As Adi now focused on creating a spokesperso

Not long ago, Harden was abandoned Nike, Adidas won a 13-year $ 200 million astronomical endorsement contract. But now it seems, Harden Nike (Jordan is a sub-brand) Nike Roshe Run Homme Lianlianbuwang. This allows some dissatisfaction with Adidas, the original reason for Harden so a fat contract, is because I believe that in terms of the OTC Adidas, Harden wearing Adidas shoes and apparel will also enhance their Nike Roshe Run Dames brand value. However, there is still Harden wear Nike shoes, and no violation of Adi. Because, until October 1, Harden contract with Nike will officially expire. However, in North America, he said Adi Explorer, Harden presence Waichuan Nike days are numbered. As Adi now focused on creating a spokesperson, “Harden not present outer wear a competitor’s product is part of the contract.” Adidas spokesman Mark – King said. In other words, even in court, Harden also wear Adidas shoes. It is worth mentioning that, Kardashian Jiefukanye – before the West has invested in Adi’s turn, he designed shoes Yeezy series but the influx of people necessary, Harden would not worry about not wear nice shoes. In fact, if Harden after Rob Gronkowski Game Jersey commencement of the contract with Adidas, still wearing Nike shoes, he may face the risk of denunciation. In 2001, “Rain Man” Kemp became the hapless. At that time, Camp endorsement of Reebok, Adidas has now been acquired. However, in an interview, “Rain Man” actually Tucao own brand endorsements, is Reebok shoes, Nike Air Max 1 Homme and says his favorite pair of shoes is Nike. Ultimately, Reebok decided to terminate the contract with Kemp’s endorsement. Harden, this is but a lesson. After all, $ 200 million if it really makes sense, that Harden regrets are too late.

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