All Offers For Vladdin Re Edition Kit

All Offers For Vladdin Re Edition Kit

vladdin kush pod Device open pod version kit is an innovative refillable pod system, you can fill it when the e-liquids is consumed. Compared with cores made of cotton and wires adopted by regular electronic cigarettes, VLADDIN uses patented multi-hole ceramic as the filling and heating materials, which enables it to enlarge the heating area and restore the original flavour of e-liquids while maintaining the heating efficiency. The power output from this tiny battery kit attributes to VLADDIN’s built-in nano-coating booster chipset with the maximum output reaching 12W. Its consistent power output ensures the rich and satisfactory sensation of Vladdin.


Improving the Durability and Insulation Performance
Improvement of Spill-proof Function
Battery Capacity is 350mAh, longer battery life
1 x Vladdin Base
1 x empty Vladdin Cartridge
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

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