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Advantages of hammer crusher

The product features of the hammer crusher:

1, working hammer, using the new technology casting, with wear resistance, impact resistance and other characteristics.

2. According to the requirements of the customer, the granularity of the material is changed by adjusting the clearance of the grate bar.

3. The structure of the machine is sealed, which solves the problem of dust pollution in the broken workshop and the leakage of the body.

4. The equipment has the advantages of reasonable design, beautiful shape, compact structure, less vulnerable parts, convenient maintenance and so on. It is an upgraded product.

5. It has compact structure, beautiful appearance, good wear resistance and convenient maintenance.

Precautions for the maintenance of the jaw crusher in autumn and winter

With the advent of winter, the temperature gradually decreases. When the temperature is lower than a standard, the mechanical equipment caused by steel and other systems will change with the change of temperature, which will destroy its normal performance and affect the normal work of the equipment. Therefore, in winter, besides doing some routine inspection and maintenance for jaw crusher, we must also do some special maintenance measures for jaw crusher in low-temperature environment.

1. During the operation of the jaw crusher, not only the water but also the oil must be used.

2, for the jaw crusher replace winter special lubricating oil and grease, seasonal maintenance, the transmission transmission, differential, steering gear within the oil for gear oil used in the winter, but also should pay attention to clean the oil.

3, autumn and winter in order to make the diesel engine work of jaw crusher and soft, reduce fuel consumption, should choose low pour point diesel.

4, always check the maintenance of jaw crusher parts: always check the electrical wiring of the battery; check and adjust the electrolyte density; maintenance start motor, high voltage generator; often should give battery maintenance, preheating device; braking system maintenance should pay attention to the brake fluid is sufficient, crushing quality is bad; check the oil and water separator, a dirt discharging switch is working properly. According to the above rules, the proper use of jaw crusher, jaw crusher can guarantee the normal operation can safely in the fall and winter seasons, stone production line production was not due to low temperature in winter affected, security production, investment, recovery as soon as possible to achieve profitability, realizing the maximization of economic benefits.

How to lubricate the bearing of the jaw crusher

The lubricating oil of the jaw crusher is inserted into the bearing of the connecting rod by a hose connected to the lower part of the bearing. The lubricating oil of the bearing on the seat is also given in the cavity of the non – cast Babbitt alloy of the upper bearing. The oil discharged from the bearing is flowing into the special oil tank, and then the oil tank is returned to the tank through the same oil pipe. The oil tank should be deeper so that the waste oil can be clarified and flowing into the tank.

Pressure oil pipe oil flow rate should not exceed 1-1.2 M / s, the oil return pipe flow rate of not more than 0.3 Li M / s, pump motor should be crusher motor and the jaw is occluded, so as to be before starting the pump start jaw crusher.

In addition to the use of cyclic lubrication, the jaw crusher also uses pressure lubrication. When the pressure is lubricated, it is necessary to use water to cool the bearings on the head of the eccentric bearing and the connecting rod. The water cooling device is a bit unusual, and it’s hard to get a lot of oil in order to disperse the heat of the bearing. The cold shock water for the connecting rod bearing is fed and discharged through the water pipe, the backwater pipe and the hose. The flow rate of water in hoses and hoses is no more than 1 m / sec under the condition of pressure of 3 kg / cm, and it is stipulated as 189O.2-0.3A M / sec in return pipes. In addition to the drain nozzle and the backwater takeover, each bearing should also be discharged from the discharge of the sludge. The waste oil can rise and fall with the dust on the jaw crusher’s fuselage.

In order to avoid damaging the machine and prevent damage to the concrete foundation due to the harmful effect of oil, we must collect the waste oil and remove it regularly, so that it is not allowed to fall onto the concrete foundation.

Tips on using a hammer crusher

1 The use of hammer crusher, if the device suddenly fails in operation, we can stop the job, and then find the root of the problem.

2 The choice of material is crucial. In the choice of materials, pay attention to the hardness of the material. Harder materials more difficult to break up, but the more serious wear and tear on equipment. Slow break, broken small natural ability.

3 Water is the key material containing water, a large material that easily adheres to the crusher content, but also easy to plug the next delivery process, resulting in crushing capacity is reduced. Therefore, before crushing, we should try to find ways to reduce the water content, in order to better jobs, in a hammer crusher.

4 Finer grinding grinding fineness requirements, which need to break through the material after the material, the smaller crushing capacity.

5 Composition of broken material, the shredded material contains more powder impact crusher before, because these fine smooth production persist. For more fines content should be a sieve in advance.

The main parts of the counterattack crusher

Crusher accessories is an important part of the counterattack crusher, need to change in the industry, also known as crusher parts, main plate hammer, side guard plate, back plate, Fang Gang, and other accessories by pressing block, high manganese steel, high chromium, high manganese compound etc. wear resistant materials and casting or forging.

1, plate hammer: the impact hammer crusher hammer adopts the high chromium alloy material and the latest manufacturing technology, the unique structure design, the finished product is cubic, no tension and crack, the grain shape is quite good, is the reliable high wear-resistant casting. When the board hammer is worn to a certain extent, it should be adjusted or replaced in time to avoid the damage of the fastener and other parts. Adjustment of the board hammer: open the rear cover with a hydraulic cover device. Rotate the rotor by hand, turn the plate hammer that needs to be adjusted or replaced to the repair place, and then fix the rotor. The parts should be removed from the repair door or from the middle of the frame. Remove the need in the hammer hammer lightly beat.

2, side guard plate: counterattack lining plate is an important vulnerable part of the impact crusher, and the resistance to attack is decreased after wearing and aging. It often causes the lining board to be shot down, and also causes the seal performance of the crusher to decrease, resulting in larger dust. Open shelves, remove cotter pin, for fixing impact plate slotted nuts, bolts, it will wear the impact plate after replacement, if the installation of new counterattack lining board, the above steps can be reversed.

3, counterattack board: the counterattack board is usually welded by steel plate. The back surface is provided with a wear-resistant lining board, but also can counter roller or grate lath, with a slot counter surface, the product of fine grain content is less, can improve the production capacity of equipment, power consumption province, but has a complex structure, back face wear hard to replace, abrasion and other defects.

4, Fang Gang: Fang Gang was a square, can be divided into welded and seamless. The steel is welded by steel plates welded together, made of square steel tube. Seamless steel is a seamless steel tube to pull and system. The compressive capacity is far greater than the seamed tube, square steel crusher to keep material from the front discharge effect.

5, pressing block: widely used in all kinds of mining machinery, good material, stable performance, can be made according to different requirements. When the load test is completed, the necessary adjustment should be made for the pressing block. The automatic clamping mechanism of the crusher clamping block adopts the way of cylinder drive, connecting rod mechanism and linear guide way, and realizes the sequence action of clamping, feeding, clamping at the other end, loosening and returning at the same time. The whole process is fully pneumatic control, the operation is accurate and reliable, and it meets the requirements of use.

Maintenance rules and maintenance methods of jaw crusher

1 Lubrication of jaw crusher

(1) Always pay attention to and lubricate the friction surface in time to ensure the normal operation of the machine and extend its service life.

(2) Jaw crusher grease should be used according to the location, temperature conditions may be, under normal circumstances with calcium, sodium and calcium that base grease.

(3) The grease added to the bearing housing is about 50% of its volume of space and is changed every 3 to 6 months. Oil change should be cleaned with clean gasoline or kerosene roller bearing raceway.

(4) jaw crusher before the start, the thrust plate thrust plate bearings should be injected between the appropriate amount of grease.

2. Jaw Crusher Repair In order to ensure the normal operation of the jaw crusher, at the correct operation, must be planned maintenance, including routine maintenance inspection, minor repair, repair and overhaul.

(1) minor repairs The main contents include inspection and repair adjustment device, adjust the gap discharge port, the lining of wear and tear or replacement. Check the transmission part and the lubrication system must be promptly with the change of lubricating oil. Minor repair cycle should be 1 to 3 months.

(2) Minor repair work in the repair department, but also the replacement of thrust plates, linings, inspection and repair of bearings and so on. The repair cycle should generally be about 1 to 2 years.

(3) Overhaul In addition to the work in the repair, but also includes and replacement of turning eccentric shaft and the E axis, the upper part of the casting club head Babbitt, replace or repair a wear parts. Overhaul of the cycle should generally be about 5 years.

What factors affect the particle size of ultrafine mills?

In the process of ultra-fine milling machine, the user must grasp the relationship between the various influencing factors, so as to achieve good production results. Sometimes encounter the granularity of the finished product does not meet the requirements of the situation, then, the user to its production for observation and testing, balance the relationship between the factors. In order to make the product’s granularity under control, the user should strictly grasp the relationship between these several factors.

Superfine mill fan speed

In production, due to the feed particle size itself is different, if the wind is too large, even if less than the fineness of the material can not reach the fineness requirements, will be blown into the duster. Conversely, if the material is large, the wind is too small, the material will also be affected. Therefore, throughout the production process, fan speed is a very important factor.

Superfine mill

Host speed. In the actual production process, the control of the host speed is very important. If the host speed is too high or too low, will have a significant impact on the product size of the material. Since the reducer and the motor of the milling machine are linked via the shaft of the milling machine, then we can adjust the speed by adjusting the motor current.

Superfine mill analysis of machine blade wear

Analytical machine leaves were circular distribution, in the production, the leaves will wear over time and produce wear and tear, resulting in a direct result of the analysis machine to reduce the efficiency of the selection of flour, the meal will be homeopowered into powder The interior of the device affects the size of the material being discharged.

Superfine mill roller and grinding ring wear

Due to the mill work load, running longer, it is easy to appear wear phenomenon. Wear will lead to the material is not sufficient grinding, then the finished particle size can not achieve the desired effect.

In the future production, ultrafine mill out of grain size requirements, you can start from the above points to find the crux of the problem. To ensure the safety of the user to use the mill and the protection of production efficiency. SBM will be on hand for you to send portrait assistance work.

The use of the lubricating oil of the counterattack crusher

Impact crusher is a crusher for the crushing of a mechanical equipment, impact crusher crushing limestone, dolomite and calcite and other minerals, can be said that gravel production line is very important ore crushing machinery and equipment, SBM Mining Machinery Talk to everyone about the impact of crusher lubrication.

For the impact crusher this large-scale mining machinery and equipment, SBM mining machinery as a professional manufacturer of mining machinery and equipment to remind customers to pay attention to the impact crusher in the process of crushing the ore lubrication is very important.

Operators need to pay attention to the long time the use of impact crusher in the process, to promptly do a good job crusher friction surface friction work; different places, different climate, the use of lubricants is not the same; Second, When the crusher work eight hours, it is necessary to add grease once in the bearing, the use of molybdenum disulfide grease to lubricate the ends of the spindle bearings.

Users also need to pay attention to crusher crusher for the need for regular replacement of lubricating oil, oil change before the need for clean gasoline or kerosene bearings will be carefully cleaned, the new injection of lubricating oil is best controlled in the bearing cavity volume 50 to 70%.

Do you know the new usage of Raymond mill?

Raymond mill is familiar to everyone for a mineral processing ore mining machinery and equipment, Raymond mill grinding efficiency and can be used for a variety of different ore grinding operation is Very suitable for ore grinding operations machinery and equipment. SBM mining machinery as a professional ore milling machinery and equipment manufacturers and we simply talk about Raymond Mill new usage.

We all know that Raymond mill is used to grind ore, you can grind large natural ore into smaller fineness ore grinding, but we all know Raymond mill there are other ways to use To produce different materials, Zhuo Ya here simply to talk to you.

The new use of Raymond mill is to produce ore particles, there are many different needs in the market, there are many occasions need to crush ore and other materials, the more particles the better, the less the powder the better, a lot of equipment is very Difficult to achieve this effect, such as roller crusher and other ore crushing machinery and equipment to produce the ore particle size is too large.

Stone production line

Stone production line, if you want to know, please pay attention to our Shibang machinery production line, we are a group of outstanding design team, tailored to you part of your production plans, according to the requirements of the site, you need to produce, allowing you to our configuration the production line to obtain huge profits, Shibang machinery brand worthy of your trust.

What is the specific process of stone production line is? Shibang Machinery stone production line consists of vibrating feeder plan is to send stone uniform, coarse jaw crusher, coarse material from the conveyor after crushing into the crusher for further crushing, fine grinding feed after being transported to the vibrating screen screened to meet the finished size requirements of the material is fed into the sand washing machine cleaning, conveyor cleaning is finished product output; the material does not meet the return process from product sand particle size requirements shaker to form a closed loop many times . Finished size can be combined according to the needs of users and grading. If you choose dry production process, it can be equipped with thick powder separator and dust removal equipment.

You certainly must have a lot of questions about our equipment, after understanding our site customer service staff welcome your advice.