Advantages Of Ultrafine Mill

Advantages: effectively prevent the material from the rim, the materials on the screen surface to the middle position of centralized treatment. Disadvantages: easy to cause the feeding resistance, if the vibration transmitting power is not enough, it will cause the material accumulation. Parts 2: supporting plate: ultrafine mill equipped with supporting plate mainly depends on the application, the needs of the local people.

Advantages: the net cleaning device supporting plate belongs to the ultrafine grinding mill, the material is blocked, can improve the screening effect by elastic. Disadvantages: may cause ultrafine grinding mill upper fuselage pressure is too large, then the effect of drive motor. Parts 3: the tension and the network ring effect: the ultrafine mill has a protective effect, reduce the screen wear, reduce maintenance cost. Advantages: the tension and the network ring can make the screen between the grid density increase, avoid material leakage, material good screening effect. Disadvantages: the parts used in fine mesh, if is coarse wire diameter screen will not add the necessary.

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