Adjusting the optimum impact velocity of the impact sanding machine

Now the market sanding machine is divided into different types according to the different production methods, such as the impact making machine we often use. Customers choose the sand making machine that is suitable for their needs according to the requirements of hardness, humidity and finished product’s grain type output. It is particularly important to choose a suitable sand making machine, which is directly related to the direct interests of our production requirements.

The crushing energy of impact sand making machine is converted from the impact energy of the material, and the impact energy is directly proportional to the velocity squared of material movement, and the wear speed of wear resistant parts is directly proportional to the square of the velocity of material. That is, the higher the crushing velocity of the material is, the higher the fineness will be obtained after the crushing. However, every material has the best impact speed. When it exceeds this speed, the utilization rate of crushing energy will obviously decrease, and at the same time, the equipment will wear rapidly, which will seriously affect the normal use of the equipment.

Therefore, through the analysis of the production process and the analysis of the customers in the field, SBM analyzes the experiment, again and again, to find out the most suitable material crushing impact speed, so that the customer can get the maximum output and the lowest energy consumption in the process of using. So, when the customer buys the machine, please read the product instructions carefully or call our sales hotline directly. So that there is any problem and can be solved for you at any time.

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