System sand machine is also gradually diversified.

Model silica sand making machine is used for professional quartz stone, sandstone, quartz, silica sand crushing crushing system. Silica sand making machine has advanced design, is currently the most advanced one of the sand making machine is efficient, the sand making machine type variety, large processing quantity.

A small particle size, particle type uniform, large capacity, long life, power of small hammer, three broken for the two stage crushing, process simplification, simple structure, convenient repair, stable and so. Widely used in a variety of medium hardness of fine solid material, in cement industry, limestone, gypsum, clinker crushing, mixing materials etc.. Also can be finely calcium phosphide, dolomite, perlite ore etc.. Can be widely used in the industrial sector of building materials, chemical fertilizer, mining and refractory materials. silica sand making machine international quality certification, to provide full installation guide and the 1 year warranty and after sale service preferential. The silica sand making machine produced quartz sand size adjustable, the effect is very good. Mines silica sand making machine equipment is a variety of quartz sand production line, the core equipment of glass sand production line, is to promote the development of quartz sand and glass raw materials processing industry awesome assistant.

Raymond Mill escort for non-metallic mineral powder

Excellent performance in the coal mining of Raymond mill process in the good market effect, with the application of coal gangue project, Raymond mill grinding equipment of mine become the meat and potatoes again, make a contribution to the development of coal processing industry. The coal gangue crushed by Raymond mill has been successfully used in the production of cement, concrete, new wall, coal gangue sintered brick and other building materials. The economic value of coal gangue has jumped thousands of miles.
Material analysis of coal gangue
Coal gangue is a kind of solid waste discharged from coal mining and coal washing, and it is a black and gray rock with low carbon content. Experts said that coal gangue is misplaced resources, has a high recycling value. As a professional manufacturer of crushing and milling equipment in China, the goal of R & D team is to achieve a win-win situation of economic benefits and environmental protection of coal gangue.
Coal gangue milling equipment
Flour milling equipment is introduced many kinds of models, customers can determine the relevant parameters of mill according to the scale of production and material properties, and then determine the specific program of coal gangue milling production line. The grinding roller device is installed under the plum blossom frame of the Raymond mill, and the roller rotates around the vertical axis on the premise of the rotation of the mill itself. Under the drive of centrifugal force, the extrusion of the material is formed along with the grinding ring when the roller is swinging outward. Raymond grinding roll of coal gangue rolling can achieve finished material production more uniform, higher degree of satisfaction of building materials product quality standard of coal gangue.
Raymond Mill escort for non-metallic mineral powder
Through the performance of Raymond Mill in the production of coal gangue powder, we found that the equipment not only has high production efficiency, fineness of finished products is good, but more importantly, its application range is very extensive. Mohs hardness below level seven, humidity below 6% in a variety of non flammable and explosive materials, such as coal gangue, fly ash, slag, steel slag, slag, iron ore, limestone, barite, talc, kaolin, bentonite, bauxite and so can be used to select the Raymond Mill powder classification. Because of its high fineness, it can be adjusted freely between 1.2-4.6mm, so it is the most ideal equipment for non metallic ore milling.

The installation characteristics of ore milling equipment

A good machine is very important for the users of the mine milling equipment. A good machine can perform very well at work, ensuring the user’s production. However, good ore milling equipment should ensure the safety and stability of the installation process, so that the performance of the machine can be guaranteed.

In the mining machinery industry, not only to buy the cheap production line, but also to the foundation of the production workshop and do detailed planning, the advantages of the ball mill equipment is emphasized by the modular design technology, it makes the production can be guaranteed. When installing, the workshop and foundation should be carried out according to the basic drawing of the equipment for grinding equipment in the mine. The size of the workshop and the foundation should be enough height, and the installation position should be found well. The basis of the mill should be high standard cement, and to bury the steel bar, in order to pour the foundation, and then the line pipe buried or cable trench excavation and other projects.

For the milling machine manufacturing, we have made unremitting efforts, and finally produced a type of mine milling equipment powder. According to module design sebang through the milling equipment for grinding roller, rocker arm, column and hydraulic pneumatic spring system, in order to effectively control the quality and volume of single roller, reduce operating noise, improve the reliability of equipment operation. In the selection of materials to conduct a comprehensive inspection and trial procurement, and need to be measured by engineers to ensure that the steel batch of steel uniform quality and other processes; in the design, we are in accordance with the actual operation of users simple degree.

However, the ground treatment of the mill needs to be carried out by professionals to ensure the safety of the project. It should be equipped with 2~3 ton lifting tools for the installation and maintenance of mine ore milling equipment. In the cement foundation after pouring, must have 15 days of maintenance period. Due to the poor working environment of milling equipment, often accompanied by a large number of dust, therefore, its accessories for lubricating oil rust, corrosion resistance, anti emulsification performance requirements are high, then, users should do a good job of protection.

Mine ore milling equipment in many mines crushing equipment is sacred, and its technical advantages have been appreciated and recognized by the masses, I believe it will provide users with very satisfactory use effect.

sand making machine meet our requirement to the greatest extent 

With the development of the mining machinery, new technology has improved the whole craft of mining industry to some extent. Sand making machinery is the key equipment to the mining processing industry. Sand making machine can be used in the coarse crushing process, secondary crushing process and fine crushing process of the ore and tailing. With the improvement of product performance, the sand making machinery will meet our requirement to the greatest extent.

1. The maintenance should be right. We can say that the excessive maintenance cannot bring us the best effect. With years of production experience, the expert from suggests that the sand making machinery should be maintained properly. The quick wear parts should be changed every three months.

2. Rightly use the lubricant. When the gear rotation of sand making machinery appears the hysteresis phenomenon and fever phenomenon, we should add the lubricant to the machine to reduce the abrasion of the parts.

3. Notice the working strength of machine. To the sand making machinery, this is the most important thing.

4. Notice the environment which will affect the sand making machinery. The rain and sand wind will have bad influence on the parts of the machine.

Raymond mill is important in grinding production line 

Raymond mill is the most commonly used grinding equipment in the market, it makes the material into finished product, and it is a leader in the grinding production line. After the materials are crushed to the desired particle size, the elevator send it into the storage hopper, and then vibrating feeder continuously puts it into the Raymond mill chamber, due to the effects of centrifugal force, the roller swings outward and pressed on the grinding ring, the shovel puts material into grinding roller and grinding ring, because of rolling of the roller, the whole grinding process could be achieved.

Raymond mill plays a key role in grinding production line
In the design of large industrial milling process, after the production scale and product structure are basically determined, how to reasonable allocation grinding mill, it will directly affect the design of milling system, process effectiveness and economic efficiency. Output is an important index in the design of milling process, grinding mill is related with the model of milling machine, the choice of the machinery, and the size of investment. The mill is the core equipment in the milling process; the grinding effect is related to the flour yield, output quality and other economic technical indicators. Now most of the milling processes select type and quantity according to the production.

Raymond mill is essential in the grinding production line, we should be careful in selecting Raymond mill. We should reasonably determine mill type and quantity; it can make a more rational design of industrial milling process. Our grinding mill manufacturer have been walking in the mill powder forefront on science and technology, our company is the earliest importer of foreign advanced technology in developing ball mill, Raymond mill, high pressure micro-powder grinder, etc. and now it has completely independent R&D hyper pressure v type grinder, European version Raymond mill, and it has been pushing the Chinese mill technology to the world technological frontier.

How to increase the output of construction waste crusher ?

Construction waste crusher is a new energy saving and efficient crushing equipment. It is widely used in building materials, railways, mines and other industries. It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, large production capacity, uniform crushing granularity and so on.

How to improve the output of construction waste crusher ?
1. Suitable equipment model
Different customers on material production requirements and crushing degree are different, such as the choice of the type of inconsistent not only affects the production capacity, will accelerate the wear of equipment, reduce equipment life, so users of the material crushing equipment should be appropriate to choose the type of.

2. sufficient material resources
When the material is broken, the material should be sufficient. If the material is insufficient, it will not only affect the progress of production, but also have a certain impact on the output.

3. Regular maintenance and repair
For the construction of garbage back breaking and maintenance do regularly is the key equipment in normal operation, not only can effectively increase the service life of the equipment, but also can improve the production capacity of equipment, increase the yield of the equipment.

4. the reasonable layout of the installation base
In the construction of garbage back breaking installation should choose the place flat and broad, because no matter which production process is composed by a group of equipment, and these devices only be fixed firmly and reasonable layout to realize the production yield more.

Environmental protection construction waste production line

Sand making industry as an important support for construction, infrastructure construction and other projects, to provide an endless stream of high-quality aggregate, but also pay attention to the pollution problem in the process of making sand. At present, the environmental protection Construction Waste Crusher on the market has become a heavy equipment of the green sand production line.

Environmental protection construction waste crusher has high efficiency and strong functionality, not only can produce high-quality sand aggregate, but also can crush other materials. Environmental protection construction garbage crusher can not only effectively improve the unit capacity of sand and gravel production line, but also can be used in one machine, which has high economic and social benefits.

Environmental protection Construction Waste Crusher market price is affected by many factors, such as construction waste crushing machine manufacturers in nature, production cost and process cost, with construction waste crusher manufacturers, a direct construction waste crushing machine manufacturers, another to sell the building garbage crusher manufacturers. Construction waste crushing machine factory direct construction waste crushing machine is sold directly to the user, there is no profit, so the construction of garbage crusher price is low; and the agent is mainly to make the difference for the purpose, but also some agency fees, rental fees and other additional costs, the corresponding construction waste crusher price high. Therefore, the market price of construction waste crusher is not clear, requiring users to specific construction waste crusher manufacturers advisory.