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High quality galvanized steel coil sheet

The low cost Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheet is used to prevent corrosion of the surface of the steel sheet and prolong its service life. The surface of the steel sheet is coated with a layer of metal zinc. This zinc-coated steel sheet is called a galvanized sheet. Zinc plating is an economical and effective method of preserving corrosion that is often used. About half of the world’s zinc production is used in this process.

According to production and processing methods can be divided into the following categories:

1. The hot dip galvanized steel coil for sale. The steel sheet is immersed in a molten zinc bath to adhere to a zinc-plated steel sheet to the surface. At present, it is mainly produced by a continuous galvanizing process, that is, a coiled steel plate is continuously immersed in a plating tank in which zinc is melted to form a galvanized steel sheet;

2. Alloyed galvanized steel sheet. This steel sheet is also produced by hot dip, but immediately after it is discharged, it is heated to about 500 ° C to form an alloy film of zinc and iron. This galvanized sheet has good adhesion and weldability of the coating;

3. Electro-galvanized steel plate. The production of such a galvanized steel sheet by electroplating has good processability. However, the coating is thinner and the corrosion resistance is not as good as that of hot-dip galvanized sheet;

4. Single-sided plating and double-sided differential galvanized steel. Single-sided galvanized steel, that is, a product that is only galvanized on one side. It has better adaptability than a double-sided galvanized sheet in welding, painting, anti-rust treatment, and processing. In order to overcome the shortcomings of uncoated zinc on one side, there is a galvanized sheet coated with a thin layer of zinc on the other side, that is, a double-sided differential galvanized sheet;

5. Alloy, composite galvanized steel sheet. It is made of zinc and other metals such as aluminum, lead, zinc, etc., or even composite plated steel. This steel plate has excellent rust resistance and good coating properties;

In addition to the above five types, there are also hot sale color-coated corrugated roofing sheet, printed galvanized steel sheets, and polyvinyl chloride laminated galvanized steel sheets. However, the most commonly used ones are still hot dip galvanized sheets.

Galvanized steel products are mainly used in construction, light industry, automotive, agriculture, animal husbandry, and fishery and commercial industries. The construction industry is mainly used to manufacture anti-corrosion industrial and civil building roof panels, roof grills, etc.; the light industry uses it to manufacture home appliance casings, civil chimneys, kitchen utensils, etc., and the automotive industry is mainly used to manufacture corrosion-resistant parts for cars, etc. Agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery are mainly used for grain storage and transportation, frozen processing tools for meat and aquatic products, etc.; commercial is mainly used as storage, transportation, and packaging equipment for materials.

Common quality problems of galvanized steel coils

1. Defect name: galvanized steel coil – galvanized stripping
Defect performance: dezincification
Cause: Poor furnace temperature, improper handling of the substrate of prepainted galvanized steel coil in stock, etc.

2. Defect name: galvanized steel coil – ungalvanized
Defect performance: the surface of the steel plate is not galvanized
Causes: poor raw materials, poor pre-treatment degreasing, poor furnace temperature

3. Defect name: galvanized steel coil – poor zinc flower
Defect performance: zinc flower size of prepainted galvanized steel coil in stock is uneven, no zinc flower
Cause: poor furnace temperature rise, poor cooling control

4. Defect name: galvanized steel coil – zinc bismuth
Defect performance: spotted on the surface of the coil, attached to the granular zinc residue
Cause: The scum or bottom slag in the zinc pot is attached to the steel strip.

5. Defect name: galvanized steel coil – oxidation
Defect performance: white rust
Cause: During the storage process, it absorbs moisture from the air and oxidizes.

Precautions for roof sheets before construction

Because the high quality PPGI corrugated roofing sheet is a prefabricated dismantling structure, the pre-construction line task plays an infinitely important guarantee for the quality of the previous construction, and it does not ignore it. The construction requirements for roofing roof and glass rock wool are reviewed in the following order.

1. Pre-construction review
Mouth: The construction of the trench is strong and there must be no looseness; all the strips must be parallel to each other, and all the strips are three-dimensional; the strips and the diagonal strips: the strips and the diagonal strips must be pre-tensioned firmly, and the nuts must not be loose.

2. Plate design

Longitudinal plate design
Be the first to confirm the size of the first and last rafts of each sloping roof and the positioning axis, and then confirm the end point of the roof panel, the starting point and the size of the first and last rafters. The distance between the first and last rafters is the total length of the low cost color-coated corrugated roofing sheet. In the center of the lighting belt, according to the request of the drawings, take the lead in affirming the length and length of the lighting belt, and then confirm the length of the color plate; the lap of the lighting belt and the color plate adopts the lighting belt on the upper side and the color plate in the lower form. Apply water-stop glue to ensure waterproof and reliable.

Horizontal panel design
The ineffective coverage of the panels on the roof slab is the fundamental modulus of the roof slabs. The layout of the roof slabs is the size of the total width of the roof and the fundamental amplitude.

The total width of the roof is indeed fixed: the total width of the roof should be the spacing between the axis of the first and last columns of the building plus the structural size of the roof protruding from the first and last columns.

According to the total width of the roof, the horizontal unit of the color plate is planned, and the size of the flood sheet at the gable is planned according to the margin.

According to the design of the row sheet, the position of the starting line of the row sheet is affirmed. In the roof sheet installation, the endpoint is first marked on the purlin, that is, the starting point of the row board is marked on each purlin along the span direction, and the connection and building of each point The longitudinal axis is perpendicular, and then the punctuation is repeated once every ten plates in the amplitude direction of the plate to restrict and review the construction bias of the plate, and then correct.

When the roof panel needs to be longitudinally overlapped, the length of the stacking is guaranteed to be more than 15 cm. The water-stopping glue is applied according to the design drawing, and the grounding position is in the position of the strip.

Transportation precautions for steel plastic geogrid

Steel-plastic geogrid is widely used in engineering and plays an important role. What should you pay attention to when transporting and stacking low cost steel plastic geogrid? Steel plastic geogrid manufacturers will answer you:

Steel plastic geogrid transportation precautions
During transportation, the steel geogrid should be prevented from colliding and the steel geogrid damaged or the plastic geogrid bent. The number of layers of the steel-plastic geogrid should not be too high, and the fulcrum should be set reasonably. The two sides of the steel-plastic geogrid should be supported to prevent rolling. Waterborne steel plastic geogrid should be transported by ship and can be transported by sealing float or other means. When transported by ship, the ship must have sufficient length and stability. The steel geogrid is placed on a semi-circular special bracket and can be fastened with a cable if necessary. When using sealed floating transport, the watertight requirements should be met, and considering the influence of wind and waves, the sealing device should be easy to install and disassemble.

Inspection notice for the steel-plastic grille.
Steel-plastic grid inspection of the plane position, size, base elevation, steel geogrid inspection base geological conditions, and steel-plastic geogrid load is consistent with the design data, steel-plastic geogrid inspection substrate treatment and drainage Whether the situation meets the requirements of this specification, the steel plastic geogrid storage construction site such as the steel plastic geogrid inspection construction record and related test data should be smooth, solid and smooth.

If you are interested in steel geogrid, please come to the website for a free consultation.

Galvanized Steel CoilGalvanization or galvan

Galvanized Steel Coil
Galvanization or galvanizing is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron, to prevent rusting. The most common method is hot-dip galvanizing(Galvanizing of hot sale galvanized steel coil is a hot dip galvanizing method), in which the parts are submerged in a bath of molten zinc.
Protective action
Galvanizing protects the underlying steel? coil in the following main ways:
�� The zinc coating, when intact, prevents corrosive substances from reaching the underlying steel or iron.
�� The zinc protects iron by corroding first. For better results, application of chromates over zinc is also seen as an industrial trend.
�� In the event the underlying metal becomes exposed, protection can continue as long as there is zinc close enough to be electrically coupled. After all of the zinc in the immediate area is consumed, localized corrosion of the base metal can occur.

What is geomembrane?The <a href="https://w

What is geomembrane?

The wholesale smooth hdpe geomembrane is made of high-density polyethylene film, HDPE geomembrane, HDPE anti-seepage film, which is a waterproof barrier material based on high molecular polymer.

HDPE geomembrane has excellent environmental stress crack resistance and excellent chemical corrosion resistance, excellent chemical corrosion resistance, large operating temperature range and long service life. HDPE geomembrane has strong tensile strength. With the elongation at break, HDPE geomembrane can be used in a variety of different geological and climatic conditions, adapting to the geological heterogeneity of the geomembrane to reduce the strain.

Required for laying geomembrane<a href="ht

Required for laying geomembrane

dam liner/fishing farm/shrimp liner Hdpe geomembrane is actually very convenient and quick to lay, because when the material is purchased from the material factory, the main way of this material is cylindrical, as long as it is unfolded from one direction. Therefore, it is only necessary to control one direction when laying, and it is still necessary to pay attention to many problems when laying, so as to ensure the longest service life of the material to the greatest extent.

The function of the geomembrane when it is working, the main method of using this material is to lay it, but its functional properties can be analyzed from its corrosion resistance and high strength performance, filament geotextile First of all, its corrosion resistance makes it usable in many bad environments. It can also be used in the petrochemical industry, but its water resistance and elasticity make it possible to use the foundation protection.

Geomembrane Repair Method1. In order to the

Geomembrane Repair Method
1. In order to the safety of geotechnical materials, the packaging film should be opened before laying, that is, a roll, a roll, and high quality pond liner textured hdpe geomembrane inspection appearance quality.

2. The worn geomembrane must be repaired by laying and heat-bonding small pieces, the thermal connection must be strictly controlled to ensure that the patch and the geomembrane are tightly combined and not damaged.

3. Before the end of each day, visually inspect the surface of all paving materials on the day to ensure that all damaged areas have been marked and repaired immediately to determine that there are no foreign substances on the paving surface that may cause damage.

4. At the bottom of the landfill, if the crack exceeds 10% of the width of the coil, the damaged part shall be cut off and then the two geomembranes shall be connected. If the crack exceeds 10% of the width of the coil on the slope, the The geomembrane is removed and replaced with a new one for the bentonite waterproof blanket.

Galvalumed steel panel installationThe <a

Galvalumed steel panel installation

The high quality Galvalumed steel panel is quick and easy to install, and there are few construction links on site. The single-shift installation can reach 2000m2/day.
In place: After the board is hoisted in place according to the design requirements, it is welded and fixed to the truss or grid support.
Caulking: After sealing with thermal insulation mortar, it is closed with BAS composite impermeability wear-resistant coating.
Waterproof: According to the design requirements, the waterproof membrane can be directly laid on the board surface.

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What are the aspects of the geomembraneThe

What are the aspects of the geomembrane

The production of each product has its own focus, as well as the high quality pond liner textured hdpe geomembrane that has been widely used at present. In order to further promote the user’s understanding, the relevant professional and technical personnel summarize the following knowledge. :.

1. The anti-seepage geomembrane used in underground waterproofing engineering must have high-quality impermeability and elongation, and have good overall water impermeability.

2. The anti-seepage geomembrane selected for the exterior wall joint waterproofing project should be made of materials with good weather resistance, high elongation, cohesiveness and sag resistance. Waterproof sealing materials are generally selected and supplemented. It is advisable to carry out the matching treatment of the gasket insulation material.

3, the geomembrane used in roofing waterproofing engineering is particularly important for weather resistance, temperature resistance and external force resistance. Because the roof waterproofing layer, especially the exposed waterproof layer without insulation layer, has been subjected to wind and rain for a long time. Sunlight, snow and other harsh natural environment and deformation of the grassroots structure.