Analysis on Investment Strategy of Laser Processing

Laser processing advantages and alternative trends are obvious, the emerging application needs to support high performance growth.

blue laser pointer

The new three-board laser business as a whole net profit nearly three years year-on-year growth of more than 40% in the new three board involved in the field of laser companies were sorted out, we found that the new three board red laser pointer business as a whole operating income and net profit to maintain high growth, Net profit since 2014 have maintained a growth rate of more than 40% in 2015 and even up to 91%, far more than the new three board mechanical plate overall growth rate. The two core drivers of future laser processing equipment are driven by the replacement of traditional processes and the emerging demand for downstream applications.

Laser processing market space is broad, the proportion of emerging applications accounted for significantly improved laser cutting equipment sales in 2015 about 6.6 billion, sales growth mainly from OLED panel cutting, 3D glass cutting and sapphire cutting and other fields; laser welding equipment sales The amount of about 2.27 billion yuan, metal frame welding, power battery welding and automotive lightweight areas such as pulling the equipment demand is a strong increase; laser marking and other laser equipment sales of about 11.9 billion yuan, the current downstream main The driving force is 3C equipment marking, OLED panel production annealing and 3D printing and other fields to stimulate the emerging application of green laser pointer equipment needs.

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