Application of optical components in laser mar

Application of optical components in laser marking

In the past 10 years, the laser marking industry has developed rapidly, and many suppliers around the world are providing laser marking systems. Almost every industry requires tracking a large number of production products and components. Compared with traditional marking technology, laser marking is a good processing method because of its flexible nature, high speed, high reliability and ease of use. Although a variety of optical component types and different laser wavelengths have been used in the past and present, plano/spherical/aspherical/cylindrical/paraboloid/off-axis optical mirrors the growth of fiber optic components is particularly striking �C almost all marking system manufacturers have at least one fiber optic component product in their range. The technical advantages of fiber optic components are well known and well documented. Here, this article will review some other backgrounds that are poorly understood and analyze the advantages of fiber optic components for laser marking in special cases.
Market review
Around 1998, the use of low-power CW optical fiber components for marking integrated circuits was limited. Since then, the first pulse nanosecond devices have been introduced, which can be applied to a wider range of marking applications. It is currently the development of fiber optics. The real beginning of the component revolution. In 2011, global fiber optic components revenue grew by 48% across the market; in the field of marking and engraving, diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) optics increased by only 4% last year, and fiber optic component sales increased by 34%. [url=]wholesale high efficiency high reflection optical Mirrors parts[/url] The growth rate of marking optical fiber optics has almost replaced low-power (30 watts) for deeper, faster engraving. However, the development of 50 watt pulsed nanosecond fiber optics means that the field is currently being dominated by fiber optics. In this area, all power fiber optic components have grown, and in 2011 a large supplier sold more than 10,000 fiber optics.

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