Analyze and dispose of the best equipment for construction waste

Someone once analyzed that the hammer crusher is the best choice for crushing building rubbish. However, crusher crusher has some drawbacks, such as hammer crusher can not rule out the wood or cloth, so easy to consume production time, if solved , Can only open the machine crushing chamber for removal, this time-consuming and labor-intensive crushing scheme will soon be eliminated by the market. Replaced by SBM single-stage impact crusher and jaw crusher plus impact crusher combination of equipment. Equipment for handling construction waste must have the following characteristics:
First, the first equipment through the ability to strengthen the bar. Jaw break plus broken combination of equipment better than hammer crusher, is relying on this advantage. A floor no matter what kind of equipment is broken, can not completely remove the steel out, so this requires construction waste crusher equipment must pass through the ability to be stronger. In the case of more steel bar, single-stage impact crusher broken jaw crusher equipment combination is better. However, if the amount of reinforcement is relatively small, the combination of jaw broken plus counterattack better than single-counterattack.
Second, followed by the construction of garbage on the hammer life problems. The general counterattack shattered hammer life is up to one and a half months. In particular, mobile crushing plant crushing at the scene, particularly large amount of steel, the hammer on the board is even more powerful wear and tear. Under normal circumstances, hammer life of the international standard in 400 hours. However, in the case of a large number of steel bars, the SBM adopts a thickened plate hammer, which can effectively improve the service life of the wearing parts.
On the road construction waste, the main process is that in addition to soil. This type of rubbish can be crushed by a crusher, and the crushed material can be used as a stone. Comparatively speaking, the refurbishment of construction waste is more complicated and the volume of construction waste is relatively large, which requires different types of construction waste crusher equipment to be configured. If the use of fixed construction waste rubbish station, then the renovation of the waste is one of the factors must be considered (because of its complexity, in the designated area all the garbage exist, which also limits the equipment’s ability to run and the accuracy of the material) .

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