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Launch of the bouquet
Shortly after having consumed the cake it is time to gather all the single guests for the famous launch of the bride’s flower bouquet! According to the traditional protocol, the delivery of the bouquet to an invitation must take place in a „casual“ manner through a throw that the bride makes from behind. Today even this custom has been a bit ‚revised and modernized by turning into alternative and original games, or in a special moment in which the bride herself to decide who to give it to.
Spouses dance and openings dances
After launching the bouquet special occasion dresses uk, finally the bride and groom can start the party with the moment of the dances. The dances are opened by newlyweds and open back lace wedding dress, according to tradition, the first dance should be a waltz. However, many spouses today choose a song that reminds him of a special moment and prepare a personalized choreography. After the first dance, the bride will dance with her father and the groom with her mother.
These are the main rules of the protocol on which you can base yourself to organize a full and bon ton wedding reception. If you have already chosen a traditional wedding dress and would not mind following all the rules of etiquette, do not forget to start from the wedding invitations, which will also have to follow the precise dictates.

Make up for a blonde and a darker complexion
Brides with a golden complexion and foliage with gold and brown veins have a greater predisposition to the bronze effect and the warm tones of copper and beige: the intensity of these warm colors produce a sunkissed effect that illuminates the face. The dark complexions lend themselves very well to interesting combinations of nude shades and brick or coral veins on the eyelids and a bright orange color on cheekbones and lips.

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