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Nike Shox Gravity new color debut

SHOX air column cushioning technology has returned to this year, with a new technology experience, creating a new shoe type Nike Shox Gravity. The new Nike Shox Gravity color palette is a cool, low-key, dark-skinned body with a bright red air column. Cheap Nike Sneakers Wholesale offers great discounts to some customers.

Nike Shox, a cushioning technology concept for applied mechanical engineering, was introduced in 1984. Although it took nearly 20 years for Nike to realize it, the Nike Shox R4 and Nike Shox BB4 shoes that were launched in 2000. The model can be described by the wind, the signature shape of the foam cushioning column and the slam dunk of Vince Carter in the 2000 Olympic Games can be said to have made Shox technology not forgotten. Nike Shox Discount will really make people unexpected.

Nike Shox Gravity new color debut
Nike Shox Gravity new color debut

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Beluga” for the Chinese new year 2019

Sports shoes are considered to be men’s favorite shoes, it is not only comfortable to wear, it is also very fashionable, versatile and comfortable experience, sports shoes have a huge follower. Now people’s living standards have improved, no longer satisfied with the most basic needs, many people like shoes, become a shoe collector, no matter which one you are, you can be comfortable.

Collaboration between brands is very common. This shoe is the renewed frontier of adidas originals and the Japanese pioneer fashion brand white Mountaineering. Because both sides have diverse genes, there are long-term cooperation plans after 15 years. And the series of repercussions launched are good. This pair of shoes continues the functional cut, the classic Boston super and Seeulater Alledo joined, equipped with Primeknit material, the details can be seen with full of sincerity.

This shoe should be a hotter season, since the popularity has been hot, the exposure of this pair of shoes is not the first time, and may meet you in January. Its color is very low-key, with orange accents and its zebra texture, it is more refined and energetic.


Nike Air Fear of God 1 for chinese new year 2019

At the end of this year, in addition to the classic replicas that must be bought, I am afraid that everyone is most concerned about this Nike Air Fear of God 1. Previously, many NBA stars showed up on the feet, making this very high-quality sneakers the ultimate expectation of many players.

The sole is equipped with a full palm + heel double-layer Zoom cushioning. From the heel window, you can see an extra-thick Zoom air cushion. The luxury of the foot feels imaginable. In addition to this, the support system at the upper ensures safety and a special last is designed for better comfort.
Regardless of design, materials or technology, the Nike Air Fear of God 1 is extremely high-quality and worthy of being listed as the most anticipated shoe this year.


Nike Air Vapormax for the 2018 Chinese New Year

At the time, I was completely flashed. I called Nike directly and asked them to send a pair of Vapormax.” Ned Lampert, the creative director responsible for the project, recalled the details of the cooperation. “They immediately said, then do it! Two hours later, I contacted the hot air balloon pilot and bought him a ticket. ”

The promotion of this „Vapormax“ is also in line with Nike’s biggest marketing campaign, Air Max Day, another festival created by another brand.

This year is just the 30th anniversary of the birth of „Air Max“ shoes. Nike has found many celebrities around the world to promote „Air Max“. For example, in the Chinese market, they invited Wang Junkai from the TFboys group to visit Nike’s global headquarters, and customized a pair of air-cushion shoes for him, which caused heated discussion on the Internet. They also invited fans such as Li Yuchun and Quan Zhilong to have a huge base of stars and football. Star Neymar et al. filmed a video for Air Max Day.


NIKE ZOOM FLY FLYKNIT will be available soon

Imagine a pair of running shoes combined with the comfort of Nike React foam, excellent energy feedback and breathable support from the feathery Nike Flyknit upper, coupled with „sneakers“ Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% of the same full palm carbon fiber board – will it create a pair of fast, durable running shoes for the race day and rhythm? And the new Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit is such a pair of running shoes:

The Nike Zoom Fly running shoes are now equipped with the Nike Flyknit upper. The Nike Flyknit upper is made of fusible yarn, which ensures the overall lightness of the shoes while creating the structure and support.

Compared to the Nike Zoom Fly running shoes, the Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit running shoes are paired with Nike React foam for a softer, more resilient and durable running experience.

The built-in carbon fiber nylon board has been replaced by a full palm carbon fiber board, which is the same as the carbon fiber board in the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% running shoe, providing forward propulsion for each step of the run, while also reducing long-distance running to the calf The pressure brought.

Similar to the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% Flyknit running shoe, the high wear-resistant rubber of the Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit heel provides excellent friction while providing excellent footing for long-distance running. Buffer protection.

NIKE ZOOM FLY FLYKNIT will be available soon