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Pebble Sand Production Line

The following is an introduction to the equipment and technological process used in the pebble sand production line.

I. Equipment for Pebble Sand Production Line

The equipments used in the pebble sand production line are vibration feeder, crusher, vibration screen, belt conveyor, sand making machine and sand washing machine. We can choose the type and quantity of pebble sand making equipment according to the situation of material processing and production demand.

2. Process flow of pebble sand production line

Natural pebbles are evenly sent to crusher by vibrating feeder for crushing. The crushed pebble material is sent to vibrating screen for screening. The pebble material with qualified particle size is sent to sand making machine for fine crushing and shaping. The unqualified pebble is returned to crusher for further crushing. The pebble material with fine crushing and shaping by sand making machine is sent to vibration. After dynamic screening, the unqualified particle size is returned to the sand making machine, and the qualified ones are sent to the sand washing machine for impurity removal and cleaning, and then the artificial sand can be obtained by dehydration and drying.

3. Equipment manufacturer of pebble sand production line

SBM is a large-scale equipment manufacturer and distributor of pebble sand production line. It can provide you with free scheme design and complete set of pebble sand production line equipment. Each equipment can play its own advantages and run well.

The Difference between Wheel Sand Washer and Spiral Sand Washer

Wheel sand washer and screw sand washer are good „helpers“ to solve the soil content in sand. The following are the differences between the two.
1. Wheeled sand washer is widely used in classification and impurity removal in metallurgy, building materials, hydropower and other industries, and in the washing of fine and coarse-grained materials. It is suitable for building sand and road sand.
The new sealing structure, fully enclosed oil bath transmission device and adjustable overflow weir plate of the sand washer ensure the high efficiency, durability, good cleaning and dehydration effect and stable fine products of the series.
2. Spiral sand washing machine is also a common sand washing equipment. In the process of operation, the sand washing machine is tilted to one side. In the working process of the spiral blade, one side is the injection of water resources, the other side is the discharge of stone, and the sediment and other wastes will quickly deposit at the bottom of the spiral sand washing machine, with the water source at the bottom slowing down. Slowly flowing out of the machine, this cleaning process is quite ideal, is the advantage of spiral sand washer, but also more convenient than wheel sand washer.
Customers can choose a suitable sand washer according to the moisture content and particle size of the material. It is suggested that customers can choose larger sand washing equipment, so as to avoid the problems of too many products of the same series, large area and high production cost.

Optimization of the operation process of sand making machine

Mechanical equipment in use after a long time to optimize its operation process, in the operation of the sand machine how to optimize its operation process, the following detailed introduction of sand making machine equipment operation process optimization matters.

1. Check the swirl chamber to see if the door is closed before starting the equipment of sand making machine, so as to prevent the material from rushing out of the swirl chamber.

2. Check the rotation direction of the impeller of the sand making machine from the direction of the feeding port. The impeller should be rotated counterclockwise or the motor connection should be adjusted.

3. The starting sequence of the sand making machine and conveying equipment is: discharging sand-making machine feeding; crusher must be started without load and can be fed until the crusher runs normally. The shutdown sequence is opposite to the boot sequence.

4. Feeding particles shall be strictly prohibited from entering the crusher according to the stipulations. Otherwise, unbalanced impeller and excessive wear and tear of the impeller will be caused, and the base to the impeller passage and the central feeding pipe will be blocked so that the crusher can not work properly. If excessive bulk feeding is found, it should be eliminated in time.

5. When the discharging equipment of sand making machine stops working, the feeding should be stopped in time, otherwise, the impeller will be crushed and the motor will be burned down.

6. The feeding of the sand making machine is continuous and uniform.

7. During the operation of the crusher, there should be no severe vibration and abnormal noise. Otherwise, it should stop and check.

8. The lubrication of the machine is dry oil lubrication. The amount added is 1/2-2/3 of the bearing cavity. When the crusher works one shift, an appropriate amount of grease is added.

Above these steps are to optimize the operation process of the sand machine, sand machine in order to enable better production of the sand machine, so we just optimize the operation process of the sand machine.

Application of Mobile Crusher in mine mining

Mobile crushing plant is a car-based crushing and screening integrated equipment, is composed of primary crushing station and secondary crushing and screening stations, belt conveyors and other components. As a novel crushing equipment, its flexibility, mobility, and can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs.

Since its launch, mobile crushing plant has been widely used in crushing and screening fields such as stone production, mining, construction waste disposal, cement production, aggregate production of high-speed rail and expressway. Depending on the burial depth of the deposit, we can be divided into open pit mining and underground mining, while the Mobile Crusher is mainly used for open pit mining.

SBM mobile crushing plant design concept is completely stand on the customer’s position, the elimination of crushing the site and the environment to bring customers in the process of fragmentation as the first solution to the design. Mobile crushing plant has the advantages of good mobility, compact structure, convenient use, cost saving, lower cost, stable performance, convenient maintenance and flexible configuration in mining.

Mobile Crusher not only in the application of the operating more convenient, but also in the daily work of maintenance work is very simple. Due to the mechanical maintenance plan vary, when conditions permit, some of the machinery can be replaced for maintenance. This will reduce downtime maintenance, improve equipment utilization.

Four advantages of vertical mill

Vertical mill is a new type of grinding equipment. Compared with another grinding mill, roller press, roller mill and other kinds of impact crusher on the market, the vertical mill has more advantages. It adopts the advanced roller grinding principle, absorbs the essence of many flour mills, and has an immeasurable production capacity. It can be shown in the following aspects concretely.

1. The noise of the vertical mill is small, and it will not pollute the production environment. At the same time, the vertical mill has a longer service life. This is because its wear rate is relatively low when used, and its stability and cost performance are improved.

2. in the work, compared with other similar products, the operation of the vertical mill is very simple, especially in the mechatronics, it has a strong advantage, a powerful mechanical and electrical integration system so that the machine can control operation, convenient inspection, and maintenance.

3. at the same time, the working area of the vertical mill is small, even under the small workshop. The survey will find that there are a lot of small workshops on the market, and more are using the vertical mill, especially in the production of cement, and the cement mill also has a strong advantage in this respect. This is also a fundamental advantage, to a greater extent, saving its land share and improving its production efficiency.

4. the process is very simple. Generally, only one vertical mill is needed, and the material can reach the finished product. This is a very important performance. We know that when a process is very complex, it is necessary to invest a considerable amount of manpower and material resources, which is an invisible cause of a large amount of money, which is an important reason why the vertical mill is very popular.

How to clean the sand making machine

Here are some ways to remove the rust on the surface of the sand making machine.

1. Small wind or electric rust removal. Mainly electric or compressed air as the power, the assembly of appropriate rust removing device, reciprocating motion or rotation movement, in order to meet the requirements of various occasions of rust removal. As the angle grinder, wire brush, pneumatic needle beam device, pneumatic derusting and chipping hammers, tooth type rotary descaling device, which belongs to the semi mechanized equipment, light weight, high flexibility, can thoroughly remove rust, old coating, the coating for wool processing, greatly improve the efficiency than manual derusting. Up to 1~2m2/h, but cannot remove the oxide skin, the surface roughness is small, cannot achieve high-quality surface treatment quality, work efficiency is low injection processing. It can be used in any part, especially in the process of ship repair.

2, shot peening (sand) rust removal. It is mainly composed of particle spray erosion to achieve surface cleaning and proper roughness. The equipment includes open shot blasting (sand) rust remover, closed shot blasting (sand chamber) and vacuum shot blasting machine. The open shot blasting machine is widely applied, which can completely remove all impurities on the metal surface, such as oxide scale, rust and old paint film. The rust removal efficiency is high 4~5m2/h, the mechanical degree is high, and the rust removal quality is good. But because the abrasive generally can not be recycled, the other work has an impact, cleaning up the scene trouble. Therefore, the environmental pollution is heavy and has been gradually restricted to use recently.

3, high pressure water abrasive rust removal. The impact of high pressure water jet (added abrasive grinding action) and water prying action destroy the corrosion and adhesion of the coating to the steel plate. It is characterized by no dust pollution, no damage to the steel plate, greatly improving the efficiency of rust removal, up to 15m2/h, and the quality of rust removal is good. However, the steel plate after rust removal is easy to return to rust and must be coated with a special wet rust removing coating, which has a great influence on the coating of general performance coatings.

4, shot removing rust. Blasting is the use of high-speed rotation of the impeller will be thrown to the abrasive surface of steel to achieve the purpose of rust removing, is a kind of advanced treatment method of mechanical rust for hull steel material, not only high production efficiency, low cost, and high degree of automation, can realize the pipeline operation, less environmental pollution, but only in the operating room.

5, chemical rust removal is mainly based on the chemical reaction of acids and metal oxides, so as to remove the rust removing method of the corrosion products on the metal surface of the sand making machine, which is usually called acid pickling and rust removal, and it can only be operated in the workshop.

Application of pulverizer in nepheline processing

Nepheline is a silicate containing aluminum and sodium. Colorless or white, sometimes gray, green or red. It has a glassy gloss and a fat lustre on the fracture. It can be used to make aluminum and to make glass and pottery. The grinding process can be done through the grinding mill, and the fineness of the finished product can be controlled to be applied in related fields.

Nepheline has the characteristics of low melting temperature and wide firing range, which is good for the low temperature quick firing of large size polished tiles. When making a new generation of super white polishing brick, adding a certain amount of nepheline powder can reduce the amount of zirconium silicate, and control the possible radionuclide limit, so that the enterprise will get rid of the trouble of the ultra large scale which may exist in the ultra white polishing brick.

Nepheline not only reduces the worry about radioactivity, but also reduces the firing temperature and improves the glazed texture of ceramic tiles. Adding a proper amount of Chardonnay powder to the polishing brick can improve the strength of the polishing brick and reduce the fragility, thus reducing the damage caused by mechanical force during the firing, polishing, and transportation.

Adjusting the optimum impact velocity of the impact sanding machine

Now the market sanding machine is divided into different types according to the different production methods, such as the impact making machine we often use. Customers choose the sand making machine that is suitable for their needs according to the requirements of hardness, humidity and finished product’s grain type output. It is particularly important to choose a suitable sand making machine, which is directly related to the direct interests of our production requirements.

The crushing energy of impact sand making machine is converted from the impact energy of the material, and the impact energy is directly proportional to the velocity squared of material movement, and the wear speed of wear resistant parts is directly proportional to the square of the velocity of material. That is, the higher the crushing velocity of the material is, the higher the fineness will be obtained after the crushing. However, every material has the best impact speed. When it exceeds this speed, the utilization rate of crushing energy will obviously decrease, and at the same time, the equipment will wear rapidly, which will seriously affect the normal use of the equipment.

Therefore, through the analysis of the production process and the analysis of the customers in the field, SBM analyzes the experiment, again and again, to find out the most suitable material crushing impact speed, so that the customer can get the maximum output and the lowest energy consumption in the process of using. So, when the customer buys the machine, please read the product instructions carefully or call our sales hotline directly. So that there is any problem and can be solved for you at any time.

Remote control of counterattack sand making machine

The counter-attack sand making machine is also a commonly used crusher for sand mills and stone factories. With the rapid development of science and technology, machinery will further enter the high-end and automation. The remote control of the counterattack sanding machine is a good example.

What are the remote control of the sand making machine? Main transmission, lubrication, temperature detection and discharge mouth adjustment are all remote control. These controls can be implemented by a control cabinet equipped with a signal system that reflects the normal working index of the crusher, its diagnosis and the state of the accident.

The crusher control can also be realized from the central console of the control process. At this time, the necessary information on each system function of each crusher is input to the console so that the work of the crusher and production line can be adjusted quickly. The remote control of the crusher can set up the crusher on the automatic production line without the need to manually control a single crusher in the broken section. In this case, the crusher is equipped with a microprocessor control system (automatic control system). It controls and detects all the main process parameters and parameters of the crusher by means of computer control.

To solve the problem of wear of sand machine under high strength operation

Sand equipment every day to face the hard stone, what kind of different hardness of stone are need to be uniform in particle sand and gravel sand making machine work, and the Russian version of the plate hammer so sand making machine will have different degrees of wear, problems need to be handled in a timely manner or change.

To solve the wear problem of sand making machine under high intensity operation, aiming at such a heavy task amount of sand making equipment, the problem of weight and resistance is the key to optimize the operation of sand making machine, and the decompression control of the equipment can make the sand making machine more efficient in production. Any equipment is developing in the perfect direction, the quality of the product and the continuous transformation of production technology can ensure the stable and efficient production of the sand making machine.