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Recommended wedding dresses for short brides

With the advice of Vivian Jackson artist Mariah Jackson, they came up with the absolute way to yield Antonio to FeelTimes , by authoritative a dress with photos of the boyhood all over it.“Recently I had absent a acquaintance through gun abandon and it was very, actual intense. It was a agnate adventure alone her son was even younger, so it actually hit home,“ Jackson said.

Anntonett’s dress and her brother’s anamnesis is even added affecting appropriate now, abnormally because her brother’s analgesic just abandoned his association corrections book and a accreditation was issued for his arrest Homecoming Dresses .“You see the accepting that dead him just accepting able to go to amusing media and say this is what I ate today and say what is accident in life. I can’t see that. I can’t allocution to him,“ Antonett said.

The ancestors is aggravating to move accomplished even added aching and their loss.Antonio’s mother, Angelyca Dossa, says one of her son’s bigger wishes was to appear brawl with his sister Antonett. This dress is something Antonett will admire for a lifetime.“I just didn’t aces just any annual of his face or because it’s a ablaze annual of his face. Every annual on that dress has a story,“ Antonett said.“Now that the dress is made, it’s even added admirable than we anticipation it would be,“ Angelyca said.

Every alone appointment acquainted as admitting

Combat, also, is abundantly bigger over the original. Every alone appointment acquainted as admitting it could be my endure – actually I can’t bethink how abounding times my Exile met their fate the aboriginal time I played. Continuing in one spot, spraying enemies with abilities and basal attacks won’t accommodate itself able-bodied to survival. You charge to consistently move, casting afterlife and abolition with every step. Hordes of imps, Skeletons, werewolves and added would bandy themselves at me, and if I wasn’t accurate I could die just as calmly as I could advance them to the slaughter.

This claiming is aswell acquainted in the bang-up fights. Cutting Accessory Amateur actually knows how to POE Currency accomplish bang-up fights, and the aboriginal ones you’ll face in Path of Exile 2 sets the date for what I can alone achievement are added all-embracing encounters in the future. One of the aboriginal fights, The Devourer, fabricated it bright these bang-up fights were added than what they seemed compared to some of the aboriginal administration in Path of Exile.

Standing still is not an option, as The Devourer would consistently bead underground, tunnelling about the arena, alone to pop up adjacent and aerosol acerbic all over you. Stray too far admitting and you could acquisition yourself accepting burst by the appendage of the behemothic bastard creature. Additionally, it would advance from distant by cutting assurance of acerbic which saturated the amphitheatre as they hit, causing accident if you absolved through them.

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Hearthstones both classic wow gold

While Mage Portals and Hearthstones both classic wow gold still exist in Classic, participant movement is significantly slower. Some classes have access to motion speed fans, but mounts become available at lvl 60 and 40, 40 and not 20. Many people didn’t hit at Lvl 60 in their character and instantly run off to buy a bracket, either — saving the 1000G up was enough of a chore that a number of people, like myself, opted to get epic mounts.

My personality leveling can operate from pull to pull needing to sit and eat or drink. This was impossible in classic WoW unless you’re for articles. Nowadays, quests are commonly synchronized between NPCs, and you’re able to deal with all of your visits to an area at once. In Classic, you’ll spend more time working forth and back. Actually, quests back in Classic will send you through continents, with non-trivial flight occasions. There are moments in cheap wow classic gold where you are able to wake up and go make a lunch.

Managing bag space is a constant chore, and you’ll be running out of it. Most courses have some kind of consumable although it’s a bigger hassle for some others. There is hardly any help provided as much as in-game tools or tool-tips. Get ready to enjoy outside alt-tabbing to stop by Thottbot Wowhead, the one-stop website for all matters data-minded from WoW drops.

WoW Classic is grounded in physicality in a manner that Fight Azeroth isn’t. You’re going to have to go to where the Battlemaster is and speak to him, if you would like to queue for a PvP BG. Want to run a dungeon? Better find some buddies to conduct it with, since the sport is not likely to suit you with individuals automatically.

Vingegaard Tour de Pologne’s eerste overwinning

Op 8 augustus 2019 eindigde de zesde etappe van de Tour de Pologne. In de vroege fase van het spel breken veel coureurs door de klimbaan. In de tweede ronde viel Maczynski opnieuw aan. Machinski pakte de meeste klimpunten en trok magenta Fietskleding Wielerkleding aan.

In de laatste ronde kwamen ook krachtigere coureurs naar voren. In de laatste 25 kilometer lanceerde Swift een solovlucht. Sivakov, Hindley en Vingegaard achtervolgden, overtroffen uiteindelijk de 6 km voor de finish en hielden de voorsprong van tien seconden naar de finish. Op de laatste 300 meter nam Vingegaard de leiding en drukte twee tegenstanders achter hem.

Vingegaard versloeg Sivakov en Hindley, die uitbrak en zijn overwinning scoorde in LottoNL-Jumbo Wielershirt om zijn eerste carrière te winnen. Ik kijk uit naar zijn vermogen om ons in de volgende game nog betere resultaten te brengen.

Vingegaard ganó el campeonato de la sexta etapa

El 8 de agosto de 2019, terminó la sexta etapa del Tour de Pologne. En la primera etapa del juego, muchos pilotos rompen la pista de escalada. En la segunda vuelta, Maczynski atacó de nuevo. Machinski tomó la mayor cantidad de puntos de escalada y se puso ropa de ciclismo magenta.

En la última vuelta, los pilotos más poderosos también llegaron al frente. En los últimos 25 kilómetros, Swift lanzó un vuelo en solitario. Sivakov, Hindley y Vingegaard lo persiguieron, eventualmente superando los 6 km antes de la meta y manteniendo la ventaja de diez segundos para la meta. En los últimos 300 metros, Vingegaard tomó la delantera y presionó a dos oponentes detrás de él.

Vingegaard derrotó a Sivakov e Hindley, quienes estallaron y anotaron su victoria en maillot LottoNL-Jumbo para ganar su primera victoria en su carrera. Espero con ansias su habilidad para traernos resultados aún mejores en el próximo juego.

Vingegaard fik sit første mesterskab i sin karriere

Den 8. august 2019 sluttede den sjette fase af Tour de Pologne. I den tidlige fase af spillet bryder mange chauffører gennem klatrestien. På den anden omgang angreb Maczynski igen. Machinski tog de fleste klatrepunkter og satte magenta Billigt Cykelbeklædning på.

På den sidste skød kom også mere magtfulde chauffører foran. I de sidste 25 kilometer lancerede Swift en solo-flyvning. Sivakov, Hindley og Vingegaard forfulgte og overgik til sidst 6 km foran mål og holdt føringen på ti sekunder til mål. På de sidste 300 meter tog Vingegaard føringen og pressede to modstandere bag ham.

Vingegaard besejrede Sivakov og Hindley, der brød ud og scorede sin sejr i LottoNL-Jumbo Cykeltrøje for at vinde sin første karrieregevinst. Jeg ser frem til hans evne til at bringe os endnu bedre resultater i det næste spil.

Best cheap Christmas XP-Pen Drawing Pad promotions in December 2019

Drawing Tablet Christmas Gift 2019 for Digital Artists & Painters

Christmas Day 2019 (also known as Christmas) is a religious and cultural holiday, celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas Day 2019 is celebrated annually by Christians on December 25 in the United States and throughout the world.

The holiday season is upon us, and there’s no better time to start searching for the perfect gifts for all the important people in your life.

If you’re looking for the best Christmas gift for artists and designers, this article is just what you need. Treat the artist in your life with something special! graphic tablets are some of the best Christmas gift for digital artists and painters that they will surely love. Perfect for your special someone, your friend, and even yourself…surely you deserve it!

Remember, your gift doesn’t need to be practical. It sure can be, but there is one thing artists carve for – inspiration.

And when they have something beautiful in their hands, be it a sketchbook or just a coffee mug, they just can not help feeling more positive, which is a doorway to creativity.

The drawing pad may seem a humble little tool, but finding the perfect one for your specific discipline is crucial and with such a plethora of options, it can be tricky to choose the best one for you. Whether you’re just starting out in your drawing adventure, or you’re a professional artist, the tool you choose can make a huge difference to your final project.

Creating art on the computer as opposed to the canvas opens up a new range of creative possibilities. This digital canvas and stylus gives artists the feel of traditional drawing and painting combined with the power of modern technology. The cost of this thingamajig is minimal compared to buying paints, brushes and canvases for each new work of art.

The Black Friday weekend is now over, but many of its deals continue through what’s known as Cyber Week and beyond. You will find numerous graphics tablet discounts in the run-up to Christmas 2019. December is an excellent month for digital tablet deals.

Looking to save money on a new drawing tablet, or hunting for a great gift? Here are the best deals, offers and discounts on an graphic tablet brand XP-Pen for Christmas 2019 . These Christmas drawing pad deals are the lowest prices we’ve seen.

Founded in 2005, XP-Pen has quickly established themselves to be one of the top suppliers of drawing tablets. XP-Pen is a good brand that is known for producing affordable drawing tablet with displays. They have call centers in China, Taiwan and the US and their customer support is quick to respond via email. Learn more you can visit their Global official site:

XP-Pen Christmas deals 2019

XP-Pen always features fantastic deals on graphics tablets and pen displays of all types. The products feature the latest technology and the best quality, while the prices won’t put you in debt. Regardless of whether you’re shopping for a gift for a loved one or you’re looking to treat yourself to new technology, you can find what you’re looking for at XP-Pen.

XP-Pen Christmas discounts will continue throughout the month, from Dec.06 to Dec.26 . There’s plenty of time to get your holiday shopping wrapped up, thanks to the fantastic sales throughout December.

There’s one thing that you can count on during the holiday shopping season: A series of incredible sales from XP-Pen. You can find amazing prices during the pre-Christmas , and Christmas sales from the official store each year. We look forward to these saving events every year! For even more XP-Pen discounts, be sure to visit XP-Pen official store full tablet Price Guide.– .

XP-Pen’s Christmas sale is live with incredible discounts throughout its site. You can save up to 30% on selected products . You can buy quality XP-Pen products direct from the XP-Pen USA&Canada online store with coupon Prices .

These XP-Pen deals offer shoppers the lowest prices available with the Artist 15.6 Pro holiday model qualifying for free delivery in time for Christmas. Supplies may be limited at the special models, and these deals have a high likelihood to sell out quickly.

people from other regions can also get amazing deals :

Australia Store :

United Kingdom Store :

Plus, below we’ll also break down the differences between XP-Pen’s tablets so that you get the drawing tablet that suits both your budget and your needs.

Save up to 30% on XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro drawing Screen Monitor Holiday version

If you are in Tablet Drawing for a long time, and looking for the finest piece of tech that’ll translate your moves into brilliant art – here’s the one!

The XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro’s laminated screen has an extremely small gap which is less distracting, while also making it feel like the display is almost sitting on top of the glass. which reduces parallax to a minimum, making your drawings accurate like never before.

It comes with anti-glare film, which not only protects your eyes but gives the feel like you are drawing on paper. Now, what makes this drawing tablet so accurate are 8192 pressure levels with approximately 60 degree pen tilt support.

It also offers one-Red Roller and 6 press keys for a fully adjustable experience on 15.6 inches wide IPS display. It’s lightweight and thick, and a diameter of 11 mm. You will have a much better transition between the colors, as it offers 120% sRGB color gamut.

Finally,Connectivity is powered via USB for a neat and tidy setup, making it semi-portable should you need to work on the go. It’s worth noting though that there’s no option for standalone usage, so you’ll be chained to your computer when using this drawing tablet.

Save up to 30% on XP-Pen Artist 22R Pro best 22inch budget monitor for graphic design

The XP-Pen Artist 22R Pro is one of the best gifts you can give to the professional (or hobbyist) artist in your life. This 22” inch tablet gives a natural pen-on-screen feel in a compact, slim design. The screen, combined with the stylus, has the sort of resistance ‚tooth‘ that imitates high-quality drawing paper. It’s the sort of gift that makes you say ‘I love you, and want you to succeed’.

XP-Pen’s PA2 Pen gives you great control with pro-level pressure sensitivity and tilt support. There’s almost no lag and it’s battery-free so you’ll never find yourself in the irritating position of being low on charge.

you’can find 20 ExpressKeys and 2 Roller wheel which make navigation easier, and the side switches on the pen itself put even more control at your fingertips.

If the price of the Artist 22R Pro version makes you balk, there’s also a 22-inch version of the same tablet for $100 off the price.

Extra 20% Off XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro Tablet Monitor for beginners

Artist 12 Pro over here is a smaller tablet that comes with an 11.6-inch fully laminated display with 100% sRGB color accuracy. which is actually more than enough to work on.

Everyone can get behind the return of the Artist 12 Pro’s fully laminated display that presses the screen up against the glass without gaps .

You get a total of 6 shortcut buttons along with a Roller Wheel . The red roller is a game-changer and very useful while drawing. It can do tasks like zoom, ran, scroll and most important – change the size of the brush or eraser by simply rotating it.

I love that I draw directly on the screen, so that it feels natural, and intuitive. It`s also portable, and I can stick my entire digital setup in my bag and go do art anywhere.

So if you are low on budget and still want a good display drawing tablet then this could be your best bet.

Extra 10% Off XP-Pen Artist 13.3 Pro pen display for professional graphics

The Artist 13.3 Pro comes with 13.3 inches of a full HD 1080p display which produces brilliant color and pictures, with exceptional clarity. Packed with a wide 88% of the Color gamut , you get what you see.

With Full-laminated technology adopted, no air gap,visually the parallax will be deduced to the lowest level. The 13.3-inch FHD drawing display comes with anti-glare film. This not only protects your eyes from light reflection but also provides you a better feel while designing.

It’s highly sensitive and supports up to 60 degrees of tilt function. That means that it will easily respond to any hand movement, so you’ll be able to naturally move your hand as if you draw on paper. 8192 levels of pressure levels on top of that, and you get a perfect sensitivity. Thick or thin lines will not be the problem.

The interactive display works as a functioning second monitor, allowing the user to essentially draw directly into programs as if they were drawing on paper. For those looking to make a long term investment in a drawing tablet, the Artist 13.3 Pro should definitely be taken into consideration.

Extra 10% Off XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro cheap 22 inch drawing monitor

XP-PEN’s Artist22E Pro is one of the best drawing tablets with a screen and is our go-to for a cheaper version of Wacom’s 22HD.

The Artist 22E Pro comes with a well-designed, 22 inch Full HD IPS display with 1920x1080p resolution, 9 point display calibration, and an extra wide-angle.

The extra-wide angle display gives great color accuracy across the entire surface, and with 77%-82% Color Gamut accuracy, you get vibrant colors and rich detail.

XP-PEN’s latest stylus technology delivers an astounding level of pressure sensitivity which gives you excellent control and fluidity. It’s fully rechargeable, and when the batteries are full you should get two months out of them.

16 customizable shortcut keys can be linked to various third-party design software which is great if you tend to work with more than one program.

Unlike other tablets, this one comes with 2 rechargeable pens in the package. also Comes with a very sturdy stand.

Extra 17% Off XP-Pen Artist 16 Pro art display tablet with 92 percent RGB

The 15.6″ Full HD screen covers 16.7 million colors and 92% of the Adobe RGB color gamut so you can create shades and tones exactly as you imagined them. The included drawing glove ensures that your hand glides smoothly across the surface of the screen, making every drawing session effortless.

This tablet comes with a digital pen that provides 8192 levels of sensitivity, allowing for great variations in line width, opacity and creative designs . XP-Pen promotes their pen as the perfect tool to create detailed brush strokes, and it’s great for digital drawing and photo retouching among other applications.

The Eight Fast Access keys can up your productivity and are fully customizable to suit how you work. The two side buttons on the pen make your creative process even more intuitive.

You do get an ergonomic stand with the drawing tablet making it a stable surface to work on. It also gives you a better grip and prevents the tablet from unnecessary shaking.

You get two digital pens along with the tablet that can be charged via the USB cable that comes in the box. Along with the pen, you get a pen stand which can be used to store the pen both horizontally, and vertically. The stand also comes with 8 nibs inside.

Extra 20% Off XP-Pen Artist 15.6 best value digital display tablet

The generous 15.6 inches wide display has full HD/1080p resolution and offers large viewing angles (178° degree), 75 adobe Rgb Lcd Screen Suppliers, with great contrast and excellent color reproduction. Moreover, the tablet supports Ultra HD/4K external displays, if so required.

Another great feature of the XP-Pen Artist 15.6 is the passive pen design (no batteries required), which provides industry-leading pressure sensitivity (8192 levels of instant pen pressure). which making painting/drawing a pleasure.

In terms of connectivity, you have the latest USB Type C port, for blazing fast connections and sharp details. The tablet is compatible with both Mac and PC software, including major designer software bundles, such as Clip Studio, Painter, Photoshop, Gimp, Krita, SAI and others.

If you’re looking for one of the best drawing tablets with the screen out there, the XP-Pen Artist would fit the bill perfectly.

Extra 20% Off XP-Pen Artist 12 Cheap Display Drawing Tablet Holiday version

If the Wacom Cintiq 13HD sounds like the perfect tablet, but the price tag seems too high, then you’re in luck. The XP-Pen Artist 12 is a Cintiq alternative, mimicking nearly every capability of the more expensive product.

Complete with a Small 11.6-inch screen, some even find this tablet to rival its pricier companion.The Full HD screen packs in 16.7 million colors and about 72% of the NTSC space which allow you to see your work directly on the tablet and with an accurate level of color reproduction.

The next good thing about the tablet is the pen that comes along. Its a battery-free and charge-free pen that comes with 8192 pressure levels. It comes in a unique hexagonal design with an eraser at the end. Included is a pen stand that could either be used to store the nibs or use as a pen stand.

XP-Pen’s Touch Bar controls are great for zooming, scrolling, and changing brush size, giving you a much more intuitive way of working. 6 Customizable ExpressKeys up your productivity by making it easy to access all your favorite shortcuts.

If you are a beginner looking to get a decent display integrated drawing tablet for a low price, then Artist 12 would be your best bet.

Extra 20% Off XP-Pen Note plus digital notebook

Drawing on a computer has its advantages but will never have the feel of drawing with pencil and paper.

This XP-Pen Note plus pad is the size of 245 x 176 x 15mm . For those artists who prefer paper to digital screens, but can not resist the temptation to have all their work backed up and available in digital format, this is by now the best solution .

This thingamajig bridges the gap between the physical and virtual worlds and enables artists to digitally edit and enhance their traditionally hand-drawn artwork.

The note plus “smartpad” captures drawings from actual paper, converts them to data, and sends them by bluetooth to any computer. The pad also works well with iOS and Android tablets or mobile devices.

Extra 20% Off XP-Pen Deco Pro professional drawing graphic tablet

The XP-Pen Deco Pro comes in tto models (small 9*5 inch and medium – 11*6 inch). Other than the price and size, there is no difference between these two models. You get the same premium built quality and features in all of them.

the PA1 pen is very precise, with 8192 pressure sensitivity levels and natural tilt support – with software like Adobe Photoshop you can pain with digital brushes, pressing lighter or harder, tilting them – just like in real-life painting.

Deco Pro comes with a metal body which feels strong and sturdy in hands, it also gives it a professional look. In terms of the overall design, the tablet looks modern and minimalistic.

If you are one of those artists who heavily use shortcut buttons, you will be happy to know that you get a wide variety of shortcut options. There are a total of eight shortcut buttons along with a mechanical wheel and a touch-sensitive trackpad.

The tablet also comes with LED lights which looks really great in dark environments. In the settings, you have the option to dim the lights or completely shut them off – if you want to.

Extra 20% Off XP-Pen Deco 01 V2 most popular tablet for professional artists

If the Wacom Intuos pro feels a little expensive, then you should have a look at this bad boy. The XP-Pen Deco 01 V2 has everything from a massive drawing area to excellent stylus with tilt support.

It comes with a massive active drawing area of 10 x 6.25 inches. Its stylus has a pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity along with tilt recognition up to ±60°. The pen does not has any battery inside and works by wireless transfer of energy. The pen comes with a pen holder along with extra pentips.

If you like to customize your tablet to suit your needs, the Deco 01 V2 comes with 8 customizable buttons. It is easy to set up and start using.

The Deco 01 V2 offers excellent value for money. If you are a casual artists or a beginner looking for a larger drawing tablet, then you will be thrilled with this tablet.

Save up to 30% on XP-Pen Deco 03 wireless art graphics drawing pad

XP-Pen Deco 03 graphics drawing tablet is one of the tablets that offer wireless connectivity, which will give you complete freedom of the drawing tablet with no wires at all.

All you have to do is plug the USB receiver in your computer, and you’re ready to go.

You will never lack out of the drawing space because Deco 03 features a large surface of 10 x 5.62 inches .

The level of pressure sensitivity is 8192 which will give you the ability to draw different lines by applying different pressure, and Deco 03 graphics Art tablet comes with a pen rest which will give you the place to balance the stylus on.

Extra 20% Off XP-Pen Deco 02 best digital art sketch tablet for pc

The XP-Pen Deco 02 is an impressive tablet. It is well built yet light and slim with an easy to use button configuration. The drawing surface has a matt finish and feels like you are drawing on a smooth paper surface.

The drawing surface area is 10″ x 5.63″ inches big, and it has a resolution of 5080 lines per inch, which is more than enough to show off your talent and skills. Report rate of drawing tablet is 266 .

The 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity of the pen will make you feel like you’re drawing just on a paper. Pen of Deco 02 drawing tablet is also battery-free, so you won’t have to worry about it too.

The pressure sensitivity of the pen will give you the ability to draw lines from thin to very thick ones. Adjusting your pressure on the Deco 02 will result in better drawings.

silver roller and buttons are located on the left of the Deco 02 drawing tablet, which means this tablet is made to fit right-handed people, which is definitely something you should keep in your mind.

Although, if you really like the Deco 02 drawing tablet and you’re a lefty, you can set settings for the left-handed person and just rotate the Deco 02 drawing tablet.

Save up to 30% on XP-Pen Star 06 Wireless painting tablet for illustrators

The XP-Pen Star 06 is popular among beginners as a budget tablet. It recently got a major upgrade from their previous generations and now have the latest specs and features.

The most noticeable upgrade was the introduction of wireless connectivity. Now it can connect to the computer over USB Cable or wireless kit .

Other than connectivity the pressure range has been upgraded to 8192 levels- – perfect for a full-time digital art professional .

The Star 06 is excellent for the casual artists who enjoy a larger drawing area ( 10 x 6 inches ). If you are use to drawing on paper, then the feel of the stylus on this tablet will be very comfortable for you. The pen sensitivity is excellent with no noticeable lag.

There are six custom buttons laid out in two groups of three along with a multifunctional touch ring. The touch ring gives quick access to some handy options like rotation, zoom, brush size and scroll. It is very handy while working. Toggle button in the middle quickly switches between different modes.

Star 06 tablet comes between 60 to 100 dollars and is perfect for beginners… but many experianced professionals also use it… Apart form that, they are known to last very long…

Extra 20% Off XP-Pen Star 03 top cheap electronic sketch pad

Pocket-friendly and affordable, the XP-Pen Star 03 Tablet is incredibly powerful compared to some of its rivals but it has an impressive report rate of 266 reports per second, , huge working area 0f 10 x 6 inches , and a 5080LPI resolution. The M708 provides 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity pen as well as the tablet itself, giving you the feeling of writing on paper.

The feature-packed tablet is ideal for drawing, working well with a number of different software such as Photoshop, Corel Painter and Illustrator, so designers won’t have to worry about switching between devices.

It also supports different operating systems, including Mac OS X 10.6 and Windows OS. The M708 is easy to set up and is incredibly user-friendly, so it’s perfect for hobbyists, amateurs and professionals of all kinds.

Extra 10% Off XP-Pen Star 05 Wireless usb art design graphics tablet

One thing I love about the XP-Pen Star 05 is it is smaller than the Wacom Intuos Pro, but the drawing area is significantly bigger! Its design is compact and slim. No space is left unused. The combination the Star05’s built-in lithium battery (up to 14 hours of use) and it’s wireless USB capability makes it one of the best wireless tablets for the money.

However, one of the biggest issues we found was the placement of the touch keys. Depending on how you hold the tablet, your palm could potentially brush these keys and activate them. It is not a huge issue, but it is something to be aware of.

This tablet is small, lightweight and perfect an artist on the go. If you are looking for a wireless tablet (without breaking the bank), the XP-Pen Star05 is excellent.

Hotcig Kubi Stick vs Hotcig Kubi vs Hotcig KOI

Hotcig Kubi Stick
The Hotcig Kubi Stick Kit is a pen-style cape kit with slim size, made of food-grade material, to make every puff healthy. Adopts 1500mAh inbuilt battery, The Hotcig Kubi Stick Kit provides you an all-day-long vaping experience. The Hotcig Kubi Stick has 2ml refillable juice capacity. And the protective cap of Hotcig Kubi Stick Kit ensures a safe vape too.

Technical Data: 
Size: 20 x 20 x 115mm
Capacity: 2ml
Battery type: Built-in 1500mAh
Material: PCTG+SS
Coil resistance Range: 1.2ohm
Thread: 510

Hotcig Kubi
The Hotcig Kubi utilizes a 550mAh built-in battery integrated with a 1.7ml refillable pod cartridge in compact size, featuring a slim and ergonomic chassis which is constructed of high grade stainless steel for comfortable gripping, and draw-activated firing mechanism with LED battery life indicator for vaping daily. The Hotcig Kubi Refillable Kit features air-activated switch, so it free your hands with no button. The Kubi Refillable Kit will begin to work after you inhale the device. Kubi Pod adopts a well-made 1.8ohm coil for optimal flavor and long lifespan, specially designed for Nicotine Salts E-liquids.

Technical Data:
Size: 16 x 16 x 87mm
Battery type: Built-in 550mAh (Battery Chip: 13350)
Material: PCTG
Capacity: 1.7ml (refillable)
Coil resistance Range: 1.8ohm Organic Cotton Coil; New 1.4ohm Organic Cotton Coil(not included)

Hotcig KOI
The Hotcig KOI Pod System is an intuitive palm sized quality vaping pod system. The cartridge and the battery body are locked together with grooved structures. The elegant look is more like a beautiful piece of art that is a feast for the eyes. With its 1000mAh battery, you can vape daylong. Crafted from durable zinc-alloy and PC materials, the Hotcig KOI Pod System is visually striking but small enough to remain portable, fitting into the palm of the hand with ease. Equipped with a variable voltage output system, the KOI pod kit can change the voltage from 2.9V, 3.4V, or 3.7V to fine tune the output to the respective pod type or particular compositioin of eliquid. There are 2 types of coils: 1.0ohm coil and 1.5ohmcoil to meet your different demand for vaping.

Technical Data:
Size: 89 * 39 * 14.2mm 
Battery Capacity: built-in 1000mAh
Resistance: 1.0ohm/1.5ohm
Cartridge capacity: 2ml 
Working Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
Cartridge Life: 3-5 Refills
Material: Zinc Alloy+Food Grade PC
Output Voltage: Three adjustable constant voltage output
Operating mode: POWER 
Protection: from low/high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit, from overcharge / over-discharge 
Connector Type: Magnetic 
Screen/diagonal: NO
Micro-USB port/charging: YES

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Fush Nano
Smoant Battlestar Baby

PCC Kit Uwell MarsuPod PCC Kit vs Joyetech eRoll Mac Kit

Uwell MarsuPod PCC Kit
Uwell MarsuPod PCC Kit incorpora un sistema pod da 150 mAh che si inserisce in un pacchetto di ricarica da 1000 mAh e una capacità di e-juice da 1,3 ml, che ti fornirà uno svapo di un’intera giornata. Il meccanismo di scorrimento consente al sistema pod di scorrere senza intoppi, il coperchio antipolvere garantirà un bocchino pulito e igienico. Inoltre, il kit Uwell MarsuPod PCC è compatibile con una bobina da 1,2 ohm, adottando la tecnologia Pro-Focs che durerà più a lungo e ti offrirà il sapore più puro. Oltre a questo, questo dispositivo è semplice come viene, nessun pulsante fa semplicemente scorrere il pod fuori dal caricabatterie e disegna. Ci sono anche più protezioni che ti scortano, ad esempio contro bassa / alta resistenza, surriscaldamento, cortocircuito e protezione da sovraccarico / sovraccarico. 

Dati tecnici: 
Custodia di ricarica: 
Dimensioni: 25,2 x 43 x 76,5 mm 
Batteria: 1000 mAh 
Materiale: policarbonato, PC + ABS, POM 
Pod Sistem: 
Dimensioni: 10,6 x 18,4 x 65,4 mm 
Capacità: 1,3 ml 
Batteria: 150 mAh 
Potenza massima: 11 W 
Resistenza: 1,2ohm 
Riempimento: sistema di riempimento laterale 
Connessione: connessione a pod magnetico 
Porta di ricarica: Micro USB 
Materiale: PCTG, policarbonato, silicone 

Il pacchetto include: 
1 × Marsupod Kit 
1 × Cavo micro USB 
1 × Manuale dell’utente

Joyetech eRoll Mac Kit
Joyetech eRoll Mac Kit è un nuovo design di mini sigaretta elettronica, che è un regalo di Joyetech per gli amanti della sigaretta elettronica che si concentrano sulla portabilità e la moda. Joyetech eRoll Mac Kit, una misura piccola con un design ergonomico per una presa confortevole, che è squisita e portatile. Composto da 180 mAh di batteria integrata e cartuccia da 0,55 ml, il Mac Simple Kit di eRoll supporta un’uscita costante da 3,7 V con una potenza massima di 11 W. Il kit Joyetech eRoll Mac Advanced è costituito da una custodia di ricarica portatile da 2000 mAh e una e-cig semplice e sottile simile alla penna. Utilizzato una testa di atomizzazione ceramica da 1.2 ohm, il kit Mac eRoll ti regalerà un gusto puro e un’esperienza straordinaria! Advance Kit e Simple Kit per la tua scelta!

Dati tecnici: 
Dimensioni PCC: 65,0 mm (L) * 115,0 mm (L) * 12,0 mm (H) 
Dimensione penna Vape: 9.2 * 100mm 
Capacità del liquido: 0,55 ml 
Capacità della batteria eRoll MAC: Batteria integrata 180mAh
Batteria eRoll MAC PCC: batteria integrata 2000mAh 
Bobina: bobina ceramica 1.2ohm 
Modalità di uscita: uscita costante 3,7 V 
Potenza in uscita: Max 11W 

Contenuto della confezione:
eRoll Mac Simple Kit
1 x eRoll Mac Batteria
1 x eRoll Mac Cartuccia
1 x Cavo USB Type-C 
1 x Manuale utente 
1 x Scheda di garanzia 
eRoll Mac Advance Kit
1 x eRoll Mac PCC
1 x eRoll Mac Batteria
3 x eRoll Mac Cartuccia
1 x Cavo USB Type-C 
1 x Manuale utente 
1 x Scheda di garanzia

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Fush Nano
Orion Plus Lost Vape

Vaporesso Swag 2 vs Smok MAG P3 vs Vaporesso GEN Mod

Vaporesso Swag II Mod
Der Vaporesso Swag 2 Mod Akkuträger ist ein leichteres und langlebigeres E-Zigaretten-Gerät, mit dem Sie bequemer und kraftvoller arbeiten können. Der Vaporesso Swag II wird mit einer 18650-Batterie und dem AXON-Chip betrieben und kann einen Leistungsbereich von 5 bis 80W erreichen. Außerdem unterstützt er einen Pulsmodus, mit dem Sie kontinuierlich einen Schlag durch jeden Zug erhalten und eine geschmackvolle und kraftvolle Wolke erzeugen können. Der Swag 2 ist außerdem mit einer Gummibeschichtung und einem 0,91-Zoll-OLED-Bildschirm ausgestattet, um einen hohen Bedienkomfort zu gewährleisten. 

Technische Daten: 
Größe: 50x 25x 75mm 
Widerstand: 0,03-5,0Ω 
Ausgangsleistung: 5-80W 
Ladestrom: DC 5V/2A, Micro USB 
Anzeige: 0,91” OLED-Bildschirm 
Chipsatz: AXON Chip 
Batterie: 1 * 18650 (nicht enthalten) 
Batteriekompatibilität: 510 
Tankkompatibilität: Max. 25mm 

Smok MAG P3 Mod
SMOK MAG P3 Mod ist die neueste Version der Smok MAG-Serie. Der Mag P3 verfügt über ein IP67-zertifiziertes wasserdichtes, staubdichtes und stoßfestes Gehäuse und reagiert mühelos auf Umweltbelastungen. Der P3 wird mit zwei externen 18650 Batterien (separat erhältlich) und einem intelligenten IQ-S-Chipsatz mit einer maximalen Ausgangsleistung von 230W und einer Blitzgeschwindigkeit von 0,001s betrieben. Es setzt einige bemerkenswerte Merkmale der MAG-Serie fort, wie z. B. die Pistolengriffform, der empfindliche Feuerschlüssel und die hervorragende Leistung. Es ist mit einer schönen Carbonfaserplatte auf der Rückseite konstruiert, die das hohe Niveau der Handwerkskunst manifestiert. Und der USB-Anschluss mit Gummischutzstopfen ist auf der Rückseite innovativ gestaltet. MAG P3 verfügt über einen neu gestalteten, schnell ansprechenden 1,9-Zoll-Touchscreen. Die meisten Vorgänge können mit einem einfachen Tastendruck ausgeführt werden. Die aktualisierte Benutzeroberfläche bietet klarere und detailliertere Daten. Darüber hinaus unterstützt es die Schieben Zum Entsperren Funktion. Es werden mehrere Arten von Schutzmaßnahmen angewendet, um potenzielle Risiken zu vermeiden. Erhältlich in 5 Farben: Schwarz Rot, Grün Schwarz, Grau Schwarz, Rot Schwarz, Blau Schwarz. 

Technische Daten: 
Abmessung: 72,3 * 36 * 91,6 mm 
Standby-Strom: < 400uA 
Leistungsbereich: 1W-230W (VW)/10-230W (TC) 
Eingangsspannung: 6,4V-8,4V 
Ausgangsspannung: 0,5V-8,2V 
Ladespannung: 5V 
Ladestrom: 1,8A 
Schussgeschwindigkeit: 0,001s 
Bildschirm: 1,9″ HD-Touchscreen 
Batterietyp: 2*18650 Zellen (nicht enthalten) 
Widerstandsbereich: 0,1Ohm – 2,5 Ohm (VW) / 0,05 Ohm – 2 Ohm (TC) 
Temperaturbereich: 200F-600F/100℃-315℃ 
Kompatibel: TFV16-Tank (9ml)/TFV-Mini V2-Tank (2ml) 

Vaporesso GEN Mod
Vaporesso GEN Mod verfügt über ein innovatives Gehäuse mit 4 Schichten Beschichtung, das sich weich wie Gummi anfühlt und sich dennoch glatt anfühlt. Die Endbeschichtung macht es kratzfest und schwer entflammbar. Im Pulsmodus gibt AXON Ihnen während des gesamten Zuges (alle 0,02 Sekunden) einen Treffer – nicht nur vom ersten Schuss an – und bringt Ihnen mit jedem Zug kräftigere, aromatischere Wolken. GEN macht Hochleistungsgeräte für Menschen zugänglicher als je zuvor. 220 W in einem 107 Gramm Körper, der sich glatt, aber strukturiert und langlebig anfühlt, fühlt sich an, als ob er ein Teil von Ihnen wäre. GEN gibt während jeder Inhalation – nicht nur während des ersten Feuers – extra, um einen außergewöhnlichen Schlag zu erzielen. In Verbindung mit unserem neuen AXON Chip ist die Bedienung so einfach wie nie zuvor.

Technische Daten:
Maße: 93.5 * 27 * 53mm
Leistungsbereich: 5-220W
Batterie: 2×18650 Batterien (nicht enthalten)
Anzeige: 0.91 ‚OLED
Widerstandsbereich: 0,03 ~ 5 Ohm
Ladestrom: 2.5A

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