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Footage of woman stuffing THREE tubs of baby formula up her skirt leaves viewers baffled about how she looks so slim.

A footage of a svelte woman stealing baby formula has left viewers baffled.

The video, filmed inside a store in Shenzhen, China, showed the skinny woman slipping tub after tub of the stuff up her skirt.

But despite plus size maxi dress the size and weight of the tubs, she doesn’t seem to have gained any weight at all and was still walking normally.

Undetected: The woman stealthily creeps away from the shelf where she stuffs the baby formula up her skirt

She follows the same routine – squatting down to hide the formula up her skirt.

Incredibly, long sleeve rompers the woman then completes the routine a third time before leaving, without showing any bulges or difficulty walking.

The video, uploaded to Chinese social media site Weibo, has left viewers flummoxed.

One said: ‘I really want to know how she managed to do it?’

Another added: ‘She’s talented! Can she use her talents in other ways?’

One person commented: ‘Life is so difficult for a mother.’

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