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a tie and dye hair brown, a braid

you want to color, do not pass a hairdresser? this option is right for you. „very simple staining at home, leaving a shampoo, coloured chalks.
no, not that the tables were used for the school, but. lace wigs hair chalk? and then? chalk?

for a party, or to put some color in your day, you can now try the looks: a ponytail completely blue, a tie and dye hair brown, a braid, the styles are infinite. after the shampoo, it will disappear. t, as if by magic.
the browns will be able to choose a light blue, which will be very good in the dark hair. blondes prefer pink pastel colors or a more intense.

how do we apply?
first, protect your clothes with a towel round your shoulders. on dry or wet for more intensity, take a lock, slide along the length of the chalk. repeat the operation as many times as necessary to achieve the desired effect. wait a minute, and brush to remove the excess. set the color of the lake, and the trick is done.

to increase the hair this summer

the style back to the beach. a good way to identify the face regardless of its length. the asymmetric two braids, concealed under the hair at the back of the head with a wet look at the roots, and you are done!
find other ideas and steps of realization of fasteners through the slide 10 ideas thereof to increase the hair this summer.

right, full, chiseled, tapered, open, short, so this season, bangs, but not necessarily pass hair! check out our selection of trends for the summer. are you going to go?
because the hair is an asset, because it gives the appearance of hair, because it allows all styles… jump!
this year, the main pattern is carved with the rim openings more lace front wigs
or less strong when we see it? international labour organization (ilo) line in places. we get out of it? as a „curtain“ to choose. questions is in length, lines, en? the eyebrows, eyes slowly sublimate.
however, to make you look rock, c? a graph of the group, and was right. feel free to play with a gradient in the face of a more glamorous.

develop the relief face and light up your hair

the trends of the season
hand cut, long hair are ideally just below the neck, slightly degraded, with a fringe of hair on the edge or face. if you have a hair thin buy full lace wigs, reducing only the last 10 or 15 inches to keep a maximum of density and volume. in the case of thick hair, play with the work of wiring by reducing a few bits.

this will result in more energy and movement. the council should also apply if you have curly hair.
camp: to avoid side to obtain a uniform appearance on your laps, it is important to develop a set of locks and contrasts. put on your tone, clear edge degradation and to develop the relief face and light up your hair, your face. feel free to play with the technique of hair contouring highlighting the lines of your face. – about three months before meeting with your music.

thanks to steven on salsa, responsible for the training set.
for a perfect, or even several weeks after your date with living room, implement a few tips from pro. the tools you’ll need. a comb and a pair of scissors.
the golden rule: never cut her bangs when it is wet, because it tends to get dry. in order to obtain a perfect result, it must be dry, well established.

to put the relief of your curls in light

Fine hair … Learn to cheat! To give an impression of volume, it is enough to target the coloring on the lengths and points which frame your face.
Curly hair … You have to know doser! The surface is drier and thicker, you have to increase the pigmentation, keeping your hand light to avoid the risk of dark spots here and there. The success of this sweep will be to put the relief of your curls in light.

Side color … Forget the extremes! The shade of your sweep must always be coordinated with your base color. So, if you are brown or raven, platinum is not for you.
The art of maintaining one’s sweep

This summer, do not go on vacation without your shampoo and sun care.
When returning from the beach or the pool, go to the shower. Do not just rinse your hair with clear water to go faster. It is important to wash them daily with a detoxifying shampoo full lace wigs, with a soft, low-foaming base that will remove chlorine, salt and sand residues effortlessly. As a bonus, it will rehydrate the areas of the hair fiber weakened by the sun.

perfectly consistent with the nature of natural hair

The mats should be tight just enough for the extensions to fit in all circumstances, but not too much so that the skin can still breathe a little. With this system, no more natural hair is visible: the entire head is covered with extensions. For that, it is better to have healthy hair, soft and not brittle and to do closed weaving by a professional African hairdresser, because if it is poorly done, it can have an unnatural rendering, smother the hair and create itching.

Open weaving
The open weave, it allows to keep the fringe in natural hair, or to adjust extensions only on the half-head. For this, the extensions must be carefully chosen so that they are perfectly consistent with the nature of natural hair buy lace wigs uk.

The hair gradient must also be controlled so that they blend properly into the hair extensions. The effect is natural, especially with a line defined on the front of the head. The apparent hair must be cared for and especially hydrated to compensate for the lack of air of other hair, a little smothered under tight mats and weaving.

to sublimate the lengths with a soft hair

apply spray to enhance the wavy in finishing now.
8 / to sublimate the lengths with a soft hair
wrap the hair of c? the face section to form and attach it to the back of the head.
wrap hair above the neck to form a bun and secure together with bobby pins.
at the same time pepsy glamour and style, this is the original color of brown hair and blond hair. like it? t lilac or violet? the scanning or uniform in colouring. it explains how to adopt it without making mistakes.

what is it for me?
lilac, lavender, or plum, eggplant, there are a variety of grades violines adapted to needs and to all styles.
but some language matchent better with some carnations. lace wigs uk if you have the color porcelain, are you like? towards a clear and cold type purple lilac, lavender, and parma.

if you have a skin or halée: a purple a bit darker and warm like a lovely purple plum, or eggplant.
how to wear it?
purple can transform all of the hair, but also to be employed for a light touch is more subtle.

the hair extensions are ideal

on the contrary, if you want to display a color ultra deep, apply the product to hair. if your hair is clear or pale, the result will be the same as the bottle and will more easily in time.
the hair extensions
in trade, there are extensions to clips or coloured adhesive can be readily applied to the existing house. in the living room, you can choose a hot or installation of extensions by ultrasound.

regardless of the technique used, the hair extensions are ideal for those who want to change their hair but raise head and also for those who do not support the short hair colours buy human hair wigs uk, either because they are too soft, too dry or too thin.

you can also have fun to make a color transient on the extensions, provided that they are in the natural hair.

Have the reflex mask after each shampoo

2 / Detoxify your scalp. Aggravated by salt, sand, chlorine, it can be irritated and itchy.
Make a new skin with a gentle scrub. In the form of massaging grain exfoliator or clay mask.

3 / Have the reflex mask after each shampoo full lace wigs uk.
Choose a nourishing and restorative formula that acts as a hair dressing.

I have been back for 15 days
A long hair is a hair that is several years old. If it is not cut regularly, its ends eventually wear out.

1 / Cut your points for a refurbishment. Once split, the tips become impossible to repair.

The good reflex is to cut them from one to two centimeters to eliminate the damaged part.
You can supplement with a serum, which acts as a protective sheath.

2 / Treat yourself to a good cheat sheet. On the menu: oil baths, champions to restore softness to the fiber.

3 / Save your color. If your color is gone, faded or turned, fill it with pigments with care tailored to your nuance.
If you need to redo your color, ask your hairdresser for a restorative care.
On a healthy hair, the color is more durable and more radiant.

the average life span of a hair dryer

find the decoder 12 present camp together our television, and even more tips to adopt or sublimation of brown hair in our presentation.
because we love the ploy of the test bench, we decided to test the latest developments in the field of human hair wigs uk hair dryer. in order to avoid the light ion electric hair, blow drying, ultra powerful motor express, innovative and ultra infrared heating number. we have tested all their features. do they really promise? find out immediately by clicking on the slide show.

did you know that?
the average life span of a hair dryer is about 1000 times, and it is used on average 90 minutes a week, so this device is a true companion in daily life.
to maintain, do not twist his neck as this can cause false contacts. the trick? wrap it in 8 between the handle and the blower of the apparatus.

think also of the filter back to regular cleaning, in order to avoid blocking and this can cause overheating of the motor.
a test of the paper.

if you have thick hair shampoo

if you have hair, make every lagave first and then a second déjaunisseur neutral shampoo shampoo.
if you have thick hair shampoo, have 2 consecutive déjaunisseurs, each washing.
a skate in the barber shop
this technique is able to control the reflection of yellow „? the most intense and over a longer period of time.

often less expensive than conventional staining, are about 20 min), the clay is preferably once a month.
complete discoloration
if your hair is grey and white hair is irregular, the ideal is to achieve a discoloration.
clear the darker areas of your hair for a brighter and more uniform.
opt for an ultra nourishing.
the white hair is naturally dry, rough and dull. in order to maintain a beautiful sheen and softness, it is therefore necessary to rethink your human hair wigs uk
hair care routine. do at least once a week on a mask based on shea butter or cocoa or sweet almond oil.
i put 1 to 2 times per month, a mixture of vegetable oils (jojoba, apricot, lawyer, etc.) on the length and depth to the feed point.