4 1/2 super thin cutting disc related parameters?

Speaking of 4 1/2 super thin cutting disc, I believe that many users who have used cutting sheets have a certain understanding of it, and now this type of cutting sheet is used more and more widely in various industries. So how much do you know about the parameters related to 4 1/2 super thin cutting disc? Let me introduce it to you.

Related parameters:

Type: Cylindrical grinding wheel

Material: white corundum, Ming corundum, silicon carbide, etc.

Working line speed: 80m/s

Specification: 180*0.3*32

Bonding agent: resin grinding wheel

Particle size: 60/80/100/120#

The scope of application: 0.3mm~3.0mm cutting

Process: Sintering

Advantages of ultra-thin cutting blades:

  1. It does not contain iron sulfide. The working environment is good and it will not cause harm to the human body.

2.Ultra-thin, cutting hard metal not only fast but also save raw materials.

3.Safe use, 0.5mm stainless steel cutting piece can not only ensure the cutting performance but also ensure safety when cutting.

4.Good flatness, when cutting the workpiece can ensure that the cutting surface is smooth, no burrs.

5.High wear resistance is currently 2 to 3 times other manufacturers.

6.The choice of diversification, we have a variety of stainless steel cutting sheet: white corundum, zirconium corundum, single crystal corundum, chrome corundum, green silicon carbide, calcined corundum, for customers to choose.




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