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Countermeasures for running fault of counterattack crusher

The quality of the 1 plate hammer bolts is poor, because the quality of the bolts is poor, often loosening and breaking, causing the hammer to loose, fall off or break.

The quality of the 2. plate hammer is made of the high manganese steel, which is seen from the fracture, and the pores and even holes are visible, and the structure is larger, and the quality of the casting and heat treatment is poor.

3. improper use and maintenance, because the plate hammer is often broken, the operator’s workload is larger and the labor intensity is larger. Therefore, after the new board hammer is installed, it is lazy to stop the machine to check, so that the loosening of the bolt can not be fastened in time.


(1) remanufacture the bolt mold, so that the elliptical head of the bolt and the contact surface of the screw hole of the board can be in good contact. At the same time, the thickness of the screw thread teeth is controlled in the size allowance, and the unloading groove is processed to prevent the stress concentration from breaking.

(2) in view of the quality problem of plate hammer, our factory used the plate hammer of the original crusher factory, basically met the quality requirement.

(3) strengthen the management of use and maintenance. First, when the plate hammer is installed, the plate hammer hole and the sands and burrs of the slot must be removed to make the connection smooth. Secondly, when the fastening plate is bolt, the ellipsoid head should be hammered by the fastening edge; then, the bolt fastening situation should be checked in time for about half an hour after operation, and then the nut and the thread are welded to prevent loosening.

Four major models of mining machinery crusher.

In industrial production, the crusher is widely used, many varieties, but the most commonly used crushing equipment called these four kinds of equipment. The four series of jaw crusher, cone crusher, counterattack crusher and impact crusher. The four crusher is a typical example of the crusher. This crusher basically can meet all kinds of sand production, stone crushing, and making and milling needs. Next, SBM will analyze the different characteristics of the four crushers in detail for you.

First, jaw crusher is often used in coarse crushing equipment, can also be used in medium, large intake, simple principle, very wide reference. But it is extruded and broken, and there are many needle flakes. Therefore, in the production of stone, the jaw crusher cannot be used as the final molding equipment.

Two, cone crusher is an efficient crusher equipment, is also commonly used equipment in stone production, cone crusher is a combination of extrusion, splitting, collision equipment, material forming lamination, so it is broken than lamination. There will be a certain amount of needle-like production, but much less than the jaw crusher. Cone crusher has a long life, stable operation, environmental protection, energy saving, high production efficiency and convenient maintenance. Because of these advantages, the overall price of cone crusher will be higher than that of other crushers.

Three, counter crushers rely on plate hammer and counterattack plate to crash impact on materials. The lowest content of needle flake is the most suitable for the production of standard coarse aggregate, but the crusher is bigger in crushing and hard material than in other crushing crushers.

Four, impact crusher, impact crusher is mainly used for making full use of sand, rock stone, stone timber wolves, high production efficiency, the mechanism of sand like sand smooth, and more slender, when needed can produce a sand powder.

SBM has rich experience in the design of gravel equipment and sand production line. Combined with the excellent performance-price ratio of our crusher, it has laid an impact on our sand and stone equipment industry. Our company’s lithotripsy line has the lowest price. The technical personnel can be very good at the grain type produced by each equipment, and the designed production line can make the customer satisfied with the output and shape.

High technology is the key to the production of high-efficiency conical crusher

Science and technology to create the future, with high technology will develop more quickly, to produce highly efficient crusher high technology is the key. With the rapid development of society, people have higher pursuit, so there are a number of inventions, the human society becomes more rapid, of course, is a high-tech factor, but not mature will also bring security risks, the production of crusher equipment safety is also very important, high technology, high efficiency is based on the safety on the basis of. SBM cone crusher manufacturers clearly hint: cone crusher can not blindly pursue high efficiency, high production and high efficiency are based on high-tech, high efficiency and safety and stability are all we need, achieving balance is the most important.

Investment in mining machinery must be careful not to blindly pursue the best equipment, to choose suitable crusher manufacturers according to their own actual situation, for the production of ore, sand, crusher equipment is the key, no good no good sand, no production efficiency of production is not expected to yield, so it may lead to investment losses. SBM jaw crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher is the best combination of the sand production line, especially a crushing effect of the gravel, pebbles, bluestone. SBM crusher sand production line not only low investment cost but let you use the rest assured.

Beneficiation process of manganese carbonate ore

The main manganese minerals in sedimentary manganese carbonate ore are magnesite, calcite, manganese calcite and siderite. Gangue has silicate and carbonate minerals and is also associated with sulfur and iron impurities. The ore is generally more complex. The granularity of manganese mineral is thin to a few microns, and it is difficult to be dissociated. It is often difficult to get high grade of concentrate.

The production practice of manganese carbonate ore is less, and the methods of strong magnetic separation, heavy medium ore dressing and flotation are studied. Some sedimentary types of sulfur-containing manganese carbonate ores are produced by the sequential preferential flotation process of carbonaceous shale, pyrite and manganese minerals. Some hydrothermal type manganese carbonate ores with lead-zinc carbonate are used in the flotation process. Some sulfur-rich manganese ores, manganese minerals mainly sulfur manganese ore, can be used to remove sulfur by roasting. Some rich manganese carbonate ore production is also used to roast method to remove the volatile components and get the finished ore.

Manganese oxide and manganese carbonate ore contain some refractory ores. Manganese is closely associated with iron, phosphorus or gangue. The particle size is very thin and difficult to be sorted. It can be treated by smelting. For example, the manganese-rich slag process for treating high phosphorus and high iron manganese ores, the nitric acid leaching method for producing active manganese dioxide and the electrolytic method for producing manganese metal have all been produced in industry.

How to make the best use of counter type sand making machine

Counter type sand making machine how to best use? To dig the sand making machine features the largest, play the biggest advantage of it. The advantages are a small volume, simple structure, large crushing ratio (up to 40), less energy consumption, large production capacity, uniform grain size, and selective crushing.

From the structure of the sand making machine, the structure is simple and reasonable, self-impact crushing and ultra-low use cost; the unique bearing installation and advanced spindle design make the machine have the characteristics of heavy load and high-speed rotation. With fine and coarse grinding function; high reliability, high-security device, ensure the equipment and personal safety; smooth operation, low noise, high efficiency and energy saving, high efficiency; affected by the moisture content of the small, the water content is about 8%; the vulnerability of low loss, all wearing parts are of high-quality wear-resistant materials at home and abroad, long service life.

From the consumption of sand making machine, a small amount of easy wear parts are made of very hard and wear-resistant material, small in volume, light in weight, and easy to replace parts. The internal air flow in the vortex cavity is self-circulating, and the dust pollution is small. The material self-lining of the impeller and the vortex broken chamber can greatly reduce the cost of the wear parts and the maintenance work. In the process of production, the stone material can form the protection of the bottom, the fuselage is not worn and durable. A variety of installation, movable installation.

Inspection method of pulp acidity and alkalinity

The pulp acidity and alkalinity is an important factor affecting the flotation process, which is generally expressed by the pH value. It is examined by two kinds of the colorimetric method and potential method.

Colorimetric method is to use a certain number of indicators (indicating a certain degree of pH) of the chemical agent in the pulp filtrate, the color presented is compared with the standard acid and base color, that is to say, the range of pulp pH. The pH test paper used for the determination of acidity and alkalinity is also used instead of the indicator.

The PH meter is used in the potential method, and the acid and alkalinity of the pulp are directly measured by inserting the electrodes from the PH table into the pulp to be measured.

Advantages of hammer crusher

The product features of the hammer crusher:

1, working hammer, using the new technology casting, with wear resistance, impact resistance and other characteristics.

2. According to the requirements of the customer, the granularity of the material is changed by adjusting the clearance of the grate bar.

3. The structure of the machine is sealed, which solves the problem of dust pollution in the broken workshop and the leakage of the body.

4. The equipment has the advantages of reasonable design, beautiful shape, compact structure, less vulnerable parts, convenient maintenance and so on. It is an upgraded product.

5. It has compact structure, beautiful appearance, good wear resistance and convenient maintenance.

Precautions for the maintenance of the jaw crusher in autumn and winter

With the advent of winter, the temperature gradually decreases. When the temperature is lower than a standard, the mechanical equipment caused by steel and other systems will change with the change of temperature, which will destroy its normal performance and affect the normal work of the equipment. Therefore, in winter, besides doing some routine inspection and maintenance for jaw crusher, we must also do some special maintenance measures for jaw crusher in low-temperature environment.

1. During the operation of the jaw crusher, not only the water but also the oil must be used.

2, for the jaw crusher replace winter special lubricating oil and grease, seasonal maintenance, the transmission transmission, differential, steering gear within the oil for gear oil used in the winter, but also should pay attention to clean the oil.

3, autumn and winter in order to make the diesel engine work of jaw crusher and soft, reduce fuel consumption, should choose low pour point diesel.

4, always check the maintenance of jaw crusher parts: always check the electrical wiring of the battery; check and adjust the electrolyte density; maintenance start motor, high voltage generator; often should give battery maintenance, preheating device; braking system maintenance should pay attention to the brake fluid is sufficient, crushing quality is bad; check the oil and water separator, a dirt discharging switch is working properly. According to the above rules, the proper use of jaw crusher, jaw crusher can guarantee the normal operation can safely in the fall and winter seasons, stone production line production was not due to low temperature in winter affected, security production, investment, recovery as soon as possible to achieve profitability, realizing the maximization of economic benefits.

How to lubricate the bearing of the jaw crusher

The lubricating oil of the jaw crusher is inserted into the bearing of the connecting rod by a hose connected to the lower part of the bearing. The lubricating oil of the bearing on the seat is also given in the cavity of the non – cast Babbitt alloy of the upper bearing. The oil discharged from the bearing is flowing into the special oil tank, and then the oil tank is returned to the tank through the same oil pipe. The oil tank should be deeper so that the waste oil can be clarified and flowing into the tank.

Pressure oil pipe oil flow rate should not exceed 1-1.2 M / s, the oil return pipe flow rate of not more than 0.3 Li M / s, pump motor should be crusher motor and the jaw is occluded, so as to be before starting the pump start jaw crusher.

In addition to the use of cyclic lubrication, the jaw crusher also uses pressure lubrication. When the pressure is lubricated, it is necessary to use water to cool the bearings on the head of the eccentric bearing and the connecting rod. The water cooling device is a bit unusual, and it’s hard to get a lot of oil in order to disperse the heat of the bearing. The cold shock water for the connecting rod bearing is fed and discharged through the water pipe, the backwater pipe and the hose. The flow rate of water in hoses and hoses is no more than 1 m / sec under the condition of pressure of 3 kg / cm, and it is stipulated as 189O.2-0.3A M / sec in return pipes. In addition to the drain nozzle and the backwater takeover, each bearing should also be discharged from the discharge of the sludge. The waste oil can rise and fall with the dust on the jaw crusher’s fuselage.

In order to avoid damaging the machine and prevent damage to the concrete foundation due to the harmful effect of oil, we must collect the waste oil and remove it regularly, so that it is not allowed to fall onto the concrete foundation.

Tips on using a hammer crusher

1 The use of hammer crusher, if the device suddenly fails in operation, we can stop the job, and then find the root of the problem.

2 The choice of material is crucial. In the choice of materials, pay attention to the hardness of the material. Harder materials more difficult to break up, but the more serious wear and tear on equipment. Slow break, broken small natural ability.

3 Water is the key material containing water, a large material that easily adheres to the crusher content, but also easy to plug the next delivery process, resulting in crushing capacity is reduced. Therefore, before crushing, we should try to find ways to reduce the water content, in order to better jobs, in a hammer crusher.

4 Finer grinding grinding fineness requirements, which need to break through the material after the material, the smaller crushing capacity.

5 Composition of broken material, the shredded material contains more powder impact crusher before, because these fine smooth production persist. For more fines content should be a sieve in advance.