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Sc-zsfloor suspension assembly floor installation method and step details

Materials and tools required for preparation before construction: rubber hammer, wallpaper knife, scriber (home made), textured paper, paint, plate brush or roller brush;

2, inspection site: cement or asphalt foundation ground, no damage, good flatness (one meter by foot error is not more than 5mm) for areas with significant height difference and large damaged areas to explain to customers, to carry out basic ground repair leveling If there is a fenced site, it is necessary to carry out diagonal measurement and observe whether the fence is skewed. If there is any error, it needs to be explained to the customer;

3, venue alignment: Take the basketball court as an example, if the venue already has a basketball stand, you can use the basketball stand as the benchmark, find the center point and the exact position of the side line and end line, and then mark the pull line (or use the ink line), according to the actual situation. Pull a line at a distance;

4. Site installation: Generally install from the top left corner or upper right corner of the site (note the consistency of the buckle direction) as shown:

Suspended flooring is becoming more and more popular, and there are more and more paved venues. Many people are very interested in the paving of suspended assembled flooring. It is very wonderful. Today, sc-zsfloor sports flooring materials show us all. Let’s go.
Suspended 3×3 multi-use basketball court flooring construction plan:

1. Preparation before construction, the paving of the suspended assembled floor does not require glue or other adhesives, and is directly assembled on a flat concrete foundation through a unique lock design.

The ground foundation requirements before construction should reach the following three points:

1) The commercial interlocking volleyball court flooring of the floor installation is required to be flat and strong;

2) The height difference between the ground expansion joints is within 2 mm, and the ground treatment must be carried out beyond the above range;

3) The ground flatness should be less than 5 mm at any rotation of the 2 m ruler. If it exceeds the above range, it must be treated on the ground.

Second, suspension assembly sports floor installation:

1) First test the site;

2) Perform site measurement on the ground after detection and treatment, and determine the installation position and installation point. Take the upper left corner of the site as the installation starting point, and the floor A angle (the corner of the sub-buckle) as the top left corner of the site. Right, align the buckles of the floor, and hit the fixed buckle with a rubber hammer;

3) Edge-sealing installation: The edge-sealing is divided into a sub-buckle edge and a mother-flange seal, and the edge-sealing is connected to the commercial prefabricated interlocking running track in the vicinity of the floor by means of a joint-and-buckle connection. The installation method and requirements are consistent with the floor installation.

4) Angle installation: Install one buckle at each corner of the site.

Third, the floor installation notes:

1) When the ground is not up to standard, ground treatment must be carried out;

2) When installing, the floor buckle and the female buckle must be aligned to avoid damage to the floor;

3) It is necessary to reserve 10 cm of thermal expansion space at the edge of the site during installation;

4) If the ground is irregular, the floorboards need to be cut on site according to the ground conditions to meet the installation requirements.

Sports flooring needs to have three functional requirements

At present, there is a floating assembled sports floor on the market. Once the sports floor is launched, it has the characteristics of perfect sports performance, quick disassembly and assembly, easy replacement, no special climate requirements, etc., which has attracted the attention of many people. Some people predict that the suspension type The floor has revolutionized the prefabricated elastic flat wood look indoor sport flooring industry.

So how is the suspended sports floor produced? What are the characteristics of this kind of sports floor?

In the 1970s, the floating assembled sports floor was born in the United States. It has been more than 30 years old. This sports floor has been popular since its birth. Now it has been NBA, European Football League, European Handball, World Youth International Ice Hockey Competition, etc. The suspended assembled floor has been adopted, and its perfect sports performance has completely surpassed the traditional sports floor.

As a professional sports floor, you need to have three major functional requirements:

Motor Functionality Functionality means that professional prefabricated futsal court should meet the technical characteristics of various sports items to the maximum extent, and try to avoid the performance that athletes should have with unnecessary load and excessive energy consumption.

2. Protection functional protection means to minimize the load on athletes during running, ball games and training, and to reduce injuries when athletes land on sports that require special protection (such as boxing, wrestling or judo). A degree of performance.

3, technical functional technical function refers to the sports floor can meet the movement function and protection function for a long time, and can adapt to the movement and use of sports equipment and equipment (such as seats and stands) and the convenience of pollution, cleaning, maintenance, etc. Some of the performance that other applications should have.

At present, the sc-zsfloor suspension assembled sports floor can almost perfectly diagnose the above three functions. The reason is that we can explore from the design and selection of such flooring.

Let’s take the example of floating assembled prefabricated interlocking indoor tennis court as follows:

1. Solid surface layer design, made of high-strength polypropylene copolymer, suspension design with support wall, hexagonal support structure, distributes the pressure evenly over the entire template.

2. The front side buckled real locking system with patented mechanical lateral buffering function.

3, suspension sports ground design: reduce damage to the knees, ankles, back and cheekbones.

4. Side shock absorption: The patented design reduces damage caused by side forces caused by sudden stop, start and turn.

Suspension of the use of sports flooring

The sports field is a place where people sweat, so the air quality must be good, and the commercial synthesis indoor tennis court is also very important. The sc-zsfloor assembly floor manufacturer pointed out that our products are not only environmentally friendly and pollution-free, they pose no threat to the health of athletes, but also have good shock absorption effect and can reduce sports injuries.

The assembled floor is made of high-quality polypropylene raw materials, non-toxic and odorless, will not emit and volatilize toxic gases or odors; it is safe and environmentally friendly, allowing people to play in a healthy environment; assembling the floor with excellent shock absorption, energy return performance and side The buffer function can prevent sports injuries; the raw material polypropylene is assembled as a high-strength material, and the raw materials with anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-oxidation and cold resistance are added to make the product have pressure resistance, impact resistance, low humidity resistance and long service life. Etc. The weather resistance is extremely high, and it is not afraid of high temperature in the sun, rain and dampness, cold and snow, and never warp and peel. The assembled floor has a special drainage structure. After the rain, the site does not accumulate water. The assembled floor can be disassembled and moved at any time, allowing you to DIY your ideal venue. The assembled floor is widely used in NBA events, international competitions, etc., professional sports performance. It is obvious to all.

Everyone should understand that the suspended floor originated in the United States and is a new type of healthy and environmentally friendly customizable interlocking running track. The sc-zsfloor manufacturer pointed out that it has low requirements on the foundation, does not require the foundation as much as acrylic acid, and does not break like the acrylic as the foundation breaks.

For those old foundations, the suspended floor is the best choice. As long as it is flat, it will give you a perfect sports venue. For the basketball court, if you can not provide high-performance sports performance, it will undoubtedly make the athletes boring. The suspended floor can greatly meet the basic indicators of professional sports flooring, and almost achieve perfect sports performance. From international events to a wide range of sports and leisure facilities in the school, customized synthesis wood look indoor sport flooring provides safe, high performance floor materials that give athletes a full advantage of technology. The suspended floor section has a variety of bow-shaped structures, which makes the product more cushioning. The sc-zsfloor sports floor manufacturer can effectively reduce the damage to the athletes and increase the rebound rate of the ball. Moderately absorb the impact of the foot, reduce sports injuries, long-term practice and competition are more appropriate.

Basketball stadium sports ground using suspended plastic floor attention points

Nowadays, basketball courts in many outdoor sports venues in China and the United States are using suspended assembled floors. What is the reason for the suspension of the outdoor basketball courts in the sports center? Suspended plastic flooring has three basic functions of sports, protection and technology. It has the sporting performance of sports wood flooring, but it is easier to install than sports wood flooring, more durable and environmentally friendly. It is also very suitable for outdoor basketball courts and has excellent weather resistance.

Need to pay attention to the problem: In the construction of most gymnasiums, the design of the commercial prefabricated interlocking running track is often changed and the construction plan is changed, which increases the cost and even affects the construction period. For example, people’s cognition of the basketball stadium sports floor still stays in the 80s and 90s. It is unilateral to think that the basketball stadium sports floor should use wooden materials. The thicker the better, the stronger the better, and the sports are neglected. The floor should have the necessary motor functionality and protective functionality. Therefore, when designing the floor of the gymnasium, it is necessary to communicate and coordinate with the manufacturers. The sc-zsfloo sports floor manufacturers have clear standards to avoid unnecessary problems.

My company’s professional basketball court assembled floor construction. The suspended floor of the basketball court is first determined whether it is necessary to have a certified product from the national sports department. Construction process: the ground level is leveled, the grassroots level is leveled, and the suspended plastic floor is laid on the leveling ground. In terms of materials, we must choose moderately soft and hard when purchasing, and the appearance looks very comfortable. In terms of size, we try to choose a size of 30mmX30mm, which is very good. Therefore, such a floor is considered to be a high-quality sports rubber floor. We can choose the color matching design according to our own taste. The patented snap-fit ​​connection during installation makes it possible to use the rubber hammer to strike the floor joints during installation. No glue or any nails are required for installation. Cleaning with a mop, maintenance costs are low;

After we have finished the purchase, we will start to install it later. The use of the floor is good or bad. On the one hand, the quality of the product, on the other hand, the installation of the floor. At this time, we usually invite a group of professional installation teams to lay. This will ensure the safety and quality of the installation without wasting our raw materials.

The impulse formed by the person during exercise will cause vibration to the plane of the sports floor. The structure must have shock absorption function. The protection function also considers that one person can not affect the neighbors when exercising on the sports assembled plastic floor. This is the commercial synthesis indoor tennis court. The best protection.

Basketball stadium sports flooring with the development of various materials, sc-zsfloo as a professional sports center basketball venue sports flooring manufacturers to develop a variety of materials with good elasticity for different ground systems, the floating assembly floor is coming The more you see in the sports field, the more people become more aware of their safety. The suspension floors can be seen in the stadiums, sports fields or the stadiums of the schools. They are used to decorate the ground. The personal safety of the athletes is very secure. Whether playing basketball or playing football, the athletes can fully feel the suspension. The plastic floor brings an extraordinary sense of sports experience.

Three tips for the five-a-side football field floor

Tip 1: Don’t always consider the price

There are many friends who, in order to maximize the cost, use some low-priced, low-quality materials to pretend to be a high-quality five-a-side football field floor. These materials cannot meet the high quality suspended floor in terms of stability, wear resistance and surface oxidation. Exposure to the sun for a long time makes it easy to age the procurement futsal court and the hardness is naturally reduced. Therefore, we choose to consider it comprehensively and we must not take into account the price.

Tip 2: Suspended material is very important

For a good suspended floor, what material is made is very important. At present, the common suspended floor is made of PP polyester plastic. It is a relatively good material. And some inferior counterfeit suspended floor manufacturers, in order to expand their own efficiency, with some materials containing free formaldehyde, environmentally-friendly materials, shoddy, expired consumers. It has brought tremendous harm to everyone. Therefore, when you choose to suspend the floor, it is very helpful to look at the floor decoration materials and accessories.

Tip 3: After-sales service is very important

At present, some plastic floor manufacturers on the market are limited in warranty after-sales warranty and maintenance period, and promise to guarantee the quality of 15 years, 30 years or even the end of life warranty. In fact, this should be based on user habits, maintenance techniques, etc. Not all suspended floors can be used for these years. All, in the after-sales, we must ensure the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer, it is recommended to choose a floor manufacturer with qualification, good production capacity and high credibility.
Maintenance and maintenance of the procurement grid unity sport flooring in the home

According to the shape of the assembled floor, it can be divided into two types: sheet and coil. Generally, the sheet is used in the home decoration. Because the construction of the floor should ensure that the ground is flat, and if the tiles have been laid, then the sheets can be laid directly on the tiles. If it is a new house, it is generally necessary to play the self-leveling cement, and the construction process should keep the floor clean and dry.

1. Twelve hours after the laying of the assembled floor, the glue is basically qualitative. At this moment, the mop can be carefully cleaned again. After the ground is dry, the water-based glue is continuously glued three times. The part of the corner should focus on the glue, and the glue can make the floor. The wear resistance is increased, the life is effectively improved, and the water can be prevented from penetrating into the glue layer under the floor to prevent the glue from falling off.

2, timely removal of all kinds of dirt on the floor surface, it is absolutely forbidden to immerse the assembled floor in clear water, although some grounds use waterproof glue to cut off water sources (such as floor drains, water rooms, etc.), but long time water soaking will seriously affect The service life of the floor, in the cleaning process, use the water suction machine to drain the sewage in time.

In addition, immediately after the installation of the removable elastic knight sport flooring, the surface of the sheet, especially the seam, should be scrubbed with a damp cloth to prevent the glue from overflowing. Moreover, for places with more people and more wear, the maintenance cycle should be shortened, and the number of waxing of high-strength wax should be increased. It is best to glue once every six months. Remember to never use hard, rough cleaning tools to clean the assembled floor.

Why do you choose a floating assembly floor for outdoor sports?

Why do you choose a floating assembly floor for outdoor sports? Why is the suspension of assembled sports flooring the best choice for outdoor sports floor! The following is a detailed explanation of the superior performance of the procurement futsal court.
The weather has gradually warmed up and warmed up, and more and more sports enthusiasts have been active in various sports venues such as basketball courts and stadiums. Winter is far away from us, and there are many benefits to the body during outdoor activities, but you should also pay attention to safety issues during exercise. The most common injury during exercise is an ankle sprain. The lighter part is only slightly painful. The severe one can present bruises and swelling of the entire foot surface. It is very difficult to walk. It can be seen how important it is to choose a sporty and sporty sports floor.
The suspended assembled floor has the following significant advantages:
1. The common support foot setting determines that the procurement grid unity sport flooring has better bearing capacity and pressure resistance than other floors. Each suspension-assembled floor has a number of small supporting feet, forming an elastic matrix that mitigates the impact (the shock absorption rate of the sc-zsfloor suspension assembled sports floor is more than 15%), which forms the most for the athlete’s knees, ankles, back and cervical vertebrae. Good protection prevents damage caused by improper impact.
2. There is a common drainage track to quickly discharge the water together. After the rain, there is no water in the site. It is very good to prevent the ankle sprain caused by the ground slip, so that the playground can still be used normally and safely after the rain.
3. Surface texture pattern, no light absorption, no glare, anti-glare, better protection of athletes’ eyes, less fatigue; surface layer with low heat reflection, no sweat, no moisture, no residual odor.
4. Each floor can ensure a gap of 1mm, which can not only regulate the subtle changes of thermal expansion and contraction, but also ensure the strong level of athletes’ strenuous exercise under the premise of the best traction. Impact to prevent athletes from hurting their lower limbs.
Life is in motion, and life is wonderful because of movement. Now that the country is vigorously advocating the national movement, please let the removable elastic knight sport flooring become part of your life.

What should I pay attention to when using sports flooring?

What should we pay attention to when using sports flooring?
1. Sand and gravel protection: A sandstone protective mat should be placed at the entrance of the synthesis elastic knight sport flooring and the entrance of the hall to prevent the shoes from bringing sand and gravel into the room to scratch the floor surface;
2, item handling protection: When carrying items, especially when there are metal sharp objects at the bottom, do not drag on the floor to prevent floor injuries;
3. Pyrotechnic protection: Although the sports floor is a floor with a fire rating of flame retardant (B1), it does not mean that the floor will not be burned by fireworks. Therefore, when using the sports floor, do not burn the cigarette butts, mosquito coils, and electricity. Irons and high-temperature metal objects are placed directly on the interlocking double tier sport flooring to prevent floor damage;
4, regular floor maintenance: sports floor cleaning using neutral detergent cleaning, can not use strong acid or alkali cleaner to clean the ground, do regular cleaning and maintenance work;
a, daily maintenance: use a clean 90% dry mop to clean the ground, to be partially cleaned for serious pollution;
b. Monthly maintenance: the floor is clean, and the local foundation is damaged by ground waxing. In particular, the sports floor of the homogenous body is generally waxed and treated once a month;
5, pollution treatment: the stained ink on the sports floor, food, greasy, etc. should be wiped off the dirt, and then wipe the traces with a diluted detergent, the residual black leather shoe print is difficult to remove when you can use the veil to loosen the perfume scrub, not Pine perfume is poured on the floor to clean, after scrubbing to replenish wax;
6. Matters needing attention: Floor cleaning can’t use clean balls, knives to scrape, can’t clean the dirt by conventional methods, consult relevant people, do not use acetone, toluene, and other chemicals;
7. Chemical protection: avoid a large amount of water staying on the floor surface for a long time, especially the block floor, the homogenous floor, the water soaking the floor for a long time, may penetrate into the floor to make the floor glue dissolve and lose the adhesion, or it may The detachable outdoor sport court tiles of the protective wax moisture layer causes floor pollution, and it is also possible that the sewage penetrates into the floor to cause discoloration of the floor (homogeneous floor);
8. Sun protection: avoid direct exposure of strong light, do a good job of ultraviolet radiation on the floor to prevent discoloration and fading of the floor.

How to compare the advantages and disadvantages of home sports flooring

At present, there are probably the following types of interlocking double tier sport flooring, and their advantages and disadvantages are as follows:
1, sports floor
Advantages: no formaldehyde, good thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion and contraction coefficient, no deformation, wear resistance, antibacterial effect due to temperature/moisture, no insects, mildew, elasticity, and good anti-skid performance.
Disadvantages: New materials, domestic regular manufacturers, small brands, environmental protection and other performance gaps, construction ground level requirements are high.
synthesis elastic knight sport flooring is the popular floor building material in the world today. It combines the advantages of many home improvement materials, and it is the shortcoming of other materials. It is the preferred floor building material for household flooring.
2, solid wood flooring
Advantages: Gorgeous and noble, it is a natural green and harmless floor building material, which can be repaired after damage
Disadvantages: Containing formaldehyde, affected by the environment, swelling with water, easy to distort deformation, insects, breeding bacteria, large color difference, inconvenient maintenance
3, bamboo flooring
Advantages: natural material production, floor repair, floor repair, floor cleaning and maintenance
Disadvantages: susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity, deformation, vulnerability to insects, bacterial growth, formaldehyde release, high fire protection requirements
4, laminate flooring (not recommended)
Advantages: low cost and low construction requirements
Disadvantages: fear of water / fear of tide, thermal expansion and contraction coefficient, high formaldehyde emission, poor slip resistance
5, floor tiles
Advantages: rich in color, lower in cost than marble and granite, easy to maintain
Disadvantages: no anti-slip, difficult construction, easy to break, poor flexibility, high noise, radiation
Different stages of detachable outdoor sport court tiles

Kindergarten sports floor features

The characteristics of kindergarten sports flooring, the specific analysis can be reflected in the following:
First, the kindergarten sports floor is conducive to the safety of children. The customized synthesis wood look indoor sport flooring is soft and flexible, reducing the damage that children can make when they fall. Because the child is naturally active, if he does not pay attention, he will fall and cause harm, which is not good for the child and will affect the reputation of the kindergarten. The appearance of the kindergarten sports floor greatly reduced the damage caused by this damage, so it was welcomed by the kindergarten.

Second, the detachable synthetic indoor tennis court cleaning and maintenance methods are simple. Because the child is easy to soil the ground, the cleaning of the kindergarten floor has always been a difficult task. Kindergarten sports flooring has the common feature of ordinary sports flooring, which is very easy to clean and maintain. Just like ordinary sports flooring and rubber floor mats, you can use clean water for scouring, or you can add a proper amount of cleaning agent to clean water.

Third, kindergarten sports flooring has a long service life. Ordinary concrete floors are hard, easy to cause damage to children, and are not very durable, prone to cracks and other problems. In contrast, kindergarten sports flooring greatly extends the service life.

Advantages of using sports flooring in kindergartens
First, to ensure children’s safety and easy to clean
Young children are curious about everything, they like graffiti very much, they like to use everything as a canvas, and children’s floors are easy to clean. The material is soft to prevent the child from falling, being injured, and slipping to prevent the child from slipping and bumping during running.
Second, the thickness of the child-specific floor should be combined with the height and body shape of the human body.
The thickness of the child-specific floor should match the height of the human body. In addition, it must be combined with the child’s age and body shape, so that children will feel comfortable and beneficial to their healthy growth. In addition, it should be noted that whether the height of the thickness is suitable for the child to sit and sleep on the ground, so as to avoid deformation of the child’s bones due to improper selection. The child’s growing environment is vital, and an excellent growth environment can promote children’s mental and intellectual development and healthy growth.
Third, the kindergarten special floor is better than the solid wood floor
The disadvantage of solid wood flooring is that it is prone to deformation and cracks, and the color changes are not much. If the raw material and processing technology are not good, it is easy to cause indoor pollution. PVC material SIGCESS Shengshi children’s special floor is made of PVC, PVC is an environmentally friendly raw material, commonly used to make bottles, water pipes, medical infusion bags, etc., natural 100% formaldehyde, asbestos and lead during processing and installation. , mercury and other toxic and hazardous substances.
Fourth, children’s customized portable backyard court basketball sport flooring can also help children grow up happily
The children’s floor is specially designed according to the child’s growth characteristics and helps the child’s growth. Create a happy childhood for the children, choose the cartoon pattern that children love to see, carefully blended lemon yellow, orange, sea blue, sky blue, apple green, peach powder, rose red, grape purple, goose yellow nine colors, full of childlike fun, Very much liked by children!

Buy sports flooring, beware of blind misunderstanding

Some customers don’t know much about interlock detachable elastic double tier sport flooring. When they buy, they are easy to enter into the misunderstanding of blind pursuit. The so-called blind pursuit means not knowing how to determine the quality of sports flooring, and taking other surface methods to recognize the value of the floor. What are the most misunderstandings that consumers are likely to enter?
First, the price misunderstanding:
1. High price misunderstanding: Many consumers use the price to measure the pros and cons of sports flooring. The most expensive is the best quality flooring. Indeed, this is an optional standard, but the premise is that the sports flooring you buy is best branded flooring, for two reasons: the quality of the prefabricated elastic double tier sport flooring is more secure, and the second is the price of the brand sports flooring, buy the brand The floor can be said to be really good value for money. For example, the Haokang sports floor produced by the Hakka company in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, has a uniform price, reliable quality and guaranteed. If you encounter an informal business, the ordinary sports floor may also have a sky-high price. If you think that the high-priced sports floor is a good floor, consumers will be fooled.
Some sports floorings use the same materials, but the production process is somewhat different. For example, some sports floorings have more colors and are more troublesome in designing. Therefore, the price may be more expensive than the homogeneous simple color floor, but it does not mean A slightly lower price sports floor is a poor quality floor.
2, low-cost misunderstanding: Some consumers buy cheap floor, they buy cheap floor, the consumer’s “making” mentality is easy to cause indoor pollution. detachable indoor sport surface has high formaldehyde content, strong irritating odor, long release time and great damage to the body. Health is the number one, so it is recommended that consumers would rather spend more money to buy a reassurance, and do not buy low-priced inferior sports flooring.
Second, the thickness of the misunderstanding:
The thickness of the same kind of sports floor is different. The sports floor specification of ZF company is 1-8mm, the raw materials are the same, the production process is the same, and the quality is also excellent. It’s not that the thicker the sports floor, the better the quality. According to the needs of customers, it is best for you to choose the most suitable sports floor.
Third, environmental misunderstanding:
Many consumers know that today’s society advocates environmentally friendly, low-carbon, energy-saving resources, but if consumers are asked to explain these terms specifically, the concept is very vague. So how do you judge whether the sports floor is really environmentally friendly? It should be considered in many aspects: one is to make the material of the sports floor, the other is the auxiliary materials used in the process of making the sports floor, (these can go to the national inspection department for inspection), and the third is the degree of environmental impact of the sports floor during use. Inferior quality, not waterproof, moisture-proof, easy to breed bacteria;