Application of pulverizer in nepheline processing

Nepheline is a silicate containing aluminum and sodium. Colorless or white, sometimes gray, green or red. It has a glassy gloss and a fat lustre on the fracture. It can be used to make aluminum and to make glass and pottery. The grinding process can be done through the grinding mill, and the fineness of the finished product can be controlled to be applied in related fields.

Nepheline has the characteristics of low melting temperature and wide firing range, which is good for the low temperature quick firing of large size polished tiles. When making a new generation of super white polishing brick, adding a certain amount of nepheline powder can reduce the amount of zirconium silicate, and control the possible radionuclide limit, so that the enterprise will get rid of the trouble of the ultra large scale which may exist in the ultra white polishing brick.

Nepheline not only reduces the worry about radioactivity, but also reduces the firing temperature and improves the glazed texture of ceramic tiles. Adding a proper amount of Chardonnay powder to the polishing brick can improve the strength of the polishing brick and reduce the fragility, thus reducing the damage caused by mechanical force during the firing, polishing, and transportation.

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