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Functional fabrics bring convenience to human life

There are many different types of Functional Fabrics, each of which has a very unique function and function just like their name.
For example, quick-drying fabrics can quickly absorb the sweat from people’s body, and let the sweat quickly lead to the outer layer of the fabric through special weaving, so that people can avoid sweat discomfort during exercise.
For example, it is an anti-UV fabric. The UV protection function of this fabric is UPF 30+. It can protect the skin of the human body from UV rays. Wear clothes made of such fabrics without worrying about sunburn.
In addition, there is waterproof and breathable fabric, which is used for outdoor sports. Even if it is raining, it is not afraid that the clothes will be wet by the rain.

Conclusion: Functional fabrics are a new type of fabrics developed by people today. They are very diverse in variety, functional, and wide-ranging, and they have a lot of help and effect on people’s daily lives.

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Pillowcase samples can enhance happiness

  1. The color of the Pillowcase Sampleis different for people. The dark patterned pillowcases are luxurious and suitable for decorating luxurious homes. Colourful cushions for a modern style room. The warm-colored pillowcase is suitable for the elderly. The cold-colored pattern pillowcases are mostly used by young people, and the cartoon-patterned pillowcases are very popular among children.
  2. The pattern of the Pillowcase Samplecan be varied, in a variety of ways, or even a separate cloth color, as long as the color can be coordinated with the entire living room environment.
    3. Indoor large area If there is a large area of white, the atmosphere lacks a sense of jumping. At this time, the color of the Pillowcase Sample should not be too bright, and dark blue, dark green, and blush are more suitable

The concern about mattress fabrics

Nowadays, people pay great attention to the quality of life, and the requirements for food, clothing, housing and transportation are getting higher and higher. In the case of a mattress, the most important thing for consumers when purchasing a mattress is the fabric of the mattress.app_02

  1. In the case of a mattress, what consumers value most when purchasing a mattress is whether the fabric of the mattress is environmentally friendly. What are the mattress fabrics?
  2. But the spring mattress is too soft, so it is not suitable for childrenwho are developing.To choose the right baby mattress fabric.
  3. However, when buying a spring mattress, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the spring mattress and the quality of the sewing. It is also one of the reasons that affect the performance of the mattress.

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Do you know the secret behind double-knit?

First of all, what is double knit? According to the fabric guide, double knit is an innovation of Italian knitwear manufacturers. They are very stable, with little or no lateral stretching. They are double sided so they can be used in reversible garments. They are made of wool or synthetic materials. Knitted patterns become Double Knit Jacquard.


So, when can we choose double-knit?

  • For medium and heavy jerseys, choose a pattern that shows a crisp fabric. If the fabric recommends not including double jersey, look for recommended fabrics such as linen, wool flannel and corduroy.
  • For lightweight double-knit, choose a pattern that shows a soft fabric, a stable sweatshirt or crepe.It is usually best to avoid design with hard, sharp creases and noticeable wrinkles.

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Surface fabric selection for baby mattresses

When purchasing a baby mattress, attention should be paid to the surface layer of the baby mattress. The surface fabric is more closely contacted with the baby, which may cause allergies. Choose pure natural cotton, anti-mite knitted mattress fabric, not easy to be allergic, give your baby a healthy sleep, prevent baby allergies from causing physical discomfort or even crying.

Rongli Cloth Tells You the Details about Knitted Mattress Fabric

What is knitted mattress fabric? What are the characteristics of knitted mattress fabric? A weaving principle in which a loop is formed by a loop of a plurality of coils in a longitudinal or lateral direction, and each coil is woven by a loop of a knitting needle. The fabric woven in this manner is called a knitted mattress fabric for making garments or For the production of other home textiles and other products, the fabric used is knitted mattress fabric. knitted mattress fabrics are divided into two categories: weft knitted mattress fabrics and warp knitted mattress fabrics. The mattress of knitted mattress fabric has a smooth feel, moisture absorption, easy pilling and antistatic.

Mattress features of knitted mattress fabrics:knitted mattress fabrics have a soft texture, moisture absorption, excellent elasticity and extensibility, and their productivity. Knitwear is comfortable to wear, fit and body, no restraint, and can fully reflect the human body curve.

Modern knitted mattress fabrics are more colorful, and have entered the development stage of multi-functionality and high-grade. The new knitted mattress fabrics with various texture effects and different functions have been developed to bring unprecedented sensory effects and visual effects to knitwear. Hangzhou Xiaoshan Rongli Cloth was established in 1989, and has been a professional company dedicating to modern mattress fabric.

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They come from all walks of life, from all over the area, including Apollo Beach, Ruskin, Riverview, Sun City Center and Brandon. They unite to pursue one common obsession: Functional Fabrics.

Their projects range from making adult garments, fashion pieces, purses, doll clothes, pillowcases, baby clothes, woolly dolls and infant blankets to art quilts honoring veteran soldiers.

Who are they? They are the talented women of The American Sewing Guild, a national non-profit organization dedicated to supporting sewing enthusiasts all over the U.S.

With more than 125 chapters and nearly 1,000 neighborhood groups that sponsor sewing activities in local communities, ASG has something to offer anyone with a yen for needle and thread.

Standing, from left: Dorothy Sparks, Martha Collins. Seated: Cindy Falck and Delores Lines.

“It’s a lifelong interest that we love to share,” said Martha Collins of MiraBay, president of the ASG local chapter, East Bay/Brandon, which, with a current membership of 130, is a spinoff from the growing Tampa Bay chapter.

“Our members love the camaraderie and friendship they get through ASG,” she said. “There’s just nothing else like it.”

“We’re like a bunch of little girls all grown up,” said Cindy Falck of Apollo Beach, who loves sewing doll and baby clothes. “I just recently had the joy of making an Easter dress for my new grandbaby, and nothing could have made me happier.”

Dorothy Sparks, a winter resident of Kings Point in Sun City Center, agreed. “Many of us started out in 4-H, and now we’re like grown-up 4-H-ers,” she said. She loves the sense of community that being a member of ASG gives her. “I started sewing as a need,” she said, “because I was short and could never find clothes to fit me. Now it’s no longer a need, it’s my passion.”

ASG chapters come in all sizes — larger chapters often sponsor quarterly chapterwide special events that may feature local or national speakers, member fashion shows or specialty workshops.

Smaller chapters may form because they share a specific interest, like quilting or doll clothes.

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