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counteract the positive ions of the hair

finally, if the routine is not at the end of the capillary and the static electricity of hair, anti frizz cream are good allies to counter it. bonus: the hair become soft, smooth and shiny. our hair to adopt. of course, when the electric hair, the simplest way is to attach a ponytail or braid not to worry about it. however, it is sufficient to use the right accessories for the stage of the hair is not to be a disaster. for dry hair, dry hair, there are ions. in contrast to conventional hair dryer up static electricity, they emit negative ions, which will counteract the positive ions of the hair. for the tight spots from unraveling, the plastic brush is in the closet. a comb with large teeth, preferably of metal, to reduce the electrical load, is more suitable. finally, the lacquer is avoided, because it contains alcohol, which dries the hair and makes them more susceptible to static electricity. alternatively, it is possible to spray the comb for use on wet hair. the best is to select a hairspray contains moisturizers and protective agents. it is ideal to break an real hair wigs electrical hair.

the care that i need for my blond hair color

you have two colours, with products for the fiber dyed hair. the ritual is two to three times a week, wash with a shampoo suited to dyed hair shampoo, such as argan oil and super sweet cranberry garnier. follow by the application of the conditioner with argan oil, cranberry, ultra soft garnier. once a week, take the time to put a mask as a mask for the production of argan oil and cranberry ultra soft garnier, who is intensely and helps to protect the color full lace wigs.

finally, to give the brightness to the fiber between the two oil shampoo, apply the longueurset peaks. the ideal? a super sweet oil nourishes the hair place, which helps to maintain its luster, without the burden.

the rhythm of blond hair color
if you want your root

can the hair with red highlights
these reflections to make the hair color of the fire and give him a kick. they are perfect for giving to the pep’brown hair with brown, they light up like magic. however, there is not a red red, but many.

the council of professional curling iron

before you start, you train with a curling iron which is not connected.
once you have found the right touch, turn on the camera, but the first time do not forget to use the glove thermoprotecteur which is provided with the loop taker. you won’t burn you.

you want to change the face with beautiful earrings here, flopping all over and wavy, without having to pass hair or hair? so put on the effectiveness of a curling iron. in order to make the right choice, follow the guide and find out the most and the least of the packers, and advice.
to choose a curling iron, many parameters have to be taken into account. here are 5 favorite models. so it’s up to you which one is right for you.

the curling iron, curl secret faster ion philips
curl secret ionic, philips
with an automatic layout system, the curl is the ideal secret ion for beginners, but also for women who want to buckle, wavy or glamour human lace front wigs uk, in record time.
how does it work?

separate your hair into several strands

don’t be afraid to use thermoactifs to protect your hair care and feeding.
adjust the temperature at the nature of your hair, they are fragile and has a temperature of 150 c, if they are normal, you can set your flat iron at 180 c, raise the temperature, if your hair is thick and frizzy. lace front wigs uk

separate your hair into several strands. most are small, and the result is satisfactory.
start with the neck and back. go, always from the root to the tip with a minimum distance of 1 cm from the scalp.
adopt a continuous rate slow enough not to run, and more than 2 times. beyond that, you will hurt the lace wigs uk hair.
don’t use your flat iron more than 2 to 4 times a week so as not to damage your hair.
how to maintain a flat iron?

the maintenance is very easy, but a few precautions are essential. all electrical equipment and cleaning when the iron is turned off and cold. in fact, you could change the plates, which would be damaging to your hair. the composition of the plates are also prohibited the use of cleaning products, use a cloth moistened with water to remove any residual sebum or hair care products.
some advice in the event of a problem with your flat iron

less features marked with asymmetrical hair

a breath of fresh air: less features marked with asymmetrical hair
like a lace wigs uk hair swept aside to your bangs too structured. it will feature in a natural movement and feminine. easy to wear clothes, hair style hair and face without trying to hide it. if you already have a fringe, the layered and try to put aside.

a breath of fresh air. the browns would clarify a few strands
keep your base provides a natural dark density to your hair, especially if you have the impression that it is less abundant. with a few strands of a more transparent, two tone, in shades of brown or hot chocolate, it will create a sense of depth and motion.

a breath of fresh air: blondes make terrain
if you have light human lace front wigs uk colored hair, you can warm up your hair a few strands of hair in a warm golden tone, honey or caramel. in order to obtain a natural finish, you always play the card of ‘avoiding the contrast too much.

accessoirisez a jewel colored hair

for easy home, put salt spray on wet and dry your hair length in the open air. the result is not so sophisticated, but you will get a nice move glamour. you are free to work and your hair in a bun or left side hair cheap lace front wigs, or completely removed.

the tails of the horse nice
simple and elegant, beautiful oval face and the port head. we love the fuzzy version of barbara pavlin and glamour but also those of michelle jenner and ana beatriz barros, finished, and graphics. if you want to give the appearance of the ponytail, accessoirisez a jewel colored hair. you can also put it on the neck and down on one shoulder, to obtain a more romantic.

a long hair cutting and mid length

the fringe curtain, why is this trend?
because it makes a nice effect with a long hair cutting and mid length. easy to maintain and to develop, it does not require special attention. a very nice smooth or corrugated, it adapt to all styles.

a “younger, great, what do you say? ambassador eric zemmur, l’oreal professional hair you propose to achieve that square soft. this is all the tricks video.
in order to illustrate his new haircut lace wigs uk, marion may opt for a chic look fuzzy, dynamic and attractive.
in order to achieve this, proceed in stages.

before drying, the hair is prepared with a product that facilitates forming, bouncy and tenders ( stylers l’oreal professional), and then with a thermo forming spray (spray cover shape memory heat shaping l’oreal professional), pe rmet printing produced by the movement of the hair.

revenue to castor oil for hair

castor oil and sweet almond
it is sufficient to mix the same amount of castor oil and sweet almond oil. the oil well mixed are applied on the hair, with emphasis on the nails, more dry. it must be kept for 30 minutes before the shampoo. it is good for the hair, lack of luster and they volume: castor oil again the vitality and brightness, while the sweet almond oil is silky and soft.

castor oil, egg and lemon
with an egg, a spoonful of castor oil and a few drops of essential oil of lemon, a mask ultra sappy. it needs to be a half an hour, all the same, then wash your hair with a shampoo as usual. for those who have dry hair, it is better to make the mask with the white of the egg, which tends to dry out the hair fiber.

castor oil, honey and avocado
the pulp is crushed avocado ripe is mixed with four tablespoons of castor oil, a tablespoon of liquid honey.

how to treat her blonde hair

the hair is a lot of maintenance. if you find that you have damaged aquatic sessions lengths are on order. you can choose a moisturizing mask, very refreshing with vegetable oil. you can also use some natural products cheap lace front wigs, such as egg yolk and vinegar. just two egg yolks and mix a tablespoon of vinegar. apply the mixture on the hair, then rinse with warm water. if your hair’s really lost its color and it is green, go for a walk with your hair. it can remove the green for a few minutes with a special shampoo, and a lot of technical. your hair will be shiny and bright. 1 / the disciplinantes oils have a nut oil on wet hair, after shampoo. of course, in the dry hair brush regularly. how to make your hair silky material is more flexible and more if you have a few ripples or frizz.

the time of smoothing on wet hair

using an integrated system of evaporation, it can be used on wet or dry hair. a ring of plates infused with keratin and eliminate water, tourmaline, and the brightness of the hair.
hair straightener express liss, calor for elite model look, 39.99 euros.

the time of smoothing on wet hair.
good value for money.
the rotation of the bead is smooth.
provided with protective covering.
i have dry hair lace wigs uk
i is a smart tool drying

used daily or several times a day, the hair dryer is a source of attacks to the capillary fibers. also, put the children in the area, offering technologies worthy of spy films. take, for example, the length of a hair dryer on the aerospace engineering.