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Vibrating Screen With High-efficiency Production

Vibrating screen is a new type of vibrating screen with circular vibration, multi-layers and high efficiency. Vibrating screen adopts cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and partial block to adjust the amplitude. The material sieve has long running line and many sieving specifications. It has the characteristics of reliable structure, strong exciting force, high sieving efficiency, low vibration noise, durability, convenient maintenance and safe use. It is widely used in mines, building materials, energy, chemical industry and transportation. Classification of products in Tong and other industries.

vibrating screens

Material moves circularly on the screen surface and is used for product classification in coal, metallurgy, mining and other departments. The screen has strong processing capacity, high screening efficiency, reasonable technical parameters, high structural strength and stiffness, reliable operation, low noise and convenient maintenance.

1. Long life, not easy to plug holes:
Vibrating screen adopts spring steel braided screen mesh or punched screen plate, which has long service life, strong vibration of screen box and is not easy to plug holes.

2. Screening efficiency is high:
The structure is novel, the technical parameters are advanced, the processing capacity is large, and the screening efficiency is high.

3. Easy maintenance:
Vibrating screen adopts cylindrical eccentric shaft vibrator and eccentric block to adjust the amplitude, which is convenient for maintenance.

4. High-efficiency production:
Vibrating screen can ensure long-term and efficient production, which saves equipment operating costs and improves production capacity.

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Structure and Application Scope of Grinding Mill

Grinding plant, also called high pressure grinding mill, is the newest machine developed through years of R&D based on the processing experience of fine powder. We have a variety of grinding mills, including MTW Trapezium Mill, Ball Mill, Vertical Roller mill, SCM Ultrafine Mill and so on. You can choose the right equipment according to your different needs. The output has been improved by 10-20%, which lets the grinding plant industry reach the international level.

Structure of Grinding Mill

Grinding mill is made up of main body, high tension spring, analytical engine, cyclone powder collector, dirt catcher and air duct. The complete production line can be formed with crusher, elevator, storage bin, electromagnetic vibration feeder and electric control cabinet according to different production requirements. The special set is installed inside the raymond grinding mill. The product granularity can be adjusted within 30-1000mm.

The Application Scope of Milling Equipment

These grinding mills can be used to grind the materials with Moh’s hardness less than 9.3 and humidity below 6% in industries such as mines, metallurgy, chemical and building material. It is applicable for the grinding various natural sand, metal ores, non-metallic ore, compound fertilizer and thermal insulation.

1. Good sealing performance

2. Fine dust extraction effects

3. Small dust discharging

4. Low energy consumption

5. Long replacement period

Daily Maintenance of Portable Crusher

Portable stone crusher is mainly used for material processing of metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower and other materials that often need to be relocated, especially for the operation of portable stone such as expressway, railway, hydropower projects, so as to create more new business opportunities for customers and reduce production costs. Portable stone crusher has the characteristics of reasonable matching of crushing equipment at all levels, smooth discharge of whole line flow, reliable operation, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy saving. Especially, it has good mobility, can extend with the raw material or construction site, and can be combined in many ways to meet the needs of different materials.

Daily Maintenance of Portable Crusher

Maintenance of portable crusher is the concern of many users, because only careful maintenance can effectively prolong the service life of equipment, and thus create more considerable economic value for users.

(1) Equipment should be lubricated according to technological standards, and when selecting the type of lubricating oil, the specified type of lubricating oil should be used, especially in terms of type and dosage.

(2) It is necessary to tighten the parts which are easy to loosen in time so as to effectively avoid more damage to the equipment. To a certain extent, the vulnerable parts also affect the efficiency of the equipment, and more attention should be paid to the maintenance process.

(3) If there is too much noise or vibration in the production process, stop check, noise is often the prelude to the failure, to avoid greater damage, to conduct a comprehensive inspection of such phenomena.

vibrating screening technology in mineral processing

We all know the importance of mineral processing equipment screening technology, auxiliary processing equipment is more important, the vibrating screen main role is to and breaking and grinding process are combined, the beneficiation of mineral processing equipment quality and efficiency have direct effect.


Screening process of mineral processing equipment is mainly divided into check screening and preliminary screening, the specific details are as follows: the role of their pre screening: the use of combined crushing process this process mainly and mineral processing equipment, the main role is to raw ore screening, if the size of the original ore at the fine crushing requirements directly from the conveyor to the crusher for crushing, not in the crushing process of coarse broken.

This improves the efficiency of crushing, improves the overall yield of mineral processing equipment. Check screening: the screening technology and grinding process combination, and the composition of the circular flow. We called this kind of screening technology for fine, its main function is to inspect the equipment after the grinding ore, for not to meet the requirements of the ore will be transported to the ball mill for grinding, screening technology can ensure the check the grinding quality, but also improve the quality of subsequent choose don’t process efficiency and concentrate ore. Different screening technology of mineral processing equipment in the role of explanation.

mobile crusher with high efficiency & low price

Mobile stone crusher with diesel engine model breaks the traditional stone washing principle, adjusted in many aspects, the rotation is completely isolated from the water, sand, Mobile Crusher with diesel engine , in the production, to maximize the reduction of the direct contact of the equipment, so as to achieve high efficiency, less failure, the domestic market is a good choice.

In the model of mobile stone crusher with diesel engine on the market before without the concern of everyone, new equipment, immediately aroused the comprehensive development of the market, and has made great contributions to the construction market, our enterprise for social construction industry, make great efforts, not only such enterprises will join the business for enterprises to make further development for , the new mobile stone crusher with diesel engine to monopolize the market, do good project.

We’re a large crusher manufacturers in production, in the development and production of new products in the continuously lead the domestic crusher industry trend, especially the Quarry crusher the most common crusher unique experience. In the mobile crusher plant manufacturing is mainly based on energy saving and environmental protection is to point to, the development of the times, through continuous research to produce a new type high-efficient crusher counterattack. Strike back type mobile crusher plant in india application field is very wide, such as in mines, railways, cement, chemical and construction industries, new counter – production of crusher is mainly using the new production technology, processing and manufacturing equipment of a cube, and no tension and crack, grain shape control is very good.

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How to better configure the stone production line?

In the configuration of a full set of stone production line, should try to use the same specifications of stone crusher machine, in order to simplify the model, convenient maintenance, convenient operation and reliable work, try to use, saving investment, energy consumption and other consumption is low, and the device can reduce the cost of operation and management, according to the production capacity and product size meet the technical and quality requirements. And can adapt to the change of concrete gradation.

Crushing equipment
The 1. level is broken, recommend the use of jaw crusher, the crushing compressive strength is not more than 320Mpa materials, the machine has high crushing ratio, high yield and product size are cubes, the machine has simple structure, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and replacement parts, jaw plate of long service life, operating costs and economic characteristics.

2. two grade is broken, two-grade breakage selected 3 impact crusher, used to deal with the pre-screening, > 80mm and some superfluous 80~40mm particle size of the super large stone and large stone. A single amount is 224t/h, the models in the Longtan Dafaping and other artificial aggregate processing system using mature experience, equipment of high yield, stable performance, it is suitable for the characteristics of this project.

3. ultra fine crushing, vertical shaft breaking sand workshop treatment amount of 377.74t/h, ultra-fine crushing selection of 2 shaft type crusher, used for sand making. A single amount is 235~265t/h, the models and other artificial aggregate processing system using mature experience, equipment of high yield, stable performance, it is suitable for the characteristics of this project.

Screening equipment
Can choose the circular vibrating screen , single processing capacity is 250~780t/h; the circular vibrating screen screening workshop 2, single processing capacity of 144~1320t/h; screening by circular vibrating screen 2, single processing capacity of 172~1584t/h equipment; high yield, good classification effect, stable performance, can meet the production requirements of processing workshop.

Stone washing equipment
The spiral stone washing machine, used in the treatment of the soil is less than or equal to 40mm in the mixture of semi-finished products in. The single machine processing capability is 170t/h. The equipment has high production, good sludge removal effect, and stable performance, and can meet the requirements of daily processing quantity.

Cone Crusher Price in Tailings Processing

Cone crusher is an important crushing equipment. It can be seen in concentrator, cement plant, steel plant and other industries. It has remarkable effect in crushing hard rock, ore and slag. Our CS spring cone crusher is an efficient crushing equipment. Cone crusher is caused by frame and adjusting device. The crushing cone, eccentric sleeve and other components can crush, crush and fine the stone.

As the consumption of ore resources is greatly increased, the contradiction between supply and demand of mineral resources is aggravated and the price of the international mineral products is rising, the maximum utilization of resources can be used again, and the available resources in the tailings can be reused again.

In addition, the reuse of tailings can realize the development of recycling economy and the construction of resource-saving enterprises, and the technological transformation and innovation of the cone crusher can make the best use of the tailings resources, make the resources in the tailings comprehensive utilization to reduce the waste of resources and reduce the storage of tailings.

SBM Crushers:

Structural Design of Mobile Crusher

From the first generation of mobile crusher to break the traditional pattern of trade, the original process design to the fourth generation K series mobile crushing station,  with generations of technology upgrade perfect interpretation of the innovative connotation, so our machine is rapidly becoming a global industry leader in the field of mining crusher.

In today’s mining crushing, construction waste disposal areas, K series mobile crusher is With years of experience, combined with the needs of users of new mobile crushing equipment developed and compared to conventional mobile crushing plant, K series mobile crushing station has been many innovation meter.

Original mobile body support means
In transit, it can automatically put away, in favor of transport; stationed in the work area, a simple flat ground can be put into operation, save a lot of time infrastructure, and related materials costs and labor costs. The device ensures that users can always demand for mobile devices based on production, rapid transitions.

The first use of car painting process
In order to solve the conventional mobile station can not use the body severe corrosion problems, K series of mobile station for the first time introduced the car painting process, not only the film fullness, good adhesion, high gloss, high hardness, but also has excellent mechanical properties, very good gloss retention, weatherability, abrasion resistance and good corrosion resistance. This process can greatly extend the life of the mobile station.

Special feeder devices
Using a special feeder apparatus grate structure, the width of the gap after re-optimized, pre-screening more efficient, able to flow into the host material diversion and to raise the handling capacity and increase production capacity.

SBM Crusher:

The main features of artificial sand making

Produced sand production plant comprises a vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen and belt conveyor and other mining crushing equipment. According to different process requirements, various types of mining equipment can be combined to meet different customer process requirements.

Now most of the artificial sand is medium, coarse sand, fineness modulus is 2.6-3.6 cloudy, adjustable uniform particle size distribution, with a certain amount of powder, rough surface, sharp edges.

By artificial sand is made of high-strength concrete pumping without clogging the pump during pumping. The right to use sand concrete with large density, impermeability, good freezing resistance property, other physical characteristics and long-term durability can use to meet the design requirements.

Sand is particularly suitable for high-strength concrete, the preparation of high performance concrete and pumping concrete.

First, the stone was broken primary crusher equipment such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, and then the coarse sand by belt conveyor to the second crusher cone crusher for further crushing delivery. Then, small stones can break through the vibrating screen screening on two main beach A can be transported to Sand, the other will be crushed again.

After small stones into the sand making artificial sand, sand washer (optional) to clean, and finally made artificial sand.

Vertical shaft impact crusher for feed size requiring primary and secondary crushing crushing is necessary. Vertical shaft impact crusher with high energy and water is necessary for the production of artificial sand, which the customer should keep in mind.

Characteristics of Mobile Crusher Machine

Mobile crusher is an efficient crushing equipment, which adopts self-driving mode, advanced technology and complete functions. Under any topographic conditions, the equipment can reach any position of the working site. This Mobile Crusher can reduce the handling of materials, and facilitate the coordination of all auxiliary machinery and equipment. Through wireless remote control, the crusher can be easily driven to the trailer and transported to the operation site.

Since there is no need for assembly time, the equipment can be put into operation as soon as it arrives at the site. The crushing ratio of mobile crushing station is large, and its optimum design can meet the most needed technical characteristics of crusher, with high productivity and uniform granularity of finished materials.

Characteristics of Mobile Crusher:

1. Mobile screening and crushing equipment has the advantages of light weight, small volume, and is especially suitable for working in narrow sites.

2. Convenient transportation, no damage to the road surface, equipped with multi-functional fittings, a wide range of adaptability;

3. Typical multi-functional engineering machinery products with integration of gathering machine, electronics and hydraulics. Its structure is compact and the size of the whole machine is large, medium and small.

4. The whole machine is driven by all wheels. It can realize in-situ steering, standard configuration and quick change device. It has perfect safety protection function and is especially suitable for narrow and complex areas.

5. The movable screening equipment adopts the main structure of double-layer screening machine and has excellent mesh screening channel. It can stand freely without support.

6. The fuel saving rate is as high as 25%. The feeding screening method not only meets the needs of environmental protection, but also saves costs.

7. Random incidental power set-optimal design.

8. It can climb the slope to meet the breakage requirements of mines, hydropower stations, coal mines and other projects.