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What are the advantages and disadvantages of mattresses?

Mattress fabrics have always been the focus of attention. At present, there are mainly the following types of mattress materials on the market. Today we talk about their respective advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Latex mattress: good air permeability, good elasticity, no deformation, can fit the contour of the body, and effectively support the body. It can be clean and durable. It can effectively inhibit the growth of aphids and prevent mosquitoes. Suitable for a wide range of people, infants and children can use it with confidence.
  2. Palm mattress:natural material, good breathability, hard texture and low price. Older people, adolescents and people with lumbar problems can choose this type of mattress.
  3. Spring mattress: There are many types, independent pocket springs can be adjusted in sections. It can be flexibly adjusted according to the curve and weight of the human body to support the body evenly.
  4. Sponge mattress: ordinary sponge mattress is light in weight and easy to move. The price is low. But too soft is not suitable for the elderly or people with lumbar problems. Among them, the memory cotton mattress can fit the spine well, and the mute effect is good. Turning over will not disturb the person next to you. But the overall problem is poor gas permeability, which is not conducive to human health.

Choose a mattress and don’t be sloppy. At present, the quality of mattresses on the market is uneven, consumers should keep their eyes open and carefully select. If you are preparing to buy a mattress, come to Rongli to see, I believe there is always a mattress for you.

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Rongli knitted mattress fabric is constantly innovating and optimizing

Knitted products were first hand knitted dating back to the Egyptian civilization. Soon, European culture took over the art of knitting and after the industrial revolution, knitting was done with the help of machines. Knitting machines can be primarily bifurcated as flat beds and circular beds.

The circular knitting machines can create a number of designs with stitch structures such as 2-sided fabrics, fleece, blister, interlock, rib, jacquard, mattress ticking, needle set-out, plated plush, transfer technique, waffle etc. Moreover, both dyed as well as raw yarns are fed into the circular knitting machines. Rongli company are innovating their needle technologies to come up with better quality knitted mattress fabric. Researchers are working continuously on the spirality, shrinkage of the knitted fabrics, and product differentiation. Various determining factors while choosing the right circular knitting machines are end fabric details such as count, twist, machine settings, and other parameters.

There has been a considerable increase in the demand for knitted apparel in diverse applications such as protective wear, sportswear, shapewear, casuals, and winter wear amongst others. Circular knitting machines are preferred for bulk production, as large diameter fabrics can be produced from circular knit beds. Moreover, technical textiles are increasingly being adopted into diverse industries. These technical textile fabrics are produced from the circular knitting machines with varied fabric constructions.

Additionally, apparel manufacturers are looking forward to customized fabrics with complicated knitting construction patterns. These factors are expected to drive the global circular knitting machines market. Players in the global circular knitting machines market are challenged by the cheap quality machines which reduces the cost of production. These players can gain opportunistic market by expanding and entering into omni-channels for distribution network.

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Mattress protector with high quality component unit

Rongli mattress protectors are well known for their premium protection against dust mites, fluids, urine, perspiration, allergens and bacteria.

The mattress protector has made them especially helpful for those with kids, pets, allergies, asthma or incontinence. With just one unprotected fluid accident, a mattress can be left with a permanent stain or odor. Rongli premium mattress protectors safeguard your mattress against fluids and stains offering peace of mind and a more sterile sleeping environment for you and your family.

Dust mites are a constant problem for millions of Americans who suffer from daily allergy and asthma triggers. Rongli mattress protectors prevent dust mites from passing through the surface of the protector where they would normally multiply and defecate.

Rongli uses only the finest high quality components for their protectors to ensure your sleep experience will be just as quiet and comfortable as before it was applied.

Rongli’s premium cotton terry surface design is soft, smooth, and noiseless. Cotton terry naturally absorbs fluids while allowing air and heat to pass through, keeping your bed cool and dry.

The surface of our fitted sheet style protector is designed not to interfere with the current feel of your mattress. No matter if your mattress is a firm or pillow top, it will still have the same feel after our protector is applied.

Protect your mattress from fluid spills like sweat and urine with Rongli’s exclusive membrane layer. This unique design blocks fluids from reaching the mattress while still allowing the mattress to breathe preventing heat buildup.

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What kind of mattress do you need to choose for a “healthy sleep”?

One-third of life is spent in sleep. The four signs that measure people’s “healthy sleep” are: adequate sleep, sufficient time, good quality, high efficiency; easy to fall asleep; sleep continuously, without interruption; Deep sleep, wake up and tired. The quality of sleep is closely related to the mattress.

Consumers can choose from the mattress’s permeability, decompression, support, serviceability, bed tension, sleep temperature and sleep humidity. Buy a mattress of the right type and quality. Because each person’s specific conditions are different, such as weight, height, fat and thin, personal living habits, preferences, etc., people should choose the mattress according to their specific conditions and the local climate and personal economic income conditions. The most basic requirement is to maintain the lumbar lordosis when lying on the back, and the body curve is normal; when the side is lying, the lumbar spine is not bent and the side bend is dominant.

The best choice of mattress should start with the function of the mattress. The function of the mattress is to ensure that the consumer gets a healthy and comfortable sleep. There are two criteria for a good mattress: one is that the spine can maintain a straight stretch regardless of the sleeping position; the other is that the pressure is equal, and the person lying on the whole body can be fully relaxed. This involves the softness of the mattress.

A good mattress not only makes people sleep well, but also benefits the body. In general, a long-term wrong sleeping position, especially the use of a bad mattress, can cause displacement of the spinal joints, thereby stimulating the internal nerves of the spine, causing the organs controlled by the nerves to gradually lose normal function. Too hard a mattress will not only oppress the back nerves of the human body, but also affect the normal circulation of the blood. It will also cause back pain and sciatica after a long time.

Rongli Clothing provides you quality knitted mattress fabric , we do the knitted mattress fabric with our heart and we know what kind knitted mattress fabric is the suitable for your sleep.

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Knitting is divided into weft knitted fabrics and warp knitted fabrics

Nowadays, the application of knitted mattress fabric is more and more widely available. Today we will carefully understand some of these fabrics.

A knitted fabric is a fabric formed by bending a yarn into a loop by knitting needles and splicing each other. Knitted fabrics differ from woven fabrics in that they have different shapes in the fabric. Knitting is divided into weft knitted fabric and warp knitted fabric. At present, knitted fabrics are widely used in apparel fabrics and linings, home textiles and other products, and are popular among consumers.

The warp knitting uses a plurality of yarns to be looped in the longitudinal direction (warp direction) of the cloth surface, and the weft knitting is sequentially looped by one or more yarns in the transverse direction (weft) of the cloth surface.

Weft-knitted knitwear can be formed with at least one yarn, but in order to improve production efficiency, a plurality of yarns are generally used for weaving; and a warp-knitted fabric is a fabric that cannot be formed by one yarn, one yarn Only a beak of one coil can be formed. All weft knits can be detached into a line in the reverse weaving direction, but the warp knit can not.

Warp knit fabrics cannot be hand woven. The weft knitted fabric has stretchability, curling property, and dispersibility. The warp knitted fabric has a stable structure and a small elasticity because it forms a wraparound knot.

Woven knitwear can be used in a wide variety of materials, including cotton, wool, silk, hemp, chemical fiber, and blended or conjugated yarns thereof. Knitted material is soft, in addition to good wrinkle resistance and breathability, it also has greater extensibility and elasticity, suitable for underwear, tights and sportswear. Knitted fabrics can also be used as outerwear, mattresses, etc. after changing the structure and improving dimensional stability.

Hangzhou Xiaoshan Rongli Cloth integrates mattress, the design, produce, R&D and sales of home textiles, and imports advanced waving machinery from West German and Italy etc. As first class China Ordinary Knitted Jacquard manufacturers and Ordinary Knitted Jacquard suppliers, we provide you quality knitted mattress fabric.

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High quality organic baby mattress fabric

Considering that a person spends nearly 20%-30% of their life sleep, it’s important to take the time to research the mattress that best suits your needs. This decision-making process is more complicated when considering which baby mattress fabric to buy for your baby. You want your baby to be comfortable and safe.

Infants spend more than 16 hours a day in a crib, making them more susceptible to chemicals in the mattress. Not all crib mattresses are safe and misleading. It is very important to have any chemicals in your baby’s mattress.

Polyurethane foam in baby mattresses is also worthy of attention. The two main chemicals used to make polyurethane foams are toluene diisocyanate (TDI) and methylene diphenyl diisocyanate. Both substances are mutagenic, and at least TDI is carcinogenic to animals. Although no direct study of the effects of these chemicals on humans has been conducted, a study conducted at nine Swedish polyurethane manufacturing plants found that the incidence of rectal cancer and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma increased.

Buying mattresses, especially crib mattresses that do not contain chemical flame retardants and polyurethane foams and are replaced with organic and natural ingredients, is a safer and healthier option. Organic mattresses are made from all natural or organic materials, including cotton, wool, coconut fiber, food grade polymers, natural latex.

Premium organic baby mattresses include organic wool or organic cotton and organic coconut coconut shells. Coconut coconut shell provides a sturdy core, breathable, anti-mildew and durable. Wool helps to dissipate heat and moisture, keeping your baby cool and comfortable. Wool also has natural antibacterial properties and can also act as a natural fire barrier.

All of these features are found in the Rongli Crib Mattress, making it a hot organic baby mattress.

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Double knit jacquard,look for your favorite pattern

Double knit jacquard interlocks the two layers of knitting together, while, at the same time, forming a two tone jacquard or fair isle type design.

It results in a single ‘fabric’ –not a two sided tube. That is, the two sides of the knitting are, if not completely, at least frequently, interlocked and can’t be pulled apart.

The two interlocked layer of fabric, make it durable and warm. The interlocking design resist ‘run’s when fabric is worn through–an asset for mittens or other gear that might be get worn out in active outdoor sports or work.

Because of its warm and durability, its is excellent for socks and mittens and other outwear. With hats and scarves, the two-sided design makes them 100% reversible. For the same reason, it is excellent for afghans–and potholders!

Apart from the woven mattress fabric made with the help of jacquard loom, knitted jacquard fabric are also made, and jacquard fabric also refers to a rib-based, double jersey weft-knit fabric on which a figure or design appears in a different colour or texture.

Fabrics are manufactured by weaving, knitting or non-woven process. Certain fabrics require special characteristics that are brought through different types of fabric weaves. Jacquard weaves are woven by jacquard machines to obtain this knitted jacquard mattress fabric.These looms allow individual control on interlacing of up to several hundred warp threads that can give birth to innumerable unique patterns.

Double Knit Jacquard is recognisable by its reversibility because the fabric is truly double-sided and the back side does not show floats as expected compared to stranded knitting. A true double knit jacquard will have pattern on both sides and will be double thick and jacquard knitting technique will have a dotted effect on the back side. The floats created by the colour switches will be confined to the inside of the fabric. The jacquard knitting involves more colours than other styles.

The double jacquard mattress fabric designed by Hangzhou Xiaoshan Rongli Garments Co., Ltd. is diverse and unique, and the details work is also very good, unlike the jacquard fabrics commonly found on the market.

In the future, the unique will be the fashion. The knitted jacquard mattress fabric have this features, it can be designed very uniqueness and individuality.

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Rongli Cloth Tells You the Details about Knitted Mattress Fabric

What is knitted mattress fabric? What are the characteristics of knitted mattress fabric? A weaving principle in which a loop is formed by a loop of a plurality of coils in a longitudinal or lateral direction, and each coil is woven by a loop of a knitting needle. The fabric woven in this manner is called a knitted mattress fabric for making garments or For the production of other home textiles and other products, the fabric used is knitted mattress fabric. knitted mattress fabrics are divided into two categories: weft knitted mattress fabrics and warp knitted mattress fabrics. The mattress of knitted mattress fabric has a smooth feel, moisture absorption, easy pilling and antistatic.

Mattress features of knitted mattress fabric:knitted mattress fabrics have a soft texture, moisture absorption, excellent elasticity and extensibility, and their productivity. Knitwear is comfortable to wear, fit and body, no restraint, and can fully reflect the human body curve.

Modern knitted mattress fabrics are more colorful, and have entered the development stage of multi-functionality and high-grade. The new knitted mattress fabrics with various texture effects and different functions have been developed to bring unprecedented sensory effects and visual effects to knitwear. Hangzhou Xiaoshan Rongli Cloth was established in 1989, and has been a professional company dedicating to modern mattress fabric.

Not only is the knitted mattress fabric developing rapidly, but Rongli’s woven mattress fabric is also very good. If you are interested, let’s take a look:woven mattress fabric.

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Several common classifications of jacquard fabrics

Jacquard fabrics are suitable for a wide range of people and can be used to make clothing or bedding. It is very popular because it is slim, soft and breathable. However, such fabrics tend to fade, and it is easy to lose elasticity after a long time, so it is usually kept good.
The fabrics used for mattresses generally have the following classifications: jacquard mattress fabric:
1. Jacquard dyed monochrome jacquard fabric
The jacquard fabric is woven by a jacquard weaving machine, dyed and finished, and the finished fabric is pure color; it can be used for high-grade garment production materials or decorative industrial materials.
2. Knitted jacquard fabric
Knitted jacquard fabric is unique in texture, soft in texture, fine and smooth, with good luster, drape and breathability, and high color fastness.
3.Satin jacquard fabric
The cost of satin tissue products is higher than similar plain and twill weave products. Fabrics woven from satin fabric are collectively referred to as satin fabrics having a front and back side, and the fabric is smooth, fine and shiny.

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In addition, regarding the washing method of the jacquard fabric, the steps are as follows:
1.Washing: When washing jacquard fabrics, do not wipe them with rough clothes. It is more difficult to wash them with a washing machine. The correct method of washing is to soak the jacquard cloth in water for 5-10 minutes, then gently wipe it with a special detergent or a mild soap, and finally rinse with water.
2.Drying: Because the strong ultraviolet rays in the sun will make the jacquard fabric yellow, fade, and aging, so it should not be exposed after washing. It should not be dried by a dryer. Generally, it should be placed in a cool and ventilated place.
3.Ironing: The anti-wrinkle of jacquard fabric is slightly worse than chemical fiber. Therefore, if the clothes are wrinkled after washing, they can be ironed to make them fresh, elegant and clean.
4.Preservation: For clothes such as jacquard cloth, it must be washed first, then ironed and re-collected. In boxes and cabinets where clothing is stored, be sure to keep them clean and seal them as much as possible to prevent secondary contamination of the dust.

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Rongli provides the softest touch for your baby’s gentle skin

From Rongli’s premium baby mattress fabrics, the flannel mat is made from only the softest cotton flannel, providing the softest touch to your baby’s mild skin.

Rongli’s mission in the baby fabric sector is to make crib products affordable and fun without compromising quality. We believe that cute designs and bright colors allow everyone to experience beautiful life and to stimulate their imagination.

The use of baby mattress fabrics in double-sided jacquard knitting is made of 100% cotton, with interesting patterns, prints and embroidery, and colors and stripes can be easily matched with home decoration.

In addition to baby bedding, we use cotton, polyester, nylon and spandex. Each small sock has cute patterns, prints and solids. They are given as gifts to new parents.

Our everyday baby essentials at affordable prices are exactly what parents and caregivers are looking for.We offer a variety of design styles, including baby bedding, bath towels, bibs and more.

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