Application of Mobile Crusher in mine mining

Mobile crushing plant is a car-based crushing and screening integrated equipment, is composed of primary crushing station and secondary crushing and screening stations, belt conveyors and other components. As a novel crushing equipment, its flexibility, mobility, and can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs.

Since its launch, mobile crushing plant has been widely used in crushing and screening fields such as stone production, mining, construction waste disposal, cement production, aggregate production of high-speed rail and expressway. Depending on the burial depth of the deposit, we can be divided into open pit mining and underground mining, while the Mobile Crusher is mainly used for open pit mining.

SBM mobile crushing plant design concept is completely stand on the customer’s position, the elimination of crushing the site and the environment to bring customers in the process of fragmentation as the first solution to the design. Mobile crushing plant has the advantages of good mobility, compact structure, convenient use, cost saving, lower cost, stable performance, convenient maintenance and flexible configuration in mining.

Mobile Crusher not only in the application of the operating more convenient, but also in the daily work of maintenance work is very simple. Due to the mechanical maintenance plan vary, when conditions permit, some of the machinery can be replaced for maintenance. This will reduce downtime maintenance, improve equipment utilization.

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